The Types of Packaging on Offer to Wholesale Suppliers


Packaging is an important part of protecting items in transit as much as it helps present them better to the final consumer. Therefore a packaging wholesaler is such an important person in the chain of distribution when it comes to products of all kinds. There will be internal packaging within item boxes and then between those boxes that are shipped inside a large crate. It can depend on the means of transport, but generally, the better we can protect an item the less we have to worry about it in the hands of another.


Cheapest Forms of Packaging

All packaging will come at a cost for businesses because of the volume of packages that they deal with. Whereas, in a home situation, there will be types of packaging that can cost nothing. For instance, we can reuse the packing that has been sent to us with something else. We can use crumpled or shredded paper when we have finished reading the newspaper or magazine we always buy. This cost-effectively provides a dual purpose for the item purchased.

In business, we will want to save on costs but still have the most appropriate packaging used that is most protective. It is not worth the loss or inconvenience when it comes to getting this wrong. Wholesale packaging has been designed with protection in mind and specific protection for that object.

Foil Sealed Bags for foodstuffs and Clothes

Foil sealed bags will be used for food products such as tea, coffee, nuts and cereals, cheese, cured meats, and smoked fish. These types of bags serve the purpose of protecting foods from bacteria entering and so avoid contamination of foods and extend shelf-life. This in turn reduces wastage and keeps it to a minimum.

Another use for these foil sealed bags is for protecting clothing or bedding. A process will happen whereby oxygen is removed from the bag. This will have the effect of keeping the fabric secure and tight to prevent fungi or bacteria from growing. Items other than food can be quickly spoiled.

Rigid Boxes

When transporting valuable items from A to B it is important that rigid packaging is used to protect many items. Luxury products will make use of packaging such as this. For instance, iPhones or luxury watches. The look of the packaging and its sturdiness can add luxury to a product and so make it more valuable. These packaging costs are then ultimately recouped from consumers on that basis. The box, in many instances, can become part of the item’s appeal and so retained. This can be about an object’s investment potential as well as being an eco-friendly approach.

The key is to add appeal to an item whilst achieving durability, where an object's actual packaging is concerned.

When compared to a corrugated or paperboard equivalent, rigid boxes are among the most expensive forms of packaging. But then, more money is being charged for the item to compensate. Also, it is more important still that the object within is not damaged.


Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes will provide more strength for an item inside than paperboard because of how they are constructed. For not too much more extra cost, relative to extra strength, we can have that extra peace of mind and cost-effective material to use as our packaging.

The U.S. would see the first corrugated boxes being produced in 1894. They were the brainchild of Henry Norris and Robert Thompson. It was only a year later that they were being sold to Wells Fargo for their shipping needs. The boxes were seen as being lighter, easier to store, and cheaper than their cardboard equivalents. Items already add weight, so it is good to not put that weight up any more than necessary to retain a cost-saving approach. The savings continue to this day for companies shipping or transporting wholesale goods to retailers.


The above just represent a few of the diverse types of wholesale packaging available. They are about protection firstly, then adding luxury to a brand when related to an object. Keeping the costs down is important but not to the detriment of items not being protected. It is worth that extra cost to package wholesale goods correctly rather than end up with wastage or damaged items. We cannot rely on how gentle others will be with our packages or shipping crates, so we must protect ourselves as a business by investing in decent quality wholesale packaging at all times.


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Planning Your Wedding - Let's Look At Wedding Stationery*


*This is a collaborative post. All opinions my own*


My partner and I are planning on getting married in the next few years, and although we’re not officially engaged yet, we’re both very excited at the prospect of planning our perfect wedding day. We’ve talked about what theme we’d like, the style, the time of year, where the venue will be and even the colour of the bridesmaids dresses. If you've recently got engaged or are about to plan a wedding then you'll know that as exciting as it is, there's an awful lot of work involved too. I was once the maid of honour at a friends wedding and helped out with various aspects of organising so I know just how much effort goes into planning even the tiniest details. Initially I'd recommend sitting down and writing a list including your budget and also everything you know you'll want or need for your big day. Here are some suggestions in no particular order just to get you started;
  • Date for the big day
  • Venue both for ceremony and wedding party
  • Caterer
  • Menu
  • Wedding cake
  • Wedding dress 
  • Bridesmaids
  • Groomsmen 
  • Photographer 
  • Band 
  • Flowers
  • Rings
  • First dance
  • Guest list 
  • Invites and RSVPS
  • Seating plan
  • Place cards
  • Honeymoon 
  • Hair and makeup
At first this may send you into a tailspin, afterall there is a lot that goes into planning a wedding but do not panic. With a little bit of organisation and a helping hand, you can really enjoy the experience and plan the perfect day. Once you've written your comprehensive list, break it down into sections of what needs to be done imminently or at least twelve months prior to the big day and what needs to wait until nearer the time. If you’re not sure, then you can find plenty of guides online or even download yourself a handy checklist.  


