Fashion Disasters To Avoid In Your 30's: Guest Post By Christine Rudolph

As you hit the big three O, you'll embark on a journey of maturity and sensibility. You are now evolving into a beautiful and strong woman who is stable yet chic. Hopefully by the time you celebrate your thirtieth birthday you'll be a woman who knows what she wants with her life, and with this new phase of maturity will also come a more resounding sense of style. Your inner fashionista will be just itching for some wardrobe and lifestyle changes and with all the life changes that tend to come in your thirties - personal and professional - you'll be facing a hectic decade. Here are some fashion disasters to avoid along the way:

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Say No To low 
Chuck out those low rise jeans that may have looked cool in your twenties and instead invest in a pair of more sensible boyfriend jeans. These will be good for casual meetups, daytime dates or even for just running errands.

Goodbye Band Tees
Say adieu to your band tees and add in a few more modern graphic tees and striped t-shirts instead. They're great for casual wear or for lounging around the house in.

Sheer Is Fear
Do you have anything sheer in your closet? Exchange these items for more beautiful low cut pieces. A bareback would look sexier than one covered in mesh. 

Kiddy Shoes 
Throw out your Mary Jane’s and dirty sneakers and buy a few pairs of lady shoes. Clean white sneakers, kitten heels or culottes will be your best bet.

Branded basics 
If you're going to big interviews or important meetings and don't know what's appropriate then do not panic! Always keep in mind that an expensive essential formal fashion piece is going to go a lot further for you than a lot of cheap mediocre ones would. Invest in a beautifully cut pantsuit or a pair of sleek black high-waisted pants. You can add a cute silk or chiffon blouse to it and your attire is complete.

Not Too Low, Not Too High
Do you want elongated seductive legs but to look young and smart at the same time? Then opt for a pencil skirt and throw away those denim minis and long loose skirts.

Too Many Patterns
You might have been a big hipster in your college days and have some remnants of it still lying in your closet. Please leave them there as sweet memories because as soon as you hit the big 30 too much pattern will give off the wrong vibes about you. An absolute professional would rather have soft floral, houndstooth or neat geometric designs then a lot of tie-dyes or big bold prints.

Too Much Glitter
You crave to shine and be the center of attention at an event yet you don't want to bring out your overly sequined number. Swap for a soft shimmery piece that will have you glistening in the right type of light.

Bodycon Has Got To Go
It's better to leave your bodycon dresses behind in your twenties because if you aren't Paris Hilton, you will only end up looking like a fashion disaster. Not everybody can pull off a bodycon dress, so a better bet and a good investment is a sophisticated yet alluring cocktail dress.

Chunky Jewellery 
Being in your thirties calls for investments. Instead of hoarding up on costume jewellery add a few chic and pretty classy delicate pieces in platinum or gold to your wardrobe. These will go a long way for you and will help uplift an ordinary outfit.

Avoid Too Much Matching
Don’t be obsessive about matching your shoes, bags, and outfits. Add in A few garments that will complement each other and make you look graceful and refined. Sometimes it's better to mix up accessories and patterns but remember not to go too overboard with print on print. You could end up being a huge fashion calamity, one which could have been easily avoided.

Watch Your Hair
You don’t want to look like a walking fashion adversity every day. Leave the perm and streaky highlights to the nineties era and move ahead with a more urbane look by opting for a more softer color and silky, straight hair.

*This post was guest written by Christine Rudolph. Her forte is Fashion, Fitness and Lifestyle. 

Best Makeup Tips For Eye Allergy Sufferers: Guest Post By Jane Williams

If you’re anything like me, you suffer from eye allergies more often than not. Of course your first attempt would be to subdue the cause of your allergy and get it over with, but sometimes you just cannot find a solution and all you are left with are teary and bloodshot eyes. Let me give you a few tips to fix your hypersensitive eyes or at least make them look better than how they feel.

Ranging from pollen to light sensitivity, whatever the cause of your allergy, you’re likely to suffer from swollen puffy eyes riddled with dark circles. A simple tip is to swipe a concealer stick under the lower lid. If the dark circles give a rather blueish hue, blend in some hypoallergenic red lipstick with a clean and soft brush before applying concealer to balance the skin colour out. This tip usually works like a magic!

Get yourself some anti-allergy meds or antihistamines. Popping a pill half an hour before you start your makeup ensures your eyes are not sporting a stream of tears along with a pretty, heavy eye shadow job. An alternative to antihistamines is some good quality eye drops, because not everyone would pop a pill to get their makeup right. 

