How To Make Your To-Do List Much More Manageable

Taking your time in life is actually very good for you. If you can go slow, absolutely do so! But as a parent, that often isn’t an option. The kids will probably complain about being bored or that they’re tired, and that can be a hard thing to hear when you’ve still got so much to do yourself! So let’s make that to-do list a little more manageable. The easier you can take it, the less stress you deal with, and the more time you give yourself in the day. What could be better? 

Break Down Big Important Tasks

If you’ve got a long day ahead, break it down and make things as simple as you can. Yes, this might just make your to-do list a little longer, but it’ll definitely keep you from getting too stressed or rushed when you’re trying to get things done. If you want to focus, this is how. 

Back to school shopping is a good example of this. You’ve got stationery supplies, new uniforms, new bags and shoes, and various accessories to buy, as well as kids to try and keep happy as you go! So maybe you want to do things one at a time, to keep complaints and tears to a minimum? 

Schedule Any Unimportant, Big Errands for Later

Not everything has to be done right this second. And even if you’re not sure when you’ll have time again, it’s going to pop up sometime soon! So save the bigger errands for those days later on. If you don’t need to get it done today, because there’s months left on your car servicing MOT, then put it to the bottom of the list and free up an extra half hour today. 

You can then use this spare time for something more important, like a power nap or making a hearty lunch for yourself. Yes, use this time for something life self care - it’ll keep you going for even longer! 

Literally Tick Things Off as You Do Them

It always feels good when you look down and see a visual reminder of just how much work you’ve done. And whether you’ve got a physical to-do list or a task list on your phone, make sure you register them as complete once you’re back in the car. 

For a to-do list with 15 or more items on it, if you can mark off 7 for the day, that means there's only 8 left to do over the next couple days - that’s a pretty good way to motivate yourself to keep going. Parenting is all about celebrating the little wins, and that includes any admin you’ve got to do as well. 

If you’ve got a lot to do this week, and your list just gets longer and longer, use tips like these to manage it. Prevent it from becoming overwhelming, be proud of yourself for getting even the littlest of things done, and take 5 for yourself whenever you need it.

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