Classing Up Your Kitchen

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Does your kitchen feel kitsch? Bringing a touch of sophistication to your kitchen needn’t cost a lot of money. There are easy ways to reorganise it and rid it of the naff d├ęcor in order to make it a kitchen to be proud of.

Tackle clutter

Clutter isn’t good for the mind, nor is it good for practicality. Keep your counter-tops clutter free by getting creative with storage solutions. If you’ve got multiple appliances all fighting for room, put them away in a cupboard when not in use, or buy a sideboard in another room to keep them all in. Swap out a knife rack for a magnetic strip on the wall. Similarly consider hooks, shelves and wall mounted cages for keeping crockery in such as spatulas and wooden spoons. This will keep your surfaces clear and make it more presentable.

Class up your glassware

Don’t settle for cheap drinking implements. Make an impressions on your guests with some funky glassware. Glasses can make great gifts for women, especially those with a touch of luxury such as crystalware and silverware. Don’t be afraid to throw away some mugs to make room – we all have far too many.

Switch up your worktop

Changing the material of your worktop is likely to be a fair sized job, but can make a huge impression. Laminated woods and various plastics can do the job, but if you want to go the extra mile, why not consider a luxury material like marble, quartz or granite? These can be a little more expensive, although you can get convincing plastic alternatives. Go for a bold white or black that’s likely to make an impact.  

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Brighten up with chrome

Putting chrome in your kitchen can give it a shiny and clean feel. Stainless steel chrome worktops may be a little too much, giving the impression of a canteen. However, smaller features can make great focal point such as drawer pulls or your tap and sink. Having a fancy tap can especially revitalise your kitchen. There are lots of chrome pull taps out there that can be great for washing around the sink and cleaning pots and pans more thoroughly. You can even go extra hi-tech and buy a boiling hot water tap, eliminating the need to ever use a kettle again.

Bring colour to your cabinets

Cabinets can grow faded after time, or even worse start to peel. If this is the case with your cabinets, you needn’t buy new ones but simply splash a new layer of paint on them. Colour
co-ordinate this with the rest of the kitchen, and you’ll give it more immediate impact. Whites and light woody colours are good for bringing brightness to your kitchen. That said, dark mahoganies can also look nice in the right kind of home. In some cases you may even be able to get away with a gaudy colour such as a glossy lime green – however this isn’t for everyone and could just make some kitchens look uglier.

*This post has been contributed by Sam Jones

Beauty Tips From 5 Of My Faves

Today I'm sharing some beauty tips from five of my 'go-to' favourite bloggers. I've chosen these five individuals because I am both inspired by and in awe of them all. 

Each of these lovelies has something special about them which means I frequently visit their respective blogs. Whether it's flawless photography, incredible style, or just some good old helpful advice, there is literally something on each blog for everyone! Don't believe me? Go check each them for yourself.

Paula of Thirteen Thoughts

My most important tip is to use a good sunscreen every single day come wind, rain or shine.

Gweni of GBeauty

Never underestimate the eye primer. Not only does it help make the eye shadow last longer, it brings out the colour of the eye shadow as well! 

Jemma of Dorkface

Use sulfate free shampoos and conditioners, avoid as much heat as possible and regularly use enriching hair masks! ;)

Jordan of Hello Miss Jordan

Always use a lip liner first to enhance your lips and keep your lipstick looking fabulous!

Jessie of All Things Beautiful

Always take your makeup off before bed, no matter how tired or lazy you're feeling. Get yourself into a solid night time regime. Remove your makeup and cleanse your skin to rid it of any excess oil and dirt. You'll be left with a lovely glow and beautifully soft skin.

Huge thanks to these awesome five! All photos belong to respective blog owners. Be sure to let me know if you have any of your own beauty tips.

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Where Should You Invest Your Cash When You Start Blogging?

The lifestyle of a blogger can seem very appealing when you’re first thinking of getting started. The allure of working when you feel like it, writing about what interests you most, and the freedom of blogging from anywhere in the world is certainly appealing. Of course, anyone who has done their research has probably discovered that there may be a few start-up costs involved. If you’re one of the few that believe it’s possible to be a blogger with zero cash up front, you might be in for a shock.

Don’t get me wrong. It is completely possible to blog without spending any money. That is, of
course, if you already have a reliable computer, a high-speed internet connection, a spare room for work, and you're OK not having your own domain. If you want your website to be professional, functional, and attractive, you need to start investing a little bit of money. So what do you need?

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The more you do yourself, the cheaper it will be. Unless you are a professional graphic designer, though, it’s probably best you commission a logo in the very least. You’ll still need a good quality laptop that is reliable. Most of your work will be online, but chances are you’ll want to do a bit of copy editing, budgeting, correspondence drafts and photo editing offline. You’ll need software rather than apps, so a laptop is essential. Don’t panic though. You can buy perfectly good refurbished computers to save a lot of money. You can visit the site of a reputable dealer to see what fits your budget.

Your domain is also your brand name. It is unique to you, and you’ll undoubtedly design your logo around the name. Registering a domain name is not free, and you will be charged annually to keep it active and in your name. You’ll also benefit from using hosting services from
a good company. This will ensure your website isn’t prone to hacking and remains active at all times. This again will cost you a few pounds per month. You might choose to go for the cheapest, then shop around when your contract is up. Loyalty isn’t often rewarded! A simple internet search for web hosting will show you which deals are best.

