Change Up Your Bedroom With 3 Simple Steps*

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When my sister and her other half revamped their bedroom last year I was honestly completely taken aback by the end result. It wasn't as if they'd done any major redecorating as such yet they managed to take their bedroom from lackluster to wow in the time frame it probably takes me to write a weeks worth of blog posts. By simply de-cluttering, changing up the colour scheme and investing in a couple of pieces of new furniture, the bedroom that had once looked tired and small now appeared fresh, bright and spacious.

If you fancy giving your own bedroom a new lease of life but the idea of redecorating entirely puts you off then read on. In actual fact there are minimal ways in which you can revamp your bedroom and believe it or not, they won't cost you the earth. 

To begin with you should study your bedroom and decide what it is you don't like. Is it the colour scheme? The wallpaper? The lack of space? If it's the colour scheme then this can be easily altered and you don't necessarily need to re-wallpaper either. If it's the lack of space that bothers you then perhaps look at how you can create more space by downsizing or via the art that is illusion. 

Without further adieu, here are three simple steps to changing up your bedroom...

1. De-Clutter And Tidy

Whether you believe it or not, de-cluttering and tidying can make a massive difference to the bedroom, especially if you're a hoarder like me. Go through your belongings and see what you can throw or get rid of. Do you really need everything? Chances are many items are just sat there gathering dust whether it be old clothes piling up in the wardrobe, old makeup and beauty products sat on your dresser table or even ornaments sat on your windowsill. Be ruthless. Donate any items you no longer want to charity shops or sell them on eBay or via a car boot sale. Once you've got rid of any old items or junk, try to hold onto that minimalistic attitude. Remember that a tidy home means a tidy mind!

2. Leave The Old Wallpaper Up

Yes you read it right. Just because you're fed up with the colour or the pattern of the existing wallpaper this doesn't mean you have to start faffing with stripping and skimming the walls. If the wallpaper is in good nick then there's no reason why you can't paint over it instead. This will require a lot less effort and money on your part yet will still make a dramatic difference. 
If you don't already have one then consider turning one wall into a 'feature wall.' Most people opt for simply wallpapering just one wall to achieve this but you could always cheat like my sister did and instead opt for a large colourful print. You can find hundreds of unique pieces on Etsy or in local art stores and you'd be surprised at how little you can pick them up for. 

3. Change Up The Furniture

Changing the furniture can make a dramatic difference even if you decide to leave everything else in the bedroom the same. Mirrored wardrobes are a great idea as they not only look stylish but they also help to create the illusion of more space. My sister actually opted for these and they look amazing! Lighter colours again can create the illusion of more space so if you're wanting to make your bedroom appear larger, avoid going for dark colours or dark furniture at all costs. 
Before you buy new furniture make sure you shop around for the best deals. You only have to peruse the net these days to find hundreds of vouchers, discounts and deals via websites such as Voucher 365. If you're looking in particular for unique high end design furniture and soft furnishings but at an affordable price then you'll also love

Once you've de-cluttered, painted and furnished your bedroom, why not finish off with the odd plant here and there? If you're one for following trends then cactus plants in particular seem to be hugely popular lately. 

Good luck and enjoy if you are having a revamp, I hope it goes well!

*Header photo via Pexels.  

What To Do When You Have Whiplash*

*This is a collaborative post*

It seems to be the in thing these days, that when people get the slightest bump in the car they put in for a personal injury claim. Indeed I've heard people on numerous occasions stating that they're going to put in for a whiplash claim! I'm not judging and I know plenty of people do it, but let me tell you, when whiplash is real it's no laughing matter. 

In a recent blog post I talked about the time when I was in a car accident. It was a typical 'rear shunt' collision which caused both a lot of damage to my car and also injury to my neck. Luckily for me, my whiplash was relatively mild and the doctor at the hospital simply gave me painkillers and instructions before sending me on my way. Needless to say I could have made a personal injury claim if I'd have wanted to. And I was actually contacted a few times after the incident by law firms who wanted me to consider putting in for a claim. Looking back now I honestly don't know why I didn't. I guess it was partly because I felt sorry for the young girl who had run into me. She'd not long since passed her test and she'd been so apologetic. At the time all I had wanted was for my car to be fixed and at no cost to me. Of course that's not to say that you shouldn't put in for a claim if you've genuinely suffered a whiplash injury. 

Image via Pexels

'But how do I know if I have whiplash?'

