In The Wake Of A Terrorist Attack: Don't Let Fear Win

Hello everyone! I don't know about you guys but I'm feeling a tad sad and subdued after Monday nights events in Manchester. I'm not ashamed to say, I had a good cry when I heard about the twenty two victims. What has been comforting is seeing how everyone has come together in the wake of this tragic terrorist attack. The outpouring show of love has been incredible. 

I actually went to a concert on Sunday and was looking forward to sharing a review of the evening with you all, photos too. But now it seems in bad taste. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who have lost their lives.

If you've been watching the unfolding news on this incident, you might be feeling - as I am - a little scared. The world is frightening right now, but we mustn't let this stop us from living our lives. I read something today that my friend Tracy showed me and the sentiment made me smile. In a nutshell, it was a short letter addressed to our sons and daughters, the future generation, expressing the need to go out and live life to the fullest. 

With that in mind, my own message to you all is this, be wary yes, be a little careful, but do the things you want to do, go to the places you want to visit, and don't let fear stop you or get in the way. Life is so precious and short as it is. Tomorrow is full of the unknown, but you can make sure you live for today!

Sending you all love xxx

What Not To Do When Decorating Your New House!*

*This is a collaborative post*

Decorating your new house gives you a chance to express yourself creatively and gift yourself the home you’ve always wanted. You have a blank canvas to play with, and you’re certainly not attached to anything yet, so you can afford to really let your imagination run wild. However, you should have a good idea of what not to do when decorating. Read on for a few pointers that should do you the world of good!

Don't... Spend A Fortune On Home Furniture And Accessories

It can be fun to splurge on your new house to make it look and feel incredible, but you don’t actually need to spend a fortune on furniture and home accessories. There are many articles out there that suggest items from budget stores can look just as good as those from high end ones, and you’ll be able to recreate your desired look for so much less. You should definitely splurge on a few key items - for example, your sofa. You need a sofa that’s durable, practical, and comfortable. Think about what’s most important to you in your new home, and that will give you a good idea of what to splurge on.


That said, don’t think you have to buy every one of your key items from a high end store. There are tons of cheap stores that produce quality items, and you’ll feel way more satisfied when you get that professional look for a fraction of the price. Perhaps try putting together a collage if you’re confused as to what you want to go for, and don’t forget to pick a colour scheme. There are lots of professional tips and tutorials online you can use to help you before you go shopping.

Don't... Try To Replicate Your Old Home

Why try to replicate your old home when you now have a brand new, fresh space to play with? Old habits can die hard of course, so make a conscious effort to make this home look brand new and individual. There’s nothing wrong with giving your removals company a few of your favourite items to take to your new place, but taking everything could very well mean you have the same space, just in a different building. That’s no fun!


Don't... Go For A Cliche

Don’t go for whatever's in style in that moment in time. So many people will have the same look as you in their homes, so you won’t get that individual look you should be going for. Your decor will ideally tell others about your personality. Is yours doing that? Plus, whatever's in style usually goes out pretty quickly. If you rely on magazines to tell you what to go for, you might find that you’re bored of your new decor within a few months. Instead, think about things you’ve always liked, and then come up with your own design regardless of what’s ‘in’. You won’t regret it!

Now you know what not to do when decorating your new house, you can get on with doing the right things!

*This post was contributed by Sam Jones

The Summer Manifesto: Have Fun!*

*This is a collaborative post*
Summer lasts for such a short time don't you think? We owe it to ourselves to make the most of it as before we know it, we'll be heading back towards winter, drawn in nights tucked up under blankets instead of long balmy summer evenings in the garden. (Fist pump at the thought of Christmas though! Yay!)
Here are 5 ways in which you can make this summer the best one ever and create memories that will keep you warm throughout the long, cold winter.

1. Clear your schedule

Summer is all about spontaneity and living for the moment. How can you head off on a last minute camping trip or outing to the beach if your diary is crammed with engagements? Try and cut down on work and social commitments to allow some flexibility. This is not the time to commit to pottery classes or plan a house move. That sort of thing can wait until the winter!

2. Make your garden a playground

You want to spend as much time as you can outside at this time of year so make your garden a fun place to be. Hot tub sales increase in the summer months and it is hardly surprising. Imagine your long summer nights soaking in the bubbles under the stars, glass of wine in hand. Other garden essentials are a BBQ and some comfortable seating. Dragging one of your dining chairs out into the garden is not the most comfortable solution. Deck chairs are perfect. They look great and are so comfortable.