You can then use WordPress for free. This will provide you with hundreds of website templates to choose from without the need for coding. The only thing you really need now is somewhere quiet to work. You may have thought you could work from anywhere at any time you want. Yeah, you can, but if you want professional copy free from errors, you need to be able to focus. Once your blogging life becomes a full-time career, you’ll be keen to separate work from home and leisure life anyway. Make sure you can shut the door on it when your working day is done.

Yes, becoming a blogger is pretty easy. Yes, you can start for free with services like Blogger. If you’re really serious about it though, put a few pounds into reliable equipment and systems and working practices you can trust. Don’t let your readers down!

*This post has been contributed by Sam Jones

Life: Living With Fear

This is one of my unprepared rambling posts because today I really feel the need to offload. 

Just lately I've been experiencing little panic attacks. Not major ones as such, but they've been happening on a daily basis. I'll be sat at work and I'll feel my breath catch in my throat, the flutter in my chest as panic starts to rise. 

It started the first time I heard that someone I know has cancer. And then I heard about someone else. And someone else. And so on. 

This is nothing new of course. People are getting cancer all the time. But it seems that so many people in my age group are now being struck down by it and this scares me. 

I'm getting older, so are those around me. I suppose it's inevitable that I'll come across more of the same. But that doesn't stop me hating it. Or hugely freaking out about it. 

I remember the days gone by when I'd hear about an older relative who had the dreaded C word. The hushed tones and talk of treatment, then palliative care. The first time I overheard this I'd have been about fourteen. To be fair, anyone over the age of thirty back then seemed old to me. I didn't think to worry about stuff like cancer. I was still young and invincible - in my mind at any rate. But here I am, now on the other side of thirty, and boy do I feel anything but old or indeed invincible. 

Just the other day, my mum suggested that I take out life insurance to cover the cost of my funeral should anything happen to me. And all I could think was - Am I really at that age now when I have to put things like this in place? 

No-one knows what could happen tomorrow. It could literally all be over in a heartbeat. I don't want this to be a particularly negative post - apologies if you're reading this and you're thinking good grief Justine, shut up already. But as you know, this is my little place to vent, to share. It tends to make me feel a tad better. And I know I'm not the only one who feels this anxiety. I've spoken to friends who have the same real fear. Perhaps some of you reading this can also relate? 

Life is so fragile and precious and I guess life in it's own way has just recently reiterated this to me. 

So what can we do? Well for starters I know that worrying about something like this isn't really productive. But if worrying makes us that bit more aware then perhaps we can turn it into something more positive. We should all make sure that we check our bits on a regular basis, attend for smears and whatnot. How many of you actually check your breasts? Go do it now. Prevention and early detection is paramount. 

My second piece of advice to you (and to myself) is just to live each day in the moment, making the most of every damn thing - no matter how small. Never go to bed on an argument and be sure to tell your loved ones that you love them. Try not to worry about the negatives and what ifs - easier said than done of course. And really just live life to the full. 

How about you, do you ever panic about things like cancer? How do you cope with your own anxieties?

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The Supreme Dream Team: Guest Post By Sparkles Of Light

Hello everyone! First of all, big thanks to Justine for the kind invite to guest post on her blog!

So today I'm bringing you a little makeup related post about my three favourite, high end (ish) palettes. I like to call these ladies 'The Supreme Dream Team'

As a beauty obsessive, I've had my fair share of beauty lusts, I've made mistakes along the way (one or two overly hyped palettes that fell flat when I tried to use them), but there's been a couple of solid 10/10 purchases and those ladies are who I'm sharing with you today, it'd be rude not to, right?

You can't go wrong with MAC for the most part, they usually get their formulas spot on and are one of the first brands the beauty obsessed gravitate towards, for years and years I wanted to have my own 15 pan palette from MAC but I was looking at paying around £150 to make a custom one so I let that dream slide but then the day came, MAC released pre filled palettes, full sized, all 15 pans filled with beautiful shades all for the bargain price of £49.50, yes that's almost £100 saving! I've used this palette over and over again, it is great for travel (hence the scuffed up lid) and I'm now looking to buy the other 15 pan filled palette which is cool neutrals.

When I first saw images of this palette doing the rounds on Instagram, I was sold. Everything from the colours of the shadows to the pink velvet casing just screamed perfection to me. I originally was worried about the price because at £41, it isn't the cheapest palette out there but I couldn't resist and with some trepidation I placed my order. I couldn't be more thrilled that I did, the shades are HIGHLY pigmented so you definitely need to tap your brush off before you go in for the kill but they all blend beautifully and they're so wearable to create a whole host of pretty looks. Think you won't wear that bold pink or the strong red? Think again, use them in sparingly in your outer corners and blend with the more neutral shades and you end up with a really pretty and wearable smokey eye.

The Naked 3 Palette - rose gold goodness with the brand assurances that you get from Urban Decay, it's not hard to see how this palette sold out when it first hit our shelves, I wasn't sure I'd like this as much as I liked the other two Naked palettes but as time has gone by it is the Naked 3 that I find myself reaching for most, the shimmer shades are really very sparkly but I kind of like that about this palette, if there's one thing Urban Decay does well, it's shimmer and this palette really delivers.

So that brings us to the end of our three must have palettes, if you've tried any of these be sure to let me know, I love hearing about everyone's makeup experiences.

Speak soon!

Rosy xx

You can read more of Rosy's work over on her blog Sparkles of Light. If you're a fan then why not go give Rosy a follow on her social media platforms: Twitter / Instagram / Pinterest

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