Pursuing Career Progression Overseas*

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The majority of people tend to spend the majority of their lives in the country that they happened to be born in. Sure, we may be travelling more and heading to more varied destinations when it comes to vacations and short stints of exploration. However, when it comes down to it, the most part of us will live and work relatively close to the place that we were born. There are various reasons for this. Some of us are simply drawn into habit, while some of us stick with what we know and revel in familiarity. However, it’s extremely important to remember that the world really is your oyster - especially when it comes to your career. You don’t necessarily have to stick in one place, and sometimes better opportunities further from home will present themselves to you. Here are a few pieces of advice that you may want to consider should you decide to venture further afield.

Have The Contact Details Of An Immigration Solicitor

One of the most important contacts that you can have when you are pursuing a career overseas are those of reliable immigration solicitors. These individuals can help you to take care of all of the legal work entailed in moving and working in a country that you are not native to, or are not yet a citizen of. First, they will be able to help you out with visa processing. Immigration laws and procedures vary from one country to another and can prove to be very complex, especially if you are not already familiar with the legal lexicon entailed in all of the paperwork that you are inevitably going to have to carry out as part of the visa application process. Once you’ve moved to your chosen country and started work, things should go swimmingly. But if you do receive a notice of problems and are threatened with deportation, an immigration lawyer can help you to avoid deportation and adjust your given status.

Learn The Local Language

Sure, you may not need to speak a second language in order to land a job in a foreign country. However, if the country that you intend to move to has a different first language to the language that you speak, it really is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the basics. While you may not need to communicate in a different language in the workplace, chances are that you are going to have to be able to converse with other people in order to get by in other aspects of your day to day life while living in the area - from asking for directions to placing orders in restaurants and bars. Start taking language lessons in the first language of the country you intend to move to, and make use of language software such as Rosetta Stone or Duolingo.

These are just a couple of pieces of advice for anyone who is considering taking the leap and working in a country that they are relatively unfamiliar with. Hopefully, they will help you along the way!

*Contributed by Sam Jones. *Header image via Pexels

How To Organize A Corporate Event - Guest Post By Mia Taylor

It doesn’t matter what your position in your company is, there might be a time when you will be asked to organize a corporate event because the person who was in charge of that is swamped in business so they passed it on to you. And if you don’t know how to do that – well, that’s not a good sign, is it? If this happened to you recently and you have no idea how to start planning your corporate event, or if you’re a CEO of a new start-up business and this is your first corporate event to organize, you’re lucky, as we will try to narrow down the most important steps for the most successful corporate event. Take a look:

Step 1: Come up with the theme

The most important thing that you need to do is actually visualize your party by choosing the theme of the event. As far as corporate events go, the reasons can be very diverse – from teambuilding parties, to Christmas parties, or perhaps the launch of your new product. These are very important things to know in advance, and now it’s the time to think if you’re going to go with a specific theme – a masquerade party, black and white, oldies night… the choices are endless and you can find some ideas online. A good idea would be to conduct a small survey around your office and see what your colleagues think about it, but one thing’s for certain – you need to have a theme if you want a memorable corporate event.

Step 2: Make a list of invitees

Now that you established the general theme of the party, it’s a good time to sit down and make a list of all the invitees. This number is extremely important as the drinks, food and venue depend greatly on the exact number. Make sure to invite everyone from the office (either with a +1 or not), some of the most important clients and business partners. If you have the possibility, you can also invite some potential clients and use this event in order for you to bond and win them over. Once you have the numbers ready, it’s time for the invitations. There’s no need for you to spend a lot of money on designers who will make something original – if your budget is limited you can find many ready-made invitations online by using different smartphone apps. Make sure that your invitations match nicely with the theme of the event.

Step 3: Book a venue

Booking a venue is never an easy task, as some are too big for your event, other too small, the third ones might be too pricy. You need to pay attention to this as searching for the perfect venue might take some time. If you’re having a summer corporate event, the best idea would be to book an outdoor space and make your event magical.

Step 4: The drinks and food

It’s time for the most important part of your corporate event – the food and the drinks. Let’s be honest, people don’t actually come to spend extra time with their colleagues whom they see every day, so paying attention to the bar and the buffet is of crucial importance. As far as the drinks are concerned, you can either serve regular drinks, but you can also make your corporate event cocktail-only. By doing this, you will be doing something quite original, and you might save money. Also, since you’ll be quite busy with organizing this and doing your actual job, you can save some time by ordering your drinks online. Ordering high-quality gin online, for example might save you the trouble of going to the shop and looking for the best one, so this is always a great option. On the other hand, the food should be amazing as well. Make sure to organize the best caterers and talk to them about the food that you will be displaying. They might know how much food your event needs – you don’t want to have too much food as you will be forced to throw it away, but ordering to little is never a good sign.  