3. Banish devices

Staring at a screen in bright sunlight can give you a headache (believe me I know) but that's not the only reason you should limit your screen time in the summer. Why waste precious time glued to your phone when you could be enjoying some quality time with family and friends? Get out the hose pipe and play some water games. Another great idea is to go for a picnic. Make sure all the family put away their gadgets so you can really enjoy this. Get everyone involved in preparing the food and they will not have time to pick up their phones. Take some board games along to get all the family interacting. If you happen to have your picnic on the beach, you've the perfect excuse to get everyone to leave their devices in the car. Phones don't go well with sea and sand at the best of times!

4. Ditch the routine

Routines are great at most times of the year and they make sure that we get stuff done but with summer being so short lived, you should ditch the routine and make the most of the brighter, warmer weather while it lasts. Let's face it, you deserve a break, it's not going to hurt to put the chores on hold for a while. Take some time to just really relax and bask in the sunshine.

5. Look around you

Slow down a little and take a moment to admire how wonderful the world looks at this time of year. Marvel at the gorgeous colours, the green freshly cut lawns and the bright blue sky. Really pay attention as you're sunbathing in the garden and you'll hear the soothing sounds of low flying planes and birds chirping. Stop and admire the blooms. Flowers aren't just beautiful in the summer but they smell gorgeous too.

My Agenda For The Weekend

Hello my lovelies. What a week! By golly, it's been a busy one. I'm so relieved that it's finally Friday evening and that I can collapse into bed with no alarm set for morning. I'm about to complete my debt management plan review - boring but necessary - and then I'm off home to don my pj's and drink wine. How I adore my Friday nights! Here's my agenda for the weekend:

1. Turn off my phone and relax. Yes really. I need some down time. 

2. Read a novel. Maybe not a whole novel but I'm going to devour at least half my new book.

3. See Little Mix live. Trains and changes make me anxious. But now I know we're not getting the train (thanks for volunteering to drive Matt!) I'm so excited. 

4. Spend some time with a certain someone! :) Not going to say too much on here but I'm feeling a tad loved up at the moment. Yay! 

What about you lovely lot? Any plans for the weekend? Whatever you get up to I hope it's a good one.

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4 Items In Your Home That Are Worth Investing In*

*This is a collaborative post*

Adding personality and decorating our home can be a fun way to refresh and update it. However, there are key pieces that are worth investing time and thought over, so that you don’t end up making constant (and often costly) changes to your interior space.

Dining Table

The table where the family gets together to eat, play games, and discuss their lives, is often the heart of the home. If you’re always making memories while sitting at that large piece of furniture, it should be an item that will last and adapt to your life and interior space as they evolve and develop. Therefore, it’s wise to think about buying a sturdy table, in a classic design, that will last through any trend or room you might put it in. When the design of a table is fairly straightforward, it also allows for the introduction of different styles of chairs, ensuring it will withstand any drastic changes in interior movement. Check out Pinterest for some dining table styling ideas.



On average a human spends a third of their lifetime asleep in their beds, making it an integral part of any home. Nowadays, people also tend to watch T.V, read, and spend time on social media when snuggled up under the duvet; therefore investing in a quality bed will ensure you’re comfortable and well-rested for years to come. Bed sheets, cushions, and even the bed frame can be affordable things to change when interior themes and style move on, but the mattress is the most important part of the bed and should be chosen wisely.



Again, interior styles will continue to evolve and change; so you want to buy furniture that will stand the test of time. Cushions and throws can be updated to suit colour schemes in a living room and to introduce pattern; however, a sofa is a risky way to directly update the overall look of a room, as interior trends can change quickly. It’s a smart move to pick a sofa style that will have longevity, like a designer chesterfield sofa, or a simple and clean silhouette, for those who prefer a modern feel to a space.



There are few items in your home that will actually appreciate in value; however, art can be one of them. Aside from bringing back special memories from where and why you bought it, art can inject your true style and personality into a room, and make it truly unique. When spending more money on art, it’s a wise choice not to pick it simply because it fits in with an interior scheme. Instead, choose art that you love and reflects who you are, that way you’ll continue to admire it wherever it sits in the house. See the benefits of owning original art here.


Investing in timeless, classic pieces for your interior space enables them to be adaptable to whatever changes around them. If you’ve spent your hard-earned money on something, you want it to last for as long as possible and won’t want to replace it every time you re-paint the walls. So invest carefully, and you’ll have home wares that will last you for a long time ahead.

*This post was contributed by Sam Jones

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