The Wonders Of A One Piece

If your New Year’s resolution was to exercise more, then chances are you might have jumped back in the pool. Exercising should, hopefully, mean returning to a sporty one piece. It does, however, seem a shame that the all-in-one piece swimming costume has been reserved to just the training pools.

With so many shops selling every different shape and colour and bikini, it’s easy to forget that the one-piece has you covered – literally. Not everyone absolutely loves donning the swimsuit equivalent of being in their underwear. Two pieces are the dream for some women, but not all. There are plenty of swimsuit options for fuller curves and women of every size, but here are a few points in praise of the one-piece. 

It’s all well and good picking your favourite palm-leaf print for a triangle bikini, but will that make the most of it? The coverage of a one-piece swimsuit means that bold and contrasting patterns can speak for themselves. If you’ve bought a new lemon print swimsuit and can’t wait to Instagram it, then an all-in-one costume will allow the pattern to really pop.

There are a lot of styles and trends that just never seem to go out of fashion: a red lip, a tea dress or a black winter jacket. Single piece swimsuits are the same, as the silhouette they create is pretty timeless. Halter neck, strapped or bandeau-topped, they give off a look that harks back to vintage times but still looks contemporary. 

Swimsuits with more coverage have a few other weapons in their arsenal. If you’re a bit self-conscious about your midriff then there are plenty of swimsuits that suck you in, lift you up and give you ample support. Two piece swimsuits do offer some cleavage support, but there’s something about single piece swimsuits that feels a bit more secure and trustworthy when going out for a paddle. 

If you’re on a holiday where you spend afternoons transitioning from the beach to the bars then a one piece can easily turn into slinky evening wear. Putting a pair of jeans over the top of a black halter neck looks just at home on the streets as it does on the beach. If you don’t fancy wearing just your swimsuit all day on the beach then pairing it with a shawl and shorts easily transitions into day wear. Browsing online to find something to pair with the swimsuit that suits your figure, such as plus size clothing by Froxx, could uncover a new holiday favourite. 

Once a bikini has taken a few dips in the ocean, it can begin to look a bit faded and threadbare, if not well-loved. With much less holding them together, they seem to perish far more quickly than all-in-one costumes. A swimsuit that can be whipped out at any spa trip, last-minute getaway or day by the pool is a far better investment than a bikini that will become almost unusable after a few beach holidays. Many people find themselves turning to one-piece swimsuits after a few incidents of bikini tops becoming undone and escaping in a few rogue waves.
One thing that can be said for certain about one piece swimsuits is that they seem to be the most democratic piece of swimwear. Appropriate for all sizes and shapes, they can make anyone of any size feel fashionable and confident.

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Car Battery Maintenance: A Few Tips*

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As we are in the middle of Winter I believe it is more important than usual to keep on top of your car maintenance. This post is going to focus on an aspect of car maintenance which is sometimes overlooked. So here are a few tips which should help you to keep your car healthy this Winter. After all, the high tech vehicles on the road in the 21st century are making more electrical demands than they ever have done before, and your car's battery helps to meet those increased demands in numerous ways.

The battery of the car supplies an electric current in order for the starter motor to crank the engine as well as providing power for various electrical components and accessories when the engine is off. When the vehicle is actually in operation if and when electrical loads exceed the the charging system's capacity then the battery will automatically step in and provide the required added power. As well as doing all of these things the battery also acts as a voltage stabilizer for the whole of the car's electrical system.

Battery Life

It's recommended that you replace your car battery approximately every three to four years, you must remember to do this in order to keep your vehicle operating as efficiently and productively as possible. There isn't much more annoying on the roads than losing power half way through a journey. Do not let it be a case of 'out of sight, out of mind' when it comes to your car battery. If you are local to West London you might wish to replace your battery in Hammersmith, at DAT Tyres.

If you leave your car to lie idle and unused for prolonged periods of time this can be bad news for the battery, you should ideally drive every day or two, and at least every three days this is to ensure your battery doesn't drain down.

Check The Acid Level

you should do this roughly every 6 months. You should look out for any acid stratification which can happen when a battery dwells at a charge of less than eighty per cent, never receives full charge or if it has shallow discharges. Vehicles most at risk of this are those used primarily for very short distance journeys with power stealing accessories in operation.