Step 5: The decoration

And now the fun part – the decorations! First things first – make sure that your decoration matches the theme of the party, and choose the flowers accordingly. The flowers are an imperative as everything looks prettier with some colors that pop from the tables or the corners of the room. Moreover, you can also look for cheap decorations everywhere around town, or have your colleagues help you make them. DIY decorations are always very interesting to see, and it’s also fun to make them. Since this takes a lot of time, buying ready-made ones is also a great option. If you have enough funds in your budget, you can always ask a professional event planner to help you out.

Organizing a corporate event might be a burden for you because of all the work that you need to do in the office, but it’s never dull. Have all these things in mind and you will see that this party will be the best corporate event your company has ever had (or will have)!

Mia Taylor is a fashion and beauty enthusiast from Sydney and writer for www.highstylife.com. She loves writing about her life experiences. Travelling and enjoying other cultures and their food with her husband is a big part of her life. She is always on the lookout for new trends in fashion and beauty, and considers herself an expert when it comes to lifestyle tips.
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4 Clever Ways To Make A Little Extra Cash*

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You might be interested in finding a way to make a little extra money on the side of your full career. This is always a smart idea and financial experts these days often claim that if you want your money to remain healthy, you do need to make sure that you are getting more than one source of income flowing into your account. Obviously, though, you don’t want the alternative way to make money to put too much pressure on your life. You certainly don’t want it to obliterate the spare time you have. Well, you can avoid this issue by making sure that you use some of these simple options and ways to make extra cash.


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Do you mind completing surveys? Probably not. It doesn’t require any skill, and it doesn’t even take that long. Most surveys will take no more than ten minutes, and we bet you didn’t know that you could get paid for doing this. But you can. You can earn ten pounds depending on the survey which isn’t too bad at all, is it? Now, you might find that some surveys provide you with prizes for completing them rather than payment. However, if you set up an eBay store, you can sell these and make a lot of money from that too. It is worth looking into this possibility specifically if you spend hours online doing next to nothing in your spare time anyway. At least this way you can make a little extra money.


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Do you love chatting on the phone? Well, there are lots of ways that you can make money doing this. Do you have a husky voice that people seem to love? If so you could be a chat operator jobs. These jobs can be very rewarding financially and dare we say it, even a little fun? You could also think about working as a tech operator, providing advice and information to customers and consumers who are having issues with their technology. This could be a great option if you know your way around different computer systems and are obsessed with gizmos and gadgets.


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If you have some money that you can afford to lose, you might want to try investing. You could checkout the cryptocurrency market. For instance, Ethereum is low right now, but it is expected to rise in a month. So, you could buy now and profit when it does. There’s also Forex trading which is basically just investing in different currencies. It’s highly popular because there’s no minimum amount that you can trade which means it’s great for beginners.

Guest Posts

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Finally, you might have noticed looking at different blogs that site owners have ‘work with me’ pages. This means that they are open to the possibility of guest posts and that’s useful. It means that you can make money by providing the writing work that they require. It’s a great option and fairly easy if you have a way with words. It could really provide the boost to your income that you want.

*Contributed by Sam Jones. Header image source Pexels.

11 Things To Check Before You Go Boating

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*This post is in collaboration with Media Buzzer*

Whether you’re new to boating or an old-hand at it, there are certain things you should check before setting sail. Use this handy pre-departure checklist to make sure you don’t leave anything out.

1.    Life Jackets
You should always have at least one life jacket per passenger that is Coast Guard-approved and at least two jackets on board at all times. If your vessel is longer than 16 feet, you’ll also need a throwable device. Remember to explain to passengers where the life jackets are and how to use them.

2.    Devices that Produce Sound
Pack a horn that can produce at least four-second audible blasts for around half a mile. If you prefer a portable air horn, take an extra can of air with you and you could even attach a whistle to the life jackets that you have on board.

3.    Shapes and Lights
Make sure you have all the right navigation lights for your vessel and ensure everything is in working order. If you’re going on recreational boating activities, you may need day-shapes. It’s also a good idea to have flash light and spare batteries on board.