Allergies tend to make the eyes look red and bloodshot – and there’s nothing pretty about reddened eyes. Here, we can apply a colour-correcting technique similar to the one mentioned above but using different products. Ditch your regular black and brown mascaras and get a deeply pigmented dark blue mascara. Blue tends to counter the red, and therefore blue mascara balances out the eye colour making your eyes look more appealing.

Be very careful about who you’re sharing your makeup brushes with, I always recommend using your own brushes only and washing them regularly on a brush-cleaning mat to avoid product buildups which can later cause bacterial infections in the eye.

Get the right product. You can start by doing some research on ingredients that trigger allergies and then steer clear from products that have those ingredients. Or simply start buying products from authentic brands that sell hypoallergenic makeup. I’ll recommend you check these hypoallergenic makeup products out.

While applying mascara, avoid taking the wand to the roots and always start applying it by leaving a bit of lashes free of the product. This works especially well if you happen to have naturally dark eye lashes.

Avoid getting lash extensions. Why? You’ll inevitably end up tearing through the day probably without even realising that it’s the lash extensions that are causing the allergic reaction. If you want thicker and longer lashes, switch to the conventional beauty tip. Take a clean mascara wand and coat your eye lashes in castor oil for volume and length; you’ll see the result in a couple of weeks.

It takes just a bit of care to avoid your allergy from flaring up, and a little skill to hide the symptoms. I hope this helps. Have a good day!

*Jane Williams is a makeup artist and stylist. She is obsessed with fashion, makeup and new makeovers. She regularly blogs at 'Style Down The Aisle.'

Best Technological Devices For New Parents*

Technology is advancing all of the time, often providing us with new devices that can simplify our daily tasks. Together with Babythingz, retailers of cosytoes (carefully designed cocoons for your little ones), we have shortlisted the latest nifty gadgets which can provide a helping hand to new parents. If you’re stuck for a Christmas gift for a new parent, read on for some tips:

Parent and baby smartband

We are all probably familiar with the smartbands that have been created to monitor health and fitness. The parent and baby smartband goes one step further and has been specially designed for new parents.
It can be used during pregnancy to track foetal movements, exercise progress and doctors’ appointments. The parent’s fitness is tracked through steps, calories burned, distance travelled and hydration levels.

After birth, the technology can be used to track feedings, pump sessions, vitamin intake, diaper changes and many other reminders to help you day-to-day. As with most technological devices these days, there is a corresponding app so that you can link the data from the band to your phone.
These products have received positive reviews, with many new parents claiming that it has helped them through both pregnancy and with monitoring their new-born.

Portable white noise machine

As research revealed that the noises that a baby hears in the womb can be replicated after birth, white noise machines have been developed. They have been found to help your baby get to sleep as they find the noise soothing.
Technological advancements have led to the release of the portable white noise machine. This gadget is discreet meaning that only your baby can hear the soothing sounds and it will not disturb others. The gadgets can play a variety of tracks such as heartbeat, ocean waves and raindrops.
They have been developed to turn off after a certain amount of time too. So, if your baby does drift off, the sounds won’t be playing all night long.

Pacifier thermometer

As new parents will know too well, trying to take a baby’s temperature can be difficult as they wiggle and squirm out of your grasp. At the same time, it is important to monitor your baby’s temperature as it can be an indicator of a cold or perhaps they’re too hot under the blankets.
The recent invention of the pacifier thermometer has addressed this issue. In the shape of a pacifier or ‘dummy’, this thermometer will fit nicely into your little one’s mouth and they won’t even know what you’re up to. A perfect alternative to the traditional thermometers which can cause your baby to become a little agitated.
Video monitors

Baby monitors have always been an essential purchase for new parents. It allows them to sleep that little bit easier, knowing that if their baby stirs they will hear it through the monitor.
Through the rise of tablets and smartphones, the new monitor includes video feature. This allows you to see the baby from a different room. It also works across the internet too so you can watch your baby from work whilst the other half is babysitting.

Self-warming bottles

Many parents are reluctant to go out when they know that it will be feeding time. Often at a restaurant, it can be a worry that there won’t be a facility to warm your baby’s milk or what if they overheat it? Mimicking the design of self-warming hand warmers, self-warming bottles have been designed.
There’s no need for a microwave or kettle when you have one of these handy gadgets. With one press of the button, the system heats itself up and warms the milk to the natural temperature of breast milk.
You can use it as many times as you like too, simply recharge it in the microwave or pan and it is ready to be used again.

