How Does Moving Schools Impact Your Child?*

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There are lots of reasons why a child might move to a new school. Perhaps it is just the natural transition from primary to secondary or maybe your family has had to relocate due to work commitments. Whatever the reason, it may be quite a challenging experience for your youngster and they will require some additional support from you to get them through it. Here are some tips from an independent school in London.

When joining a new school, your child will have to adapt to many things, especially if it’s in the middle of term time. Not only will they have to get used to a new environment, they might also have to acclimatise to a slightly different curriculum and a new teacher with unique teaching methods. What’s more, the other students will have to adapt to having a new child in their class, which can be quite disruptive. With that said, it is possible that your child might fall behind a little when they first move, so keep an eye on their performance and don’t be too hard on them if they appear to be struggling. It might help to hire a private tutor for a short while until they are settled.

Your child might be feeling upset and anxious about saying goodbye to their old friends and meeting new people. This is particularly true if your child is quite shy and struggles with their social skills. If possible, try and arrange for them to meet up with their old friends or even just video call them from time to time so that they feel less alone. Perhaps encourage them to join some extra-curricular activities at the school where they will find opportunities to make friends.

Generally, just try and maintain a positive outlook so that your child doesn’t take on any of your stress or worries on top of their own. When choosing the school in the first place, involve your child as much as possible so that they feel their voice is being heard and they aren’t just being dragged along for the ride. Visit the premises before your child starts so that they can become more familiar with their new surroundings in advance.


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How to Raise an Optimistic Child*

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Being optimistic isn’t always easy. We all have down days and go through difficult periods in our lives, but generally it’s good to try and be optimistic and keep a positive mind. A cheerful disposition will help you stay happy and feel fulfilled throughout your life. Being optimistic allows us to take risks and overcome challenges. Parents should try and encourage their children to be more optimistic, using the following advice from a senior school in Hertfordshire.

Provide your child with a positive and uplifting home environment, so that they find it easier to develop an optimistic attitude. Try and shield them from any of your own stress and focus on the good things in life and what you’re looking forward to. Mealtimes are a great opportunity to go around the table and share something you’re grateful for or something you’re excited about. 

You should also help your child find ways to make their own fun and entertainment. As they grow up, if they learn to rely on other people (or their phones and other inanimate objects) for enjoyment rather than on themselves, they will struggle to feel fulfilled. Listen to their thoughts and opinions and make sure they feel valued as an individual. Confidence and optimism go hand in hand, so finding ways to boost your child’s self-esteem (without overdoing it) is crucial.

When it comes to your child’s schoolwork, focus on the effort that goes in rather than the end result. If you are harsh about a poor grade, your child will be more anxious and less optimistic when it comes to the next exam or piece of homework. Instead, let them know that you are proud of them for trying their best. Teach them that setbacks don’t define us and that there are always better things waiting around the corner to make us forget about the struggles we go through. It just takes patience and a positive attitude. 


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What are the Benefits of School Trips for Children?*


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School trips may not seem that important with regards to a child’s education, but they are a fantastic way to enhance learning outside of the classroom setting. They can start as early as nursery but as the child gets older, the school trips become increasingly more exciting, taking students all around the world to support subjects like geography, history, science, and even different languages. There are many benefits to school trips, as explored below by a prep school in the Cotswolds.

Educational trips provide an immersive learning experience to young people in a multi-sensory manner, which is not only enjoyable but also more memorable than a normal lesson. Reading about something in a textbook is entirely different to actually experiencing it hands-on or seeing it with one’s own eyes. Since the learning experience is attached to a fond memory, a child will be better able to retain the information and remember it during an exam.

Not only do school trips help support a child’s academic progress, they also help them on a personal level. They are able to bond with their peers and teachers in a more relaxed environment helping them to become more confident and learn how to work as part of a team. What’s more, by exploring an unfamiliar setting without the comfort of their parents, children are able to become more independent. They may have to ask for directions or speak in a foreign language, helping to boost their self-esteem and just generally step out of their comfort zone. 

Parents and teachers can use school trips as an incentive to encourage children to work hard and behave well during lessons. School trips make a nice change for students, who deserve a break from the classroom environment from time to time and feel like they are being rewarded for their efforts.


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Can You Make Money With Home Rentals Under Covid?




Real estate investments can provide the financial stability you need during covid. While it might sound tricky to turn your home into a money-making machine, there is more than one way to unlock the potential of your property. Home rentals are a sustainable strategy that can be beneficial for all. Indeed, rentals can reduce health risks, enabling local authorities to keep lockdown restrictions to a minimum, while providing a source of revenues for your household. Are you ready to build your home rental venture under covid? 


Get a house to let in a busy area

Your buy-to-let property can supplement your household income in the long-term. You are guaranteed to receive monthly payments for the duration of the tenancy agreement. Therefore, if you are looking to purchase a second property, you may want to consider how your second home mortgage will affect your finances. When you take a buy-to-let mortgage, you will be expected to make a deposit of at least 25% of the house value. However, because these mortgages are designed with a buy-to-let investment in mind, they don’t need to be repayment-based. Your monthly payments can be set on an interest-only basis, which means that you only pay off the mortgage when you sell the property. 