Well for starters, whiplash isn't going to just come on suddenly for no reason. It's caused when your head is suddenly jerked forwards, backwards or sideways. Like with me in my car accident, it usually takes a sudden impact or force (such as a rear shunt collision) to cause your head to jerk like that. Symptoms won't always present themselves straight away either so you might think you're feeling fine but the next day you might wake up with neck pain and stiffness. If in doubt then get checked out by a doctor. Ask for a full examination and let your doctor know that you've been involved in a car accident. Neck pain and stiffness are the obvious two main symptoms of whiplash but muscles spasms and headaches are common too. Some people even experience back or shoulder pain.

'What can I do to help things improve?' 

Unfortunately there's not a whole lot you can do with a whiplash injury other than to take painkillers and wait for things to improve of their own accord. Whereas most people will recover relatively quickly, others may unfortunately experience problems for months or even years to come. Of course this tends to be dependent on how severe the whiplash injury is. 
Ice is often recommended as not only will this soothe the neck area but it will also help to reduce any inflammation and swelling. Seeing a doctor or medical professional is always advised if you suspect you have whiplash or injury of any kind. 

'Can I make a personal injury claim?'

Whether it be on a physical or psychological level, if you have suffered illness or personal injury through fault of another then you may be entitled to make a claim. Granted this won't make the injury or illness go away, but it'll certainly help you to feel a little bit better about the situation. Especially if you're out of pocket if you've had to take time off work. 

Lawyers from Hunter Law understand just how disruptive car accidents can be which is why they're passionate about helping those who need it. Personal injury attorney tampa are experts in their field and can give you advice on making a personal injury claim. They also have some great tips on their site which are worth memorizing or jotting down so that should you find yourself involved in a car accident, you'll at least know what to do. 

If you have ever been involved in a car accident then I'm sure you know just how stressful and upsetting it can be. The key - as I've found - is to know what you're doing so that you'll be fully prepared should the worst ever happen. 

Drive safely!

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Take A Page From The Past For Your Elegant Bridal Ensemble

Image by Marta Branco via pexels

*This post is in collaboration with Media Buzzer*

Few things fire the imagination quite like the prospect of a wedding, and for good reason. On the one hand, a wedding has plenty of pomp and circumstance and ceremony attached to it, which is enough to make anyone feel like it’s a momentous occasion. On the other hand, the weight of planning all that out can be a bit exhausting, to say the least.

Customising your bridal look can thus not only provide you with a valuable release during the whole wedding planning process, but can likewise allow you the chance to unlock your creativity like never before. You get to play both artist and canvas and transform yourself into your own masterpiece!

You can give that masterpiece some historical flair by incorporating vintage elements from one of your favourite eras of fashion and culture. From the hairstyle and headpiece to the jewellery and the dress itself, here’s how you can make your bridal ensemble a blast from the past while still making it your own.

Choosing a Vintage Era

First things first - you’re going to have to choose an era. Choose an era you’re truly in love with - and of course, remember that any vintage era’s gown can be set off beautifully by vintage engagement rings which match the style and spirit of the age.

What era of fashion and culture truly speaks to you? Do you thrill to the Sense and Sensibility of Jane Austen-esque Regency Era-themed fashion? Are you more intrigued by the corsets, bustles, and beautiful jewellery of the Victorian-era? Or are you a literature lover looking to evoke the Roaring Twenties a la F. Scott Fitzgerald, or a film buff looking to bring back the Blonde Bombshell look made famous by Eva St. Marie and Marilyn Monroe?

Vintage Hair and Accessories

Next, it’s time to give some consideration to all the little details that can make your favourite era come alive once more. For example, if you’re in love with Austen’s Regency era, you’ll want to pair tight updos and long elegant gloves to match. For Victorian weddings, a lacey-white look offset with opulent earrings, necklaces, tiaras, and Victorian-style vintage engagement rings are all fair game.

Vintage Dresses

And finally, it’s time to say “yes” to the dress itself! Naturally, your dress is going to be the boldest, most definitive statement in your vintage wedding ensemble. One of the most important things to keep in mind with any wedding dress is the importance of matching it to your hair and other accessories. This can actually be easier when shopping for vintage dresses and accessories, since you’re already looking for things that match stylistically and comfort-wise. As such, certain accessory decisions will greatly impact your dress - you can hardly have a slim Victorian dress with a bustle in tow! Likewise, if you plan on wearing gloves for either a Regency or early twentieth century look, you’re going to want to make sure that any vintage engagement rings you have can be slipped on over the fabric with ease.

With the help of these basic tips, you’ll be able to make your wedding ensemble a vintage masterpiece and walk down the aisle in confidence and style!

