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Random Acts Of Kindness Ft. Thorntons Continental

Yesterday afternoon I received the loveliest surprise. You may have already guessed exactly what from the picture above and yes you'd be right.

On returning from lunch my colleague Diane informed me that a patient had popped in with a card and some chocolates for me. It caught me completely off guard.

It's fair to say that as a practice we have the most generous and loveliest of patients, and yet they never cease to surprise and amaze me.

I certainly don't do my job to get thanks, nor do I go out of my way to be nice to people just to get things in return. And yet in all my years of working there, I have found that my kindness has unintentionally reaped so many rewards.

I now count the majority of the patients there as friends. It's hard not to after fifteen years. They've witnessed me grow up from being a painfully shy teenager to the - not quite as young as I'd like to be - woman I am today.

I guess it's true what they say. Being nice to others has a domino effect.

In a world now filled with so much evil, I take comfort in these small random acts of kindness. It restores my faith in humanity, if even only for a short while.

I'm off to enjoy these scrummy looking chocolates with my mum.

Wishing you all the loveliest of weekends. Until next time...

Lots of love Justine xxx

Thorntons Continental 'The Taste Journey' features an assortment of milk, dark and white chocolates. Includes Thorntons Signature, Espresso, Salted Caramel Praline, Sicilian Lemon, Chocolate Milano, Hazelnut Slice, Alpini Praline, Seville Caramel, Vanille Truffle, & Viennese Truffle.


Event Review : Rise - Women's Ministry Tea Party

I have a confession. Until Saturday, I had never been to a tea party before. So when my friend Abi suggested I come along to this one, in all honesty I didn't quite know what to expect other than the obvious... Cakes and tea.

Held in the local Fulwood Free Methodist Church, I was surprised to find there wasn't a pew in sight. In their place were beautifully decorated tables, each featuring pretty bone china tea sets. A live band was tucked away in the corner providing us with the perfect atmospheric background. And someone had even taken the trouble to hand write Psalms on all our November 'save the dates!' So far I was very impressed.

With a constant supply of tea, sandwiches and cake, I was in my element. It was hard not to overindulge surrounded by such goodies!

Sarah Parker was the guest speaker, newly wed, minister AND tiler! She gave a motivating and inspirational speech based around her favourite Psalm. For those of you who don't know, Psalm 23 begins with 'The Lord is my shepherd...' Ironically Sarah grew up on a farm in Lancaster. Get it? Sheep/Shepherd?! I'll shut up now... ;)

In the latter half of the afternoon our 'waiters' - several lovely male volunteers, paraded the church wearing what I like to call mish-mash masks. Basically three female celebrity faces all rolled into one. The aim of the game was to correctly name all of them and yes there was a prize for the winning table. I have a lovely candle and some Thorntons chocolates sat next to me as proof! :)

Probably the stand out point of the whole afternoon, was just how lovely everybody was. Even though I went along only knowing Abi, I left feeling like I had made several new friends. Needless to say, if you ever get the chance to go along to one of these events then definitely do!

You can find out more about Rise - Women's Ministry by visiting their Facebook/Twitter page (both links below) or by emailing

Hope you've all had a pleasant start to the week. Until next time...

Justine xxx

*All images my own except for header photo which was taken from the Rise-Women's Ministry Facebook page. Sorry for the blurry ones. Seriously need to remember to take my camera next time. These were taken on my phone.


Meet My July Advertisers

Hello all! Hope life is treating you kindly. I cannot believe that we're into July. Secretly I'm getting rather excited as it means Christmas is drawing ever nearer. Those that follow me already may remember that it's my favourite time of year. Yes I can hear your groans lol! 

With it being a brand new month I'm also featuring new advertisers in my sidebar. I'd like to introduce you all to Katie, Rebecca Jane, Aimee and Andrew. Please do show them your support as you have done me over the last twelve months. Go check out their websites and give them a follow if you fancy! Happy weekend, happy reading... Justine xxx

Hi! My name's Katie and I blog over at Kaleidoscope peonies - a relatively new blog which I'm having so much fun with, verging on obsessed. 
I graduated from Liverpool Uni last year after studying English and recently returned from traveling South East Asia, Indonesia and Australia - hence my two favourites; travel and literature. 
My blog features a little bit of everything, beauty, literature, travel and lifestyle. 
Have a look if you'd like a giggle!