Rentals at a time where new lockdown restrictions apply offer people an option to self-isolate in a controlled environment. Indeed, shared tenancies, such as housemates, can keep cuts down, but there may be a high health cost to pay. Therefore, more and more people are looking at single rentals. 

Consider remote cottage rentals

Christmas is likely to be spent in a staycation this year. But that doesn’t mean that holidays are cancelled. On the contrary, British holidaymakers are looking for safe and remote cottages and countryside properties for their vacations. After spending too many months at home, families want a magical Christmas that makes them forget about the day-to-day stress. The typical ski trip in the Alps is deemed unsafe. But Britons will cherish the opportunity to stay in a beautiful country house this winter. A holiday home in the UK can be the perfect solution. Holiday rentals tend to be a profitable investment, especially if you opt for a popular area. As an investor, you can recover costs rapidly through rental fees. 

When it comes to safety, you want to ensure the property is thoroughly sanitised after the departure of each guest. It’s a good idea to have a local cleaning team to prepare your holiday cottage. 

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Turn your shed into a home office

More and more companies are allowing their staff to work from home. However, in a small home, it can be tricky for everyone to find a quiet and peaceful spot to work. You shouldn’t rent out your home office. But you can consider upgrading an external building to turn it into a safe and functional office that can be let. If your garden shed is roomy enough, you can consider turning it into a one-tenant-only home office. You’ll need direct access to power, so your tenant doesn’t have to worry about electricity. Your local electrician can extend an electric cable underneath the garden. 

Do make sure to keep the room warm. Adding a heater is a necessary improvement. You can also consider improvements with new window panes and insulation sheets along the walls. 

Keeping your tenant healthy means restricting the risk of physical interactions. Therefore, you want to add a small kitchenette area with a mini-fridge, a kettle, and a microwave. A bathroom equipped with a sink and a toilet is a no-brainer. 

Turn the garage into a safe home gym

It’s getting more and more difficult for fitness enthusiasts to visit their local gyms. Depending on lockdown risks, some gyms have been forced to shut down temporarily. Gym-goers are more cautious about public areas. Therefore, you can tackle their fitness needs and safety fears by turning your garage into a gym facility

The ideal home gym needs a smart wiring system to avoid loose cables for your electric equipment, and a sturdy floor that can sustain weights. To keep your tenant safe, you can arrange scheduled gym visits, keeping the entrance separate from your home. Make a point of sanitising and disinfecting the area after each session, using a professional electrostatic sprayer. You can let the gym to individual households, allowing only one at a time. This would provide a safe and controllable fitness environment. 

Repurposing the home as an income-generating investment needs a strong focus on covid-safety. However, you can reach out to your local authorities to discuss the risks and run safety audits on the premises. Depending on the risks in your location, the safety requirements may differ. However, rentals can be made not only safe but also tackle spread threats more effectively than public venues. 


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Get Cosy This Autumn With Loungewear From KatchMe*

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Autumn is well and truly upon us now and as many of you will have guessed, I'm in my element. I absolutely love this time of year. Although it's certainly going to be a very different Autumn from those that we're used to - thanks Covid - it doesn't mean we can't still enjoy and embrace many of the festivities that come with this time of year. Halloween for instance is just around the corner and although there'll be no huge parties and trick or treating you can still get in the spirit. Carve your pumpkins, decorate your houses and why not put up Halloween pictures in the windows for passers by to see like many of us did with rainbows? Dress up like you would usually, put on Halloween movies and organise a sweet hunt for your household. You could even come up with some fun games and activities.
Autumn and winter are the two seasons of the year when I just love curling up on the sofa in cosy loungewear, cup of tea in hand whilst watching great TV - hello again Strictly! 
Fashion retailer KatchMe stock some gorgeous loungewear and they kindly sent me three pieces to wear and review. 
One of my faves is the white 'Fear' hoody as seen in the header photo. Although it didn't stay white for long - joys of having a toddler lol - I've really enjoyed curling up in this and I love how oversized it is for comfort. The only downside is that it's not as warm as some of my other hoodies as it's made of a thin fabric so I tend to have to wear it with layers underneath. That said, it's still fantastic and I love the design. 

Secondly is this 'snug as a bug' fleecy Black Turtle Neck Teddy Jacket from KatchMe's coat and jacket range which is again oversized and so incredibly warm. It's made from a soft faux fur material and has a front zip detail. This is fast becoming another firm favourite, in fact I'm wearing it now as I'm typing this. 

Third and lastly is this stylish Long Knitted Beige Cardigan from KatchMe's cardigan range. Perfect for layering, it has a slouchy fit and can be dressed up or down. I love how KatchMe have styled this cardy on their model with black PU style trousers, a simple white vest and high heels.
KatchMe currently have some amazing offers on their clothing so be sure to head on over to their website. Whether you want a few pieces for your own wardrobe or perhaps you're doing a bit of Christmas shopping, now is the time to grab yourself a gorgeous bargain. They don't just stock loungewear and jackets either, you'll find blazers, dresses, bralettes, shoes, accessories and lots more too. I'll be honest, I hadn't heard of KatchMe before this particular collaboration but after perusing their website and trying out some of their clothes I'm highly tempted to buy some more pieces. 

I hope you all have a fantastic Halloween, stay safe!

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