The Pros and Cons Of Running A Business

If you run your own business, you’ll know it’s the best, and sometimes the worst job. There are big highs when the company grows, becomes successful, and helps people. The lows, however, can be feeling devastated when the business does not do as well as you’d hoped, or when you feel you need time off! Running a business can take many forms; some people run one entirely from home, some run a store or shop, and some do a mixture of both. Whatever your situation and whatever your goals, here are the pros and cons of running your own business.


Let’s start with the positives, shall we? Here are some of the awesome things you can expect from running your own company.

1. Calling the shots

Of course, this is the reason so many people want to run their own business. You are the boss! That means you get to call the shots, and every decision is yours to finally make. You have full creative control (if you want it), or you can hire trusted colleagues and divest power in others to strengthen the business’ team. Whatever you decide, you are your own boss.

2. Making your vision a reality

Most people start a business because they have an idea or a vision of a product or service that can help people, and give them an awesome experience. Whichever industry you work within, your innovative concept can be made into a reality. Watching your dreams come to life is a feeling like no other!

3. Working from home

If you run your business online, this gives you the chance to work from home. Lots of people prefer the work from home model to office life, establishing their own routine, workspace and setup. This helps them to concentrate and perform at their very best in their field. If you are one of those people, you may enjoy running a business from home.

Similarly, if you provide a service such as physical therapy, hairdressing, counselling or tutoring, you can also run your business from home. For beautiful, private home-office setups in your yard, visit


1. A weight on your shoulders

Calling all the shots sounds fun, but leadership is hard. Being responsible for the employment of a team who are relying on you; making creative decisions which impact the growth of the business; and creating a strategy which others rely on are all tough projects to execute well. Being your own boss is awesome, but do not underestimate the responsibility.

2. The prospect of failure

Of course, not all businesses succeed. Many people find that for whatever reason, be it the economy, their own issues or simply a lack of financial viability, their business fails. This can be a crushing blow, both personally or financially. Running a business is high risk, high reward.

3. No days off

You’re the boss, and that means everyone will look to you when problems arise. Certainly in the first few years, before you have a secure team who can take over, you will struggle to have any real time off!

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What Are The Real Costs Of Starting A Home Business


You might have heard that starting a business from your home is an easy way to save yourself some of the costs of starting up. That is, for a lot of people, very true, but that doesn’t mean that it’s entirely cost-free. Most businesses are going to need some kind of investment, and here are some of the most common investments that you might have to deal with.

The office
It’s a good idea to establish a home office that gives you a space free from distraction, organised in the most productive way possible. This can include a desk, an ergonomic chair, as well as storage and space management furniture to help you work as efficiently as possible.

The equipment
Aside from the furniture, you also need to supply your office with all of the equipment that allows you to actually do your work. In most cases, this will mean some kind of hardware, such as a desktop or laptop PC. It may also include a phone, printer, and other hardware. Don’t forget to research the costs of software you might need to use, as well. There are free equivalents of many of the types of software you would use, but people tend to prefer the additional features they get from premium software.

The stock
If you’re running a business that revolves on selling products, be it as a part of a franchising deal or as an independent eCommerce store, you are going to have to pay for your stock. As such, you should take the time to read here on how to find the best wholesalers available to you and get an idea of how much money you will need in order to buy the first stock you sell.

The vehicle
If you’re selling stock from your home, do you also do deliveries? Do you provide services that see you travelling from your home to other locations? If so, then don’t forget to think about the costs of your driving. You might be able to use the same car you use for personal use, but if you need a van or other specialized vehicles, then you also have to pay insurance. You can find out more, here about the costs you can expect from your vehicles. Be sure you’re getting the kind of wheels necessary to support your business, as this is one of the most costly investments you are likely to make.

The licenses
Lastly, there are a lot of businesses that acquire some kind of license to operate. This includes several businesses commonly run from homes, such as running a childcare, dog breeding, import and export eCommerce, and more. Get to know whether you have to get a license to run the business you want, and do your research as to how much that might cost.

Just remember that a lot of these costs you have to deal with as a self-employed individual or business owner can be claimed on your taxes. This doesn’t mean you will exactly get the money back, but it can ensure you don’t pay twice for the same things.

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How To Get A Better Nights Sleep*

*This is a collaborative post*

This is the first post I've written in a long time, I've been on maternity with my daughter and also recovering from ill health. It's fair to say lots of change has happened in my life over the last eighteen months and for someone who has never much liked change I think I've coped pretty well with it. It's also made me look at life differently and also at how I look after myself. I want and need to be a strong healthy mummy for my daughter so I've been making some adjustments to my lifestyle and looking into ways I can boost my health and lose some weight. 

Improving Health And Wellbeing

When it comes to health there are the obvious changes we can make that most of us will already be aware of. Things such as quitting smoking, reducing the amount of alcohol we drink, exercising more, losing weight and eating healthily, but did you know that sleep is also a major contributing factor to both physical and mental health?

Many of us overlook just how important sleep is when it comes to our overall health, yet poor sleep has been linked to various health problems such as heart disease, stroke, depression, diabetes and weight gain. It can also have a negative impact on concentration, brain function and the immune system. Granted with a baby in the house I get less sleep than is recommended but I still try to ensure that what sleep I do get is of quality.

How To Improve Your Quality Of Sleep

According to the NHS website, 'a solid night's sleep is essential for a long and healthy life.'

There are several things to consider if you want to improve your quality of sleep. Factors such as your sleeping pattern, your environment, your lifestyle and your diet. These all contribute to how well or indeed how poorly you sleep. You should;

*Aim to go to bed at the same time each night as it will get your body used to a set pattern. 