Image Source Pexels

Add Water Carefully

If you notice that the electrolyte levels are low (you can tell this as the plates will be exposed) then you can top them up with distilled water. Ensure you take care to only fill the cells to cover the plates. Using a sports bottle or a funnel is one of the simplest of fixes for this as it allows you to control the flow of the water quite well. Once the water levels have been topped up, you can then use a battery charger to re-charge the battery.

Conduct A Battery Load Test

Some would recommend you conduct a battery load test every month, this can be done by a mechanic, as it ensures that your car will run properly and charge 100 per cent efficiently even in sub zero temperatures.

Keep Your Battery Warm

As afore mentioned, we are in the middle of Winter and are forecast to undergo a 'cold-snap' this coming week or so, and as we all know, cold weather is also bad for car batteries. It is important you try and keep it warm especially a this time of year. I'd recommend storing your vehicle in a well insulated garage if you have the option to. If not an affordable alternative is to purchase an engine or battery heater. As well as making it easier to start the battery they also help to minimize the total amount of power being consumed.

Save Money And Your Stress Levels Next Time You Have A Tyre Puncture*

*This is a collaborative post*

I've been driving for about thirteen years now and I can hand on heart say, I am a typical damsel in distress when anything goes wrong with my car. Unfortunately over the years I've experienced my fair share of car hiccups ranging from breakdowns and bumps to a chipped windowscreen and tyre punctures! In fact I'd say that tyre punctures are the most common occurence for me - unlucky or what? 

Just this new year when I was driving home from work I heard a strange tapping noise and my heart literally sank. It's a distinct noise that many drivers will recognise if they've suffered the same fate. Sure enough when I got out the car to check, there was a dirty great big screw in my back right handside tyre. What a way to start 2019 hey? I don't know about you guys but this sort of thing always seem to happen to me in the worst of places when I'm no-where near a garage or home. Thankfully I usually find that someone comes to my aid be it a passer by or neighbour and they help me to put on my spare tyre until I can limp the car to the nearest garage. 

Just this last week - the irony of timing - I heard about a new website, Compare Tyres, which could be the ideal solution next time you (or indeed I) have a tyre crisis! Compare Tyres works with many of the large providers across the UK such as Kwik Fit and Halfords. Like it sounds on the tin, this website compares tyre prices helping you to find the right tyre for your budget and car. Not only that, because Compare Tyres works with over 10k branches nationwide, you can arrange to have your tyre fitted wherever you are for a convenient and hassle free solution whilst on the go! Alternatively if you prefer you can have your tyre delivered so you can fit it yourself.

Next time you need a new tyre and you want to save yourself some money and indeed your stress levels, simply pop on over to the Compare Tyres website to see tyre prices at several fitters near your location. You can search by your reg plate, tyre size or vehicle and because it's a completely free and unbiased website you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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New Year, New Look: Revamp Your Home In 3 Easy Steps*

Image Source Pexels

 If the new year has put you in the mood to make some changes, now could be the perfect time to revamp your property. The good news is, you don’t have to spend a lot of money or go to much effort in order to do this. Here are three simple steps that will help you to achieve a fresh look and feel in your home.

1. Rethink Your Furniture

You might be so used to the furniture in your home that you barely register the fact that it’s there. To stop you getting into an interior design rut when it comes to everything from your seating to your storage, why not take the opportunity to rethink your furniture? You don’t have to spend a fortune replacing everything you own. Instead, pick out a few key pieces that have the power to transform your rooms. For example, to add a touch of luxury to your boudoir, you could replace your existing bed with a glamorous French-style model complete with intricate carved detailing and a luxurious padded headboard. Meanwhile, perhaps an elegant dresser would make a great addition to your dining area if you don’t already have one.

Bear in mind that furniture isn’t all about functionality. Why not add a touch of frivolity to your home with a decadent chaise longue? These statement pieces can work really well in bedrooms or lounge areas and they instantly overhaul the look and feel of these spaces. If you’re looking for inspiration to help you choose new furnishings, you can check out specialist websites such as Crown French Furniture and search Pinterest. These online resources should give you plenty of ideas.

Consider shifting some of your existing furniture around too. You might be surprised by how much of a difference simply moving seating, storage, coffee tables and other essentials into new configurations can make to your rooms. The best thing is, this doesn’t cost you a penny!

2. Experiment With New Colours

Giving your walls a fresh lick of paint is one of the easiest and best ways to breathe new life into your rooms. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different hues when you do this. For example, painting a single wall in a bold colour can invigorate your design scheme without overwhelming it.