*Written by Laura-Jane Todd on behalf of Babythingz

Paradise Awaits*

Well the cold and stormy weather is certainly upon us now! Some people are probably wrapping up warm, starting their Christmas shopping and just getting on with it. Others however are dreaming of warmer climates, a paradise somewhere with amazing beaches, hidden gems and must see destinations, an escape from normality and early alarm clocks.

I’ve been lucky enough to visit lots of places this year, a couple of city breaks and a two week long beach holiday in Greece for my best friend's wedding just last month. Not sure about everyone else but the minute I land I get serious holiday blues and I’m already thinking of where I can jet off to next. You’ve got to admit the best way to overcome the blues is to book another holiday.

My list is pretty endless to be honest but top of my list for my next venture is Thailand. I know lots of people who have visited but I’ve never got Round to going myself yet. The great thing about it is you can either go for a two week holiday or pack a bag and totally escape for months.

There’s so much to see and do out there so the longer the better I suppose, and I hear it’s very cheap whilst there too.

Exotic and tropical, cultured and historic, Thailand has a lot to offer. One day you could be in the hustle and bustle of the city in the country’s capital of Bangkok, then the next in tranquil beach surroundings of the Phi Phi Islands.

I’m a bit of a foodie and Thai cuisine is enjoyed all over the world, packed full of pungent lemongrass and plentiful flavours of spicy, salty, sweet and sour, even just thinking about it is making my mouth water.

I went to Vietnam last year and one of my favourite things to do whilst I was there was visiting the vast amount of temples. Thailand is a Buddhist nation and has plenty of gleaming hilltop temples filled with colourful fortune bringing shrines.

The country’s natural beauty is a major tourist attraction for foreigners and also the residents, boasting a long coastline and jungle topped islands Thailand is a tropical getaway a lot of people desire. Perhaps try diving with whale sharks off Ko Tao, seeing the sea cliffs of Krabi or partying on Ko Phi Phi where the film ‘The Beach’ was filmed.

The climate varies but you can visit Thailand all year round, the best time to travel is during the cool and dry season between November and April. We all need something to look forward to so why not get ready to jet off and get a dream holiday booked at Destination2?

Mi-Mi xx 

*Guest written for GirlGoneDreamer, you can read more from Mi-Mi here

Tis The Season To Be Warm And Cosy ft. Julian Charles*

*This is a collaborative post*

Ahhh tis the season to be warm and cosy! 🙂

Okay okay, I know it’s still a while until Christmas, but autumn and winter is my personal all time favourite time of year!

Of course I love summer, who doesn’t? Long sunny warm days and summer holidays laying on the beach with a cocktail in hand, but let’s face it, in the uk we don’t have great summer weather so I love to embrace the cold winter months! There’s so much I love about it. 
The fashion for a start, nice big coats, hats scarves and boots and I’m lucky enough to have a very talented mum who knits me lots of winter fashionables, all one of a kind of course. Halloween is a favourite of mine, carving pumpkins and putting tealight candles in them, they become somewhat of an ornament during October in my household. Not forgetting bonfire night, wrapping up warm to see the delights of a firework display while keeping toasty in front of the bonfire whilst perhaps enjoying a warm spiced cider or toffee apple. 

Now most people absolutely detest it being dark while driving to work and dark again on the commute home, they find it miserable to say the least! I however love it.... oooooh I find it so cosy, especially if it’s raining outside. You’ve got to admit the sound of the rain gently hitting against the window when you’re all warm and cosy inside is somewhat comforting. In fact as I write this I’m sat in my comfy pj’s with my fluffy cream throw, a glass of red wine in hand and my lovely pooch laid on my legs snoring away.... yes I’m slightly getting a “dead leg” but she’s too cute to wake her haha.

I become a bit of a hermit during winter and I’m not ashamed to say so. I love to kit out my home with comforts to make my living room cosy. I tend to always have candles burning and I’ve recently discovered incense sticks...ahhh the smell and smoke they give off makes the room seem warmer somehow. A low lit lamp and comfy blanket are an absolute must for me! Even if i do have the thermostat turned up to the max, under a luxury cosy throw such as these from Julian Charles is where you’ll find me, so as we enter the cold autumn and winter months, I wish you all a warm and cosy one.

Peace and love.

Mi-Mi xx

*Guest written for GirlGoneDreamer, you can read more from Mi-Mi here

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