*Leave your phone alone for a couple of hours before you go to sleep. Our phones emit blue light which affects the hormone that makes us sleepy. 

*Avoid eating late or drinking stimulants like coffee before bed.

*Keep the bedroom for sleep and sex only. Your mind needs to recognise that your bedroom is the place you go to for rest.

*Create a soothing relaxing environment and have a comfortable bed. We spend an inordinate amount of time in bed so it's worth investing in comfort. There are so many different mattresses on the market depending on your needs but a decent mattress should give support and distribute your weight evenly. If you're buying online and can't physically test how a mattress feels then do some research and read reviews before you make a decision and part with your pennies. I like 'What Mattress' because it's not actually connected to any mattress companies or suppliers which I personally find makes for a more honest, unbiased review.

*Exercise daily but nothing too vigorous before bed as it may wake you up.

*Try to have a pre-bedtime routine. Set aside some time each night for relaxing. Whether you read a book, meditate, have a bath or watch a movie, find something that helps you to unwind. 

Why not try some of these tips and see if you can improve your sleep? I'll personally be looking at mattresses soon as one of the springs has unfortunately popped through. If you didn't know, it's recommended that you upgrade your mattress every eight years!

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Why Weddings Make Us Feel All Warm And Fuzzy Inside

Ostensibly, weddings are an event where a bunch of people witness a couple’s promise to pair-bond for life. But, no matter how you slice it, it doesn’t feel like witnessing the writing of a will or the testimony of somebody in court. Audience members are just as caught up in the day as the bride and groom. 

What’s going on here? Why do weddings make us all feel so warm and fuzzy inside? 

For years, researchers have been investigating the link between love, oxytocin and empathy. It turns out that all three go hand in hand. The more you have of one, the more you get of the other two.

This got them thinking: perhaps that’s why audiences are always so loved up at the end of a wedding. It’s not just the fact that booze is flowing out of every orifice. People actually just get caught up in the spectacle. It’s what life is all about. Modern weddings are a massive lovefest. 

Interestingly, you can track the effects of weddings on guests’ biomarkers. The University of Exeter and the magazine New Scientist, teamed up to conduct a study of how “loved-up” people who attended a wedding were, using biological correlates. They wanted to see whether they could track the so-called “biochemical high” we all get when we experience a loving environment. 

They tracked over a hundred guests at a barn wedding venue to see what happened to their body chemistry over the course of eight hours of the wedding. Test tubes were ordered and blood samples collected (yes, that actually happened at a wedding). And all the results were eventually compiled in a big database. 

The researchers wanted to see whether oxytocin levels of guests changed throughout the day. And if so, by how much. Oxytocin is a trace chemical in the blood. The body only produces a tiny amount of it. Detecting it, therefore, is somewhat challenging. 

The solution is to use something called a centrifuge - a big barrel that spins the blood sample very fast, separating it into different constituents. The researchers then measured the microscopic quantities of oxytocin - the love hormone - before and after the wedding. And guess what - for most guests, it was higher

You might think that you could get the same effect by just putting a bunch of people in a room and having a big party - and you’d be right. But the researchers did something clever. They created a model of how loved-up people were, based on their proximity to the bride. And guess what they found: the closer the relationship, the more oxytocin levels changed, 
with the groom and mother of the bride most affected by the day’s events. 

So what does all this mean? It turns out that weddings might be more than a legal proceeding. The church and state have commandeered modern weddings today. But they’re an ancient ritual - something people were doing well before we even had civilization. It wouldn’t be surprising, therefore, for them to be baked into our psychology. 

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Stuck At Home With Quarantine Blues? These Will See You Through


*This is a collaborative post* 

Life can be hard at the moment. If you’re in a country with severe lockdown or perhaps you’re self isolating, life can get pretty boring fast. Especially now there seems to be major worries about second waves hitting over the country. If you’re stuck at home, there are ways for you to pass the time. Some get old fast. Others last a long time. What bores some, entertains others. You’ll soon grow into your own hobbies and pastimes. For now though, here are a few ideas to get you started. The best ones are those where you can get your family involved, even if it is nice to have your own space from time to time.

Sort The Garden Out

If it's a bit of a mess then why not get out there and sort it out when you’ve got the time. You can be involved as you like. It might just be cutting the grass and cutting back any overhanging plants. Or, you could completely remodel it. You might want to create a decking area, planting Poplar Nurseries, or finding space for a greenhouse. You might plant whole new areas of plants, or think about getting some new garden furniture. You could use a jet washer and clean your patio up. There are all kinds of things you can do to pass the time. Getting the garden in a better state is one of them and the kind of thing you can involve your children and family in doing. Also, depending on what you do it doesn’t have to cost much.

Find A New Exercise Regime

Ever wanted to get into a better shape? Or just want to feel a little healthier. When else when you’ve got so much downtime. You can start off by just going for the odd walk, then make it daily then challenge yourself. You can do this by aiming for distance or steps. When this is done, you can start to move towards proper exercise. You could follow the same routes but as a run not a walk. Or you could start doing workouts at home. There are hundreds on YouTube which apply to all skill levels. Beyond this you could do weight training or buy equipment and join a gym when lockdown finally ends. Once you’ve got into a new routine you’ll feel much better.

Find Your Hobby

If you start to find yourself getting bored you might need to find a new hobby. Most people have them, but if you were extremely busy beforehand with work or family you might not have developed one. There’s a lot you can get involved with. Reading is an easy one to pick up. With countless genres and books to choose from. If your friends like to game, then maybe you can join them. It’s fun and a brilliant way to continue to socialise during these hard times. You might like to learn. Try an online class, such as a language class to broaden your horizons and make you a more rounded, skilled person.

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