I'm Rebecca Jane and I'm a lifestyle blogger living in the gorgeous Scottish countryside. 
I love my beautiful dog, Bandit and we spend a lot of time wandering around our picturesque town. 
I post life advice, beauty reviews, book recommendations and the odd topical post. 
I'm usually always on Twitter if you want to chat and am a very 'granny-like' person.
All the hugs.
All the love.


Hi! I'm Aimee and I've only been blogging a year. To be honest, I've never really stuck at anything this long but blogging has felt like the perfect fit from the moment I wrote my first ever blog post. (Which was, - if I remember correctly - about cat toys ha ha!)
I really do enjoy blogging and I love that people take the time out of their day to read my words!
So what else do I do besides blogging?
I'm a cat mama - and my little cat takes up a lot of my time and attention! (He's very spoilt!)
I also love reading and you'll find some book related posts on my blog.
And shopping! (There's always haul posts on my blog too!)
I hope you'll visit my little old blog. I don't really have a niche so I think (*hope) that there's something for everyone there!

My Facebook page for the blog is

Hi, I'm Andy - I write comedy novels and I run, although not at the same time. I had my debut novel '26 Miles to the Moon' published last year which features a unique mix of rockets, tattoos, catnapping, running, cross-dressing, skulduggery, New York, and nudity on the London Eye. Judging from reviews, people are loving it, so check it out if you want an easy read and a bit of fun.
This year I've been helping fellow authors with advice and editing, and attempting to sound like I know what I'm talking about.
I love football and most sports, reading, travelling, cats, photography and I have an irregular blog that covers most of these. I'm currently undertaking my biggest challenge - father of a toddler. A PhD in tantrums awaits...

Check out my website 
Head on over to Amazon to get your FREE kindle edition or the paperback for £9.99!

*All photos except header taken from relevant websites/blogs. Copyright not my own.
*And to any of you clever clogs, before you say it... :) Yes I l know the dates on the calendar are wrong. It's an older one which was a gift but kept as I loved the cute pictures. But well done if you paid that much attention.


Etsy Treasures

Hello lovely readers! An impromptu blog post here just because I wanted to share my cute new Etsy finds.
You may have already read my prior post featuring Jemma aka Dorkface... Yes!? No? If you missed it you can catch up with this link.
(Pretty please do have a nosey so you can read more about Jemma. She's an incredible lady!)
In that post I mentioned her gorgeous sticker range so I decided to go one further and share her lovely creations with you all.
Featured in the header photo above is just some of the designs she's created.
As a child and even into my teens I was an avid sticker collector. These days I don't collect them as such but I still love buying them to adorn everything from my notebooks to my makeup bags.
If you want to buy stickers from Dorkface's Etsy shop, just copy/paste this link
My second 'must follow' Etsy shop is Martha and Hepsie. I previously shared some of their gorgeous notecards in this post...
I didn't know that they also made notebooks but after perusing their Instagram feed I discovered these cute designs so I got straight onto Etsy to nab a couple.
Want one too?
You can get yours by checking out this link

My final Etsy buy is another notebook but this time from DizzyMissJames.
I fell in love with this as soon as I spotted the pastel colours. And who can resist unicorns!? Not me! Obviously I just HAD to have one! ;)
A girl can never have too many notebooks. Especially if she's a writer!
You can check out DizzyMissJames' Etsy shop by copy/pasting this link

Sorry for the tardy links today. *Hides behind hands. Either blogger or my computer is playing up. Links weren't working. At least this way you can still check out the relevant sites.

Hope the week is treating you all kindly. Until weekend...

Lots of love xxx


Next Nail Polish


Whenever I want to feel a little more glam and girly, my go to quick fix is nail polish!
It doesn't cost the earth and as soon as I've applied a sparkly polish I find myself throwing my hands around in grand gesture not totally unlike Adele - ahem... :)
What can I say? There's something about pretty nails that makes me feel that bit better about myself.
The gorgeous colours featured here actually belong to my friend Lauren. From good old favourite Next they cost £4 each or you can grab 3 for the price of 2!
For maximum impact, first apply Naked 01. Once dry, apply the Rose Gold Glitz. Both are hard wearing so hopefully will last the week without chipping. Now all I need is for my nails to grow! Which are your favourite nail polishes?
Until next time... xxx



Love of Etsy notecards

I stumbled across Etsy only recently. Before that I was totally that girl that looked blank at every mention of Etsy/Snapchat/Pinterest etc. And although I haven't mastered the latter two yet (give it time) Etsy is now one of many constant open tabs on my phone so I can browse at will.

I must have spent my life living under a rock to have missed this little gem of a website. What makes it even more marvellous is that so many of the items are home/handmade.