5 Strategies For Investing In Bitcoin

Image by geralt via pixabay

*This post is in collaboration with Media Buzzer*

You may be wondering whether or not bitcoin is a bubble. It’s a question often put forward between investors or on online forums. The answer isn’t as clear cut as you may think. In fact, nobody really knows at the moment, and if anyone tells you they have the answer, run.

An underlying question on many people’s minds, though, is how to enter emerging uncertain markets without getting fingers burned.

The trick, of course, is to have a strategy for bitcoin investing. Once you’ve acquired your bitcoins, here are a few strategies you might want to consider using.

1.    Diversify within asset classes
One strategy you might want to consider is buying different cryptocurrencies. So, buy your bitcoin from trusted dealers and then diversify and buy a variety of different crypto and mining contracts and don’t be scared to try out a few different platforms.
As for an asset class, well, it is a group of investments that display similar characteristics and behave somewhat similarly in the marketplace. For example, tokens, bitcoin and alt coins.

2.    Always strategize, test and track the methods you use
An important part of cryptocurrency investing is to stop waiting for tips. In fact, if you do get a tip, be sure to run it through several different scenarios to figure out what could happen. Check the charts for bitcoin cash and bitcoin and find yourself a winning formula. If you’re serious about investing in cryptocurrency, develop a passion for learning so that you can continue to prosper.

3.    Get excited about learning
Speaking of learning, if you really do want to successfully grow your portfolio, it’s best to leave the emotions at the door. However, you’ll quickly discover that the best investors are those who are incredibly curious about learning as much as they can about the market, the dynamics, the drivers and of course the deciding factors.

4.    Don’t be afraid to diversify asset classes
Bitcoin are certainly game changing, but they are not yet everything. So, get some cash savings, some bitcoin, some shares, some property, a couple of business revenues, a few other cryptocurrencies, a couple of precious metals and even some managed funds. The strategy here is to diversify. It gives you a safety net and protects you to a degree from markets not going quite as you hoped. When you decide to do this, make sure that you only do secure transactions with reliable traders.

5.    There are two important types of investments
There are two key types of investments: cash flow and capital gains. Be sure to play both to your advantage. Try to avoid getting addicted to just one kind of cryptocurrency investing. Also, don’t just invest in bitcoin and have a holding strategy. Instead, find a way to invest that actually generates crypto for you.

Overall, aim to position yourself to win. If you hedge yourself well enough, it can only be to your benefit and the issue of the bitcoin market being a bubble will not matter to you one bit.

Always Believe That Something Wonderful Is About To Happen: Celebrating Good Times*

*This is a collaborative post*

In life, many of our days are very much the same. We stick to a routine which allows us to manage our time well and get done everything that needs to be done in the best possible way. However every now and again something exciting will happen which gives us a cause for celebration, and when these moments happen it’s well worth completely embracing them. It’s these special moments that memories are made of, which help to define us and are what we look back on when remembering different periods of our lives. Maybe you’ve got a promotion, passed your driving test or sailed through your exams? Perhaps you’ve just found out you’re expecting a baby, you’ve gotten engaged or have achieved a weight loss goal? Whether it’s something you’ve been working towards or a wonderful surprise, here are some of the ways you can celebrate your success!

Create new goals
If you’ve smashed a goal you had set, or something exciting has happened that has made your current goals obsolete then it’s time to make some new ones! Work out where you are now, and where you want to be. It can help to write things down, a good way to go about it is to think of it in terms of where you want to be in one year, three years then five years. Break down your one year goals into smaller ones which will help you to achieve them.

Thank those who helped
If other people have helped or contributed towards your success or happiness, be sure to thank them. Give credit where credit is due, and be humble- acknowledge those that have helped along the way. You could tell them this in person or write it down for them. Either way, it’s always good to show your appreciation.

Throw a party
When something good happens in life, it’s great to mark the occasion with a celebration. A party allows your loved ones to enjoy your success with you, and again it can be a way to thank those who have helped you. You could check out Oddbins range of vintage champagne, there’s plenty at different price points so you can toast in style even if you don’t have a huge budget. Take lots of photos to mark the occasion and really enjoy it, it’s these moments that make life special.

Rest and relax
Whether you’ve achieved a goal that you’ve been working at for a long time, or it’s something wonderful that’s taken you by surprise, chances are you’ll be feeling a little wiped out. Give yourself time to rest and relax, gather your thoughts before deciding on your next move. You could go on a holiday or mini break, book in a day at the spa or just pamper yourself at home. Either way, if you feel like you need a bit of relaxation time then don’t be afraid to take it!

Have you had any good news lately, or have you achieved a goal you had set? How did you/ will you celebrate?

*Contributed by Sam Jones. *Header photo via Pexels

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