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, a notoriously busy time for proposals so I’ll be writing more wedding posts in the future on the various aspects of wedding planning, but for this post I’m going to focus on wedding stationery.

Wedding Stationery 


I’ve received various wedding invitations over the years and I have to say that some have definitely been more memorable than others. My kind of perfect invitation gives me an inkling into the theme or style of the wedding and how formal it is. When I was maid of honour we tried - and failed - to make the invitations. We had this idea that sounded great in principle but it just didn't translate once we got practical. I'd definitely recommend having your stationery professionally made. It makes such a difference and removes the stress of doing it yourself. 


Whether you realise it or not, wedding stationery will feature hugely as you plan your wedding. Most people think wedding stationery is just invitations but there's also table plans, rsvp cards, menus, placecards, wedding programme, checklists... The list goes on! 


I ordered a wedding sample pack from Aura Print who provide various wedding stationery such as save the dates, invitations, RSVP cards, table/seating plans, name and place cards and thank you cards. All the photos you see of wedding stationery throughout this post are images of Aura Print samples.


My sample pack dropped through the letterbox just two days after I had placed my order and I was delightfully surprised. It was beautifully packaged in a sturdy but elegant black envelope. Inside I unwrapped pink tissue paper to find a selection of beautiful designs all printed on quality card. The samples didn't just look the part, they really felt it too. 

I particularly loved how the samples had been presented together. Great care had been taken and I really appreciated that touch. My favourite of all the personalised wedding designs was the Rock Rose Wedding Stationery which also features as my header photo today. Described by Aura Print as bursting autumn florals with rock roses for perfectly graceful autumn weddings, this would be my personal go-to! The framed centre makes sure all the relevant wedding information can still be seen clearly whilst still looking elegant. I also loved how luxurious and thick the card felt, there was no doubting the quality. 


My second favourite was the Prism Wedding Stationery seen just above which features deep florals, sage greenery and is finished off with faux rose gold print. Overall both of these designs had such a professional air and finish to them.

All the designs are custom made in house and each design is fully customisable. If you prefer a fully bespoke design then AuraPrint can work with you to create a one of a kind design. Designs worth mentioning that weren't featured in my sample pack but that look beautiful on the website are from the Ferragni, Levigne, and Blossom range.

The website is super user friendly which I love. At the click of a button you can see the many design choices available for wedding stationery. If you'd prefer to search by theme then there's that facility too. Choose from elegant, floral, geometric, modern, summer, royal, rustic, traditional, vintage, winter or wreath weddings.

Top left is a place card from the Summer Mint range. The invitations from this same range are beautiful featuring pastel mint greens and blossom pinks so do check them out if you're planning a summer wedding. Top right is a thank you card from the Hitched range which is perfect for a woodland, forest or rustic themed wedding and is printed on Kraft Brown paper. Bottom left is the Snow Meadow design ideal for an elegant winter wedding. It features pale blue artwork incorporating cool greys and red winter berries. Bottom right is an RSVP from the Secret Garden range which features fresh greenery, white petals and sage. Perfect for a spring or summer wedding. 


Whichever design you opt for, remember to take your time choosing and make sure you really love it. Many of your guests will keep your wedding stationery as a keepsake for many years to come, it might be a nice touch to keep an invite or two to add to your own wedding album too.


Be Smarter With Your Money This 2022*


*This is a collaborative post*

We're over halfway through January already, Christmas is but a distant memory and yet my bank account is still feeling the pinch. I don’t know about all of you, but Christmas really drains my funds. As part of my new year’s resolutions – a list by the way which is as long as my arm – I would really like to get on top of my finances and save some money. The question is though, how can I or indeed any of us, save any money when our income is still the same but our outgoing expenses seem to be ever increasing? The key is to get money smart and put a few measures in place. I’m going to trial this for a few months and then I’ll report back on how I’m doing.

Budgeting And Setting Savings Goals

Budgeting is paramount. I’m currently studying to become a level 3 teaching assistant and as such being a student, I live as the saying goes, hand to mouth. I try to budget down to every pound but to be fair it usually goes out the window halfway through each month and I end up with nothing saved. As of now, I’m going to be stricter with myself, why don’t you try this too?

