Hello lovelies! Welcome to my world. This ‘little piece of me’ has been a long time coming and I’m so excited to finally share it with you! I have to thank three of my favourite ladies because if I hadn’t come across their blogs I might never have been inspired to start my own... Those three ladies are Zoe Sugg, Tanya Burr and Louise Pentland.

Who am I?

My name is Justine. I’m just an ordinary girl with a regular nine to five job but the rest of the time I am ‘GirlGoneDreamer’ personified. Dreamer, Writer, Drama Queen and many more things besides!
Currently working on two major projects, the first of which is a fictional novel titled ‘Surviving Isabelle' and the second is a non-fiction book titled ‘365 Days with ‘GirlGoneDreamer!’ I’ve been writing stories pretty much since I could hold a pen.  
One of my biggest dreams is to publish the aforementioned and to share them with readers all over the world. If my words can reach out and make a difference to someone then I’ll be one happy little lady!
The second dream? I’d absolutely love to have my own fashion line and to open a bespoke bridal shop with one of my best friends, ZoĆ«. Whether this will ever materialise remains to be seen but fingers crossed!

I’ve been told before that I am both unrealistic and over ambitious. Guess the jury’s still out on that! But what I will say in response is that we only get one shot at life. So if YOU have your own dream, no matter how unattainable it may seem, never give up on it! Life is too short for regrets.

What will I be blogging about? 

Apart from the usual, fashion, beauty and makeup... You’ll find that I talk about my passions, sometimes my hates and anything and everything in between. There’ll also be plenty of Author interviews!

I try not to take myself or life too seriously. There’s enough seriousness in the world to contend with already without me trying to add to the mix. This blog is supposed to be a fun place where you and I can escape! That said, now and again you will come across the odd serious post about things I feel strongly about. For instance, (and this is a biggy for me) Mental Health. I’m not ashamed to admit this anymore but I suffer from Mental Health issues. Specifically, Generalised Anxiety Disorder, OCD and Depression. For a long time I put on a pretence so only those closest to me knew the truth. And even though part of me is still afraid of people’s reactions, I hope that by being open and honest with you, it perhaps might help someone reading this. There’s a nasty little word called stigma which seems to be the root cause of all the negativity, nasty comments and lack of understanding in relation to Mental Health. But if we don’t pluck up the courage to speak out, then change will never happen. 

Why I write... 

I often get asked why I write. Well I guess it’s partly because I want to create something for others to enjoy. But mostly I write because I just love it. I get a buzz from it like no other I know. It’s who I am. It’s what makes me tick. And if I tried to stop writing tomorrow, it wouldn’t work because it’s an inbuilt part of me. A true writer can never stop! Just ask any of the literary greats!

Some random facts about me...  

I’m a hopeless romantic yet I’ve only ever been in love once in my life! After much heartbreak I’m currently single and loving it. It’s going to take someone pretty extraordinary to change that.
A fiercely loyal friend, sister, daughter, grand-daughter and auntie! I love my nephews more than life!
You’ll find I squeeze in a good quote at every given opportunity!
I don’t really have one favourite book but if pushed I’d say Jennifer Niven’s novel ‘All The Bright Places’ purely because it has had an impact on me like no other has had for a very long time.
I’m easily excitable! I don’t have many vices but I do have a weakness for perfume, books (obvs) and pretty stationery!
A HUGE Taylor Swift fan! Myself and my bro Jason have been ever since she first started out. I love nothing more than cranking up the stereo, belting out one of her songs imagining that I can actually sing. I can’t. Just ask anyone who knows me!

In summary!

So that’s about it! If you’ve stumbled across my blog by accident or if you’re chosen to visit of your own free-will, thank you! Sending huge hugs your way! I do hope you enjoy this blog as much as I enjoy piecing it all together. I love chatting to my readers/followers so please don’t hesitate to get in touch! 

This is the start of what I hope to be my journey to realize my dreams... And I would very much like it if you would all tag along for the ride!

Lots of love Justine xxx

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