4.    Fire Extinguishers
Take at least one fire extinguisher with you and ensure it is easily accessible. Make sure all mounts are secure and functional before setting sail and let passengers and crew know where the extinguishers are.

5.    Distress Signals
Make day signals and flares accessible and keep them somewhere dry. Make sure all the passengers and crew know where they are and inform them of proper and safe usage.

6.    Bilges
Make sure bilges are dry and pumps aren’t running excessively. Clean up any wastes or spilled oil in bilges so as to prevent overboard discharge.
In case you are in need of a new motor for your boat, you can buy sturdy outboard motors for sale at BBMS Swanwick or from similar suppliers.

7.    Spares and Tools
Take a basic toolbox with you and the right tools for the boat. Remember to pack some spares, too, including through-hull plugs, light bulbs, fuel filter and head parts. Also ensure you have a first-aid kit onboard for emergencies.

Building A Capsule Wardrobe For The Man In Your Life*

*This is a collaborative post*

It would appear that summer - weather wise - is now all but a distant memory. Alas the chilly, grey and drizzly weather has finally arrived which can mean only one thing! Autumn is lurking just around the corner. (23rd September to be exact.)
With this change of seasons will also come a change in clothing. Out with the old and in with the new. We'll all no doubt be rooting for our warmer wear from the dark depths of our wardrobes. High street stores will be stripping their shelves bare of anything that looks remotely summery. And out will come all the new autumn/winter lines. I'm not going to deny it, I do absolutely love this time of year and indeed the fashion, but it can obviously get pretty costly changing your wardrobe with each season. Especially if you're someone who likes to follow trends. 
If you've followed GirlGoneDreamer for a while then you'll probably have read my post on creating a capsule wardrobe. To this day I'm still an avid believer that you can invest in several basic wardrobe essentials and you'll be covered whatever the season or occasion. That particular post was aimed at women but there's no reason why you can't also build a capsule wardrobe for the man in your life. 

So what does a capsule wardrobe for a guy look like? 

For starters, I'd recommend that every guy invests in a quality pair of jeans. It doesn't matter whether the weather is grim or glorious, if you've chosen a decent, well fitting pair then they'll always look good and you'll already be set for several different looks. Jeans can be dressed up with brogues or dressed down with trainers which makes them a key wardrobe essential. 

It's sensible to have at least one other pair of pants for smarter occasions. Personal preference will dictate what sort of trousers you opt for but my boyfriend loves his chinos and they look the part every time whether it be at a posh function or just out in a club. Again brogues look really good with chinos but trainers can still dress this look down if you prefer. 

Classic White Shirt 
In terms of upper wear, I'd advise investing in some quality classic pieces such as white shirts. Patterns and colour can quickly go out of style so they don't really work when building a basic capsule wardrobe. 

Polo Shirt

You also can't go wrong with a couple of t-shirts and of course the classic polo. In summer these can be worn on their own, and in winter your man can throw a sweater over the top. There are many polo shirts on the market but my boyfriend loves his Under Armour Performance Polo from Jacamo as it does more than just look good. Not only is it comfortable with a smooth snag free finish but it has been designed to wick sweat away from the body via its Moisture Transport System. This makes this polo a versatile wardrobe piece as not only is it perfect for a casual look but if your man is an avid sportsman then he can also wear it to the gym. 

Crew Neck Sweater 
When the weather does take a turn, you won't want your man to be cold so you'll need to invest in a classic sweater such as a crew neck which can be smartened up with chinos or dressed down with jeans. Again stick to a classic colour that won't look outdated as trends change. 


If you hadn't already gathered from my mentions above, I'd recommend two pairs of footwear for your mans basic capsule wardrobe and these are brogues for dressing up and trainers/sneakers when he wants a more casual style. 
The Adidas Cloudfoam Advantage Trainers look a little smarter than some other pairs which is why I love them. Not only do they dress up jeans nicely but they still look casual enough to be worn with tracksuit bottoms. These particular trainers have a leather upper, a rubber outsole and the cloudfoam feature adds extra comfort. Described on Jacamo as having a timeless vibe, I'd be inclined to agree. 

It goes without saying that at some point, every man will need to wear a suit whether it be for an interview, to work or perhaps to a friend's wedding. Choose a classic well made, well tailored suit in a colour such as charcoal that will stand the test of time. 

Finally, your man will need appropriate outdoor wear whatever the weather. Opt for a smart jacket or blazer for the warmer months and a classic wool winter coat or warm waterproof for when it gets cold. This should keep him covered all year around. 

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