I'm a huge advocate of supporting local and smaller businesses so naturally I decided to make a few purchases. I opted to go with these notecards because they were so unique and pretty. They look right at home with all my other inspirational bits and bobs although my brother and nephew have put dibs on a couple!

Here are my favourites... Are you an avid Etsy shopper too? Do let me know which have been your favourite purchases! xxx


CJDESIGNSPAPER is based in Leeds.
'Luxury Card And Stationery For The Style Conscious.'
Click HERE to visit Catherine's Etsy shop.

VeraLaLune is based in Burnham.
'Stylish and funny greeting cards for all occasions.'
Click HERE to visit Rebecca's Etsy shop.
FoxAndVelvet are based in Liverpool.
'Mid Century Modern Illustrated Prints And Cards.'
Click HERE to visit their Etsy shop.

 As above.
martha and hepsie are based in Sheffield.
I'd describe their designs as quirky, quaint and unique.
Click HERE to visit their Etsy shop.


Blog Love

I think it's nice to spread a bit of blog love around so today I'm sharing with you my recent favourite blog reads. If you've been following me for a while then you know even before you scroll down this page that Dorkface and Hello Miss Jordan are gonna be featured ha ha! If you don't already follow these girls, then go do it now. They consistently produce amazing blog posts and photos. Forget Zoella. It's all about these two for me. Happy reading. Happy Sunday! xxx

'Thank You' by

Jemma is the brains and talent behind blog 'Dorkface' and also the growing bloggers community 'GirlGang.' Click HERE for more info or to join for free. The caption on her Instagram account reads 'Colourful blogger/illustrator hoping to inspire.' Well you can certainly see for yourself just how much colour this lady injects into everything she does. But in terms of inspiring? I can honestly say that Jemma continues to motivate and inspire me EVERY single day. It's no easy feat making a decision to work freelance full time and yet she's doing it. Bloomin' brilliantly too if you ask me! Not only that but she seems to have her hand in every pie going. Pop along to her Etsy shop and you can even get stickers designed by the lady herself! I got some in the mail the other day and the girls at work were all cooing over them. One other thing to note about Jemma's blog, she knows how to keep it real. Which is what blogging is meant to be about right? An honest sometimes raw account of every day life. Jemma ticks all the boxes with Dorkface. Click HERE to be redirected to Jemma's website. And if you want to check out or even buy some of her cute stickers just click right HERE! :)

Other favourite reads from Dorkface... 9 Easy Ways To Support Your Favourite Bloggers, 2016 Blog Goals Update, I'm Making Stickers, The Guilt I Carry, Help Me I Need To See The World, 50 Thoughts This Week, Five Things I've Learned About Relationships, Struggling A Little, 2 Years Blogging Giveaway... Ok you get the gist. They're all pretty awesome!

Take a glance at the photos below from Jemma's Instagram account (click HERE for more) and you'll instantly see what the attraction is. Always cheerful and full of colour. Puts mine to shame. No I'm not jealous. Really. Well ok, maybe a teensy bit. But I heart this girl BIG time and consider her to be a friend. She's been nothing but lovely and supportive and sorry to get all mushy here but I just feel lucky to know her even a little bit. I can see her doing great things in the future with both her blog and illustration career! Time will tell just how so...

'Washed in Happiness' by

Meet Jordan. Real life Disney Princess. No really. You ought to see her Instagram pics!! I've shared some below. It has to be said that I am slightly in awe of this lady. She is incredibly talented and beautiful to boot. The competitive side in me says that there should be a smidge of jealousy, but instead I find myself just adoring her and willing her to succeed in everything she does. Jordan's posts are always just so 'readable' (for want of a better word) and the fashion photos look like they've been styled by a professional. I lust after most of her outfits and damn if I could look just half as good as her then I'd be one happy bunny! The other thing that gets me is just how nice she is! Like REALLY nice. She'll always take time out of her busy schedule to reply to an email or message. Yup. Jordan is a star in the making alright. Watch this space...

Other favourite reads from Hello Miss Jordan... The Misunderstood Curse of Shyness, The Rapunzel Ring, Fields of Gold, A Goodbye to Brighton, Where Have I Been, Summer Styling with New Look. So basically every post! :) Click HERE to be redirected to Jordan's website.

Photos like THESE are why you should go follow Jordan's Instagram account. Click HERE to see more!

*All photos taken from respective blogs and Instagram accounts except header image which is my own. Lipstick stickers from Dorkface Etsy shop.