Image Source Pexels

If you want to be bang on trend in 2019, consider incorporating warm brown tones into your d├ęcor. From light caramel to deeper, richer browns, these colours are big news in interior design circles right now and they can help to give your spaces a homely, cosy vibe. Green is also making waves, from intense velvety tones to lighter, more uplifting shades. Thanks to its calming properties, green can be a great choice for areas ranging from your bedroom to your study.

Your home will feel like new once you’ve worked your magic with your brushes and rollers. To complete the look, simply introduce some new soft furnishings in complementary colours.

3. Get Creative With Your Lighting

People often make the mistake of thinking of home lighting in purely practical terms. In fact, illuminations can dramatically alter the look and feel of rooms and can help to make or break design schemes. So, if you haven’t paid much attention to your light fixtures and fittings in the past, it could be time to change tack. For example, consider hanging one or two statement chandeliers. These elaborate accessories work particularly well when hung low over dining areas, creating instant drama and beauty.

Image Source Pexels

To give your rooms a shabby chic vibe, you could introduce some mismatched table and floor lamps. Another top lighting tip is to fit LEDs into the plinths of your kitchen units. These illuminations create a subtle wash of light across the floor. 

Even with a small budget, all it takes to transform your property is a little creativity and imagination. So, why not try a new look in your home this new year?

Some Of The Health Benefits Of Gymnastics*

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*This Is A Collaborative Post*

As with any kind of physical exercise the benefits to one's fitness are numerous and I just thought I'd write a little about some of the benefits of doing gymnastics. It seems to me that more people could benefit from incorporating even some basic gymnastics into their workout routines. I would also recommend anyone with kids to encourage them to partake in some form of gymnastics club for various reasons. One huge benefit is that there isn't much you need in terms of equipment to get started. For those of you who might be more seriously into gymnastics then of course you can invest in all kinds of equipment such as air mats and such like which are really useful in mitigating any kind of impact related injuries when exercising. It might seem obvious but it would be remiss of me not to go into more detail with regards to some of the kinds of the mats available. 

Gymnasts strengthen their bodies to a point whereby ordinary everyday injuries are rare, but the more advanced you become the more likely you will require a good quality mat in order to reduce the effect of repeated impacts on the ground. You can go for the more solid traditional types but i think a great new modification is the introduction of inflatable tumble tracks. As well as being proficient at reducing the likelihood of injuries, with children i believe they can also add to the sense of fun.

Inflatable tumble tracks are much more forgiving than traditional hard rubber type mats as used in many high schools, and again for both advanced gymnasts and kids alike this is a great benefit in building one's confidence. Also there are a huge array of air tracks on the market so it is imperative you select a good quality one from a reputable source. This is due to the amount of strain the mats are put under during the course of its lifetime, you want one which will not fall apart at the seems. So any of you out there who might be interested in trying out some air track gymnastics then follow the links found herein.

By partaking in gymnastics from a younger age you can develop muscular, joint and general strength, agility and flexibility which will provide an fantastic foundation for the rest of one's life. I did play lots of sport however, mainly football, rugby and cricket. This meant i was in very good shape and fit and all the rest of it. However, as I left my teens and early twenties I began to suffer a few bad injuries which were all joint related. I can't help but think that if I had spent more time on gymnastic type strengthening exercises I could have avoided a few surgeries down the line.


Flexibility is a major component of gymnastics, and by increasing your own flexibility you can reduce your chances of suffering a number of injuries and illnesses. The more flexible you are the less chance you have of forcing a limb into a potentially injurious range of motion. 

Disease Prevention and Healthy Bones

By participating in gymnastics which is a weight bearing exercise, you will be contributing to your own lifestyle in a positively healthy manner. Regular physical exercise will encourage you to eat more healthily too and by doing so you will cut down your risks of suffering from diseases such as asthma, cancer, heart diseases and diabetes. Your bones will also become strong and healthy too as a result of regular load bearing exercises. As we age we lose bone density, so by developing strong healthy bones you can help to prevent the onset of osteoporosis later on in life.

Co-ordination and Cognitive Function

One of the specific benefits to doing gymnastics is the increased level of balance co-ordination. it is proven that gymnasts do not suffer a strong a "startle" response to sudden imbalances non gymnasts. The benefits of gymnastics are not limited to the physical. Participation in gymnastics is proven to increase cognitive function, concentration and focus which can all be great skills to have in all aspects of life. You will also find that through the process of taking part in regular gymnastic exercise you will notice an increase in your level of self-esteem. 

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