5 Simple Swaps That Can Health Up Your Life*

*This is a collaborative post*

When you’re not used to leading the healthiest of lifestyles, trying to get a bit healthier can feel like a lot of work. You can often look at the fitness freaks and the health food lovers and just wonder how they do it! It can all seem a bit exhausting. But, have you ever thought that the reason you feel so overwhelmed with leading a healthy lifestyle is that you’re looking to change too much too fast? When you aren’t all that healthy, looking to go cold turkey can often be a bad choice. Because you’re going to find it hard to implement everything at once, and you may be more likely to fall off the wagon. Instead, you should try to make a few simple swaps that could make a lot of difference.

Driving For Walking

Do you tend to drive just about everywhere? If you do, you’re not the only one. Cars are super handy and they have certainly made our lives much easier. But at the same time, they’ve also made us a little more lazy that previous generations were. So, if you can, you’re going to want to try and walk more. By committing to going on foot a bit more, you’ll be sneaking in some extra exercise and your body will feel much better for it.

Shop Bought For Homemade

One of the key features of many of our modern lifestyles is that we’re all super busy. We tend to take on too much and fill out our days with one thing after another. This can mean that we tend to look for convenience for just about everything - especially food. But, when you’re buying everything from a store, you have no idea what you’re really eating. By making everything from scratch yourself, you’re making a healthy change as you'll always know what is in your food.

Stressed For Calm

Following on from that, it’s those same busy lives that often lead us to get stressed out. And it’s not just post-baby mamas that need to work on their stress levels for better health, we all need to make a conscious effort to do it too. If you tend to let things get to you, it’s time for a change. You need to make more of an effort to destress, and you’ll be working wonders for your health.

Toxic For Simple

We all know that we should really quit our bad habits, but it’s often easier said than done. Instead, a substitution such as element e liquid or virgin cocktails for wine may just do the trick. By putting less toxins into your body and making a simpler choice, your body should feel better.

Beige For Green

When you look down at most of your mealtime plates, what do you see? If you tend to be faced with a lot of beige foods, the chances are that you’re not all that healthy. Instead, you’re going to want to swap out at least half of that for green ingredients instead. Because getting in your fruits and vegetables will always be good for your health. 

*Contributed by Sam Jones

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