Write a list at the end of every month starting off with what income you have due and what your expected expenses are such as bills. Then split the money left into the according number of weeks before next payday. Use this as your set weekly budget. I’m going to transfer a small percentage of my weekly budget into my savings account. This will be difficult with me usually spending all my budget, but I think if I cut back on some things then I can find a few pounds to save here and there. Instead of the five pounds bottle of wine, I’ll opt for the cheaper £3 version in Aldi. Every penny counts when budgeting. Why not set yourself your own weekly savings goal? It doesn’t have to be very much.

Make Use Of Discount Codes And The Sales

I have a family birthday in January and as such I hit the January sales looking for the perfect gift for my sister but on a budget. It took time scouring the internet but I eventually found some beautiful limited edition straighteners in the half price sale at Boots. The sales are great but they do require time and patience to scroll through.

I also needed to buy my daughter her very first bed and mattress. This was an expense I knew was coming and yet it still hit my purse strings hard. There were so many furniture sales around Christmas but I wanted a toddler bed which is a little more specific. Luckily I’ve become a dab hand at utilizing promo codes which is another fantastic way of being money smart. I’ve been a huge fan of these for years and I always scour the net for a relevant code before I splurge. Unfortunately, this is so time consuming because half the time the codes don’t even work due to being invalid or out of date. However, I’ve since found websites that do all the hard work for me. Discount Codes for example is a website that finds you all the best offers and codes on a daily basis. No more searching the net for hours, no more invalid codes! It’s a super user-friendly site and there’s no sign up required. You can just visit the site and search in various ways. There’s a trending feature so you can see which stores are popular or you can search by category. It’s a particularly handy website if you’re looking for a new mattress. The site currently features codes for Simba, Dreams, Emma and Argos just to name a few.

What’s Next?

I’ll be looking at more money saving ideas over the coming months which I will share with you in a future post. I’ll also be looking into ways to boost cashflow. If you have any ideas that you’d like me to share with fellow GirlGoneDreamer readers then please get in touch. I’ve set myself my saving goal for 2022 to try and save £2000. Time will tell if I hit my target come December. 

Good luck with your own money saving endeavors!

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6 Handy Things To Have At Home If You Have Kids

A house with kids in it is always going to be filled to the rafters. Lego, barbies, and other blue and pink plastic items are going to feature strongly in your home for a few years at least. If you want to keep a sense of organisation in your space, though, here are 6 handy things to have at home if you have kids.

Organiser Containers

Organiser containers are a grown-up’s best friend. You can buy containers that stack, sit side by side, and even some that look like regular furniture and will look lovely in your living room. The more organiser containers you have the better. You will never tread on Lego while in your bare feet or accidentally set off a loud toy while the baby is asleep again if you have a good supply of these.

Basic Art Supplies

Art supplies are a fantastic tool to get you through a rainy afternoon with a toddler or young child. Some paper, a colouring book, some crayons, and child-friendly scissors are really all you need to create some wonderful works of art and craft and while away the time whilst having fun with the kids and teaching them new skills.


Sometimes the British weather will surprise you and the sun will be bright and strong. Kids tend to have sensitive skin and sunscreen is a must. Use factor 30-50 and make sure you reapply this to their skin regularly, especially if they are playing with water or in a paddling pool, as the sunscreen can wash off and leave skin prone to burning otherwise.

Medical Supplies

Medical supplies are an important part of your household if you have kids. Things such as plasters, antihistamines, and Calpol are the mainstay of the medical cupboard. However, other GP supplies such as disinfectant wipes, gloves, and hand sanitiser are also very important. Stock up and check the date on your supplies regularly if you want to be ready for any eventuality.

Paper Towels

Where there are kids, there are spillages. A good supply of paper towels is handy to have around right through childhood. If it is not the bottle of baby milk that spills onto the sofa it will be the squash in the glass of your tween that accidentally gets knocked over on a playdate. Paper towels are imperative if you want to make it through childhood with your home intact.


Coffee is a cure-all for the grownups, and you will find yourself drinking a lot of it. Don’t beat yourself up over your need for the brown stuff, you will need all the caffeine you can get to make it through the sleepless nights, screamy sleepovers, and endless PTA meetings.

Having kids in the house means a whole lot of fun and laughter. As long as you are well stocked up on the essentials, you will have the time of your life when they are around.


*Photo via Pexels

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