Day Trip Ideas for the Summer

In some ways the lockdown measures put in place around the world have helped curb the rising trend of lifestyle inflation. But when one door closes another one opens, and some people find others ways to fund their elevated expectations. If that sounds like you, why not work against the trend with excellent day trip ideas that deliver memorable experiences without the price tag. Read on to find out more about lifestyle deflation. 

Brimham Rocks

If you love animals you're going to love Brimham Rocks. Imagine a prehistoric landscape that looks something like the Flintstones and your coming close. This area in North Yorkshire, is easy to access, and perfect if you want a low cost holiday. 

Brimham Rocks can be reached by road from anywhere in the UK. If you want the best experience of the park it's a good idea to arrive early. If you get there in the early morning you avoid the crowds and get better photo opportunities. 


The UK is home to many cultural and historical locations – one of the reasons it's such a popular destination for tourists. If you live in the UK you're in luck since these highly sought after spots are right on your doorstep. 

Limit Lifestyle Inflation this year by choosing a staycation and going to visit the birthplace of William Shakespeare. Shakespeare not only wrote iconic stories we still love today, he invented many of the everyday words and phrases we use. 

Longleat Safari Park

If you love animals the Longleat Safari Park is guaranteed to satisfy your need for some up close time with your furry favourites. You will get the chance to see some of the exotic animals you love from wildlife TV shows. 

When you visit Longleat Safari Park you will get access to the park that contains big cats, monkeys and red pandas. Drive around at your leisure but be warned the animals are roaming free and could come right up close. 


The Broadway we're talking about on this list isn't the one you first think of. It isn't on the streets of Manhattan, for instance. It does however contain a theatre if you're that way inclined. For a quintessentially British staycation visit the village Broadway in the Cotswolds. 

This lovely little British village is perfect for a day trip or a weekend. You can browse independent shops and explore the surrounding nature with scenic walks. What's more, this day trip is low cost and reduces your lifestyle inflation. 

Blenheim Palace

If you live in Britain why not take full advantage of the long and colourful history of the country. The UK is literally jam-packed with castles and palaces each with their own story to tell. 

For a low cost, lifestyle deflation day trip visit Blenheim Palace. This iconic country house in Woodstock, Oxfordshire is easy to locate and offers an affordable day trip experience. There are some parking fees to pay, but I thermite the fairytale grounds are free to explore.

*Contributed by Sam Jones. Image Credit

A Little Information On Hospices*

*This is a collaborative post*


If You Are Employed By A Hospice In An Accounting Role

For anyone who might be involved in the running of a hospice, or if you are currently seeking to find some kind of solution to any accounting related issues regarding the management of a hospice, be aware that there are companies out there who specialize in tailoring their service to your specific needs. One of the services relates to hospice billing solutions for example, whereby you can remove a lot of the stress and time wasting traditionally associated with this mundane task.

What Is The Purpose Of A Hospice

The most important purpose of Hospice care is to preserve the patient’s quality of life, this type of care is known as Palliative care. When the patient is suffering pain or other symptoms they can be addressed through the use of proper medication as well as the care of hospice professionals. A good hospice will always take into account the patient’s social life and emotional well-being. 

Visiting a Patient under Hospice Care

Emotional well-being is of huge importance when it comes to those who are suffering from serious illness. In truth emotional well being is critical to all of us, even when in good health. It’s significance for those in care is even more so, this is why visitations from friends, family and loved ones can really help a patient’s overall emotional state. 

Tips For Visiting A Loved One In Hospice Care

The prospect of going to see someone a friend or loved one can be quite a worrying one for all kinds of reasons. A fear of suddenly not knowing what to say, the fear of potentially saying or doing the wrong thing, not wanting to cause any further distress for your loved one. 

Remember that you are there for them, so let them steer the conversation, don’t be afraid to laugh if they laugh or to cry if they cry, be a good listener, and if a silence descends, that’s perfectly fine and normal. Some great conversations can come from a shared silence.

Sometimes a patient may turn away and face the wall, or close their eyes, that’s fine, don’t push conversation if you can see he/she really isn’t in the mood to do so. Just being there, next to someone, near them, in the same room, can be of great importance and comfort for you both. 



First Visit To A Hospice

Depending on your particular situation, if you have not ever visited someone in a hospice before, you might want to book a certain amount of time and if things are going well then you can always extend your visit. This means that if the patient is not having the best day, or needs some treatment you can leave without making them feel bad about it. It’s also a good way for you to familiarize yourself with the process of booking and making a visit.  

(Please note; obviously during the Covid pandemic there are measures in place, information about current restrictions can be found at your respective hospice. Just have a look on their website if they have one, and if they don’t give them a call).

Health And Well-Being Of The Patient

When booking to visit someone you must also take into consideration the fact that the patient may have scheduled treatments and care and so please always be ready and willing to mind out of the way if nurses are doing their thing. And in some cases it might be best to leave, in order to revisit another day. 

Of course, the priority at all times is both the physical and emotional well being of the patient, so please be courteous to staff and aware that they have an important job to do, in helping to make your friend or family member as comfortable and as emotionally well as possible under such awful circumstances.



*Header photo source Pixabay. Second photo source Pixabay.

5 Things to Consider Before Investing in Cryptos

Digital currencies have been propelled to greater heights, particularly with the astronomical rise of bitcoins. They have surpassed all the nay-says and cautions from analysts to become a prominent option for our portfolios, with some using sites like to reach new financial heights. But as investors, the challenge has been whether to go with the hype or not?

For those interested in venturing into this new market, it's vital to research before investing a coin. Here are the things we should be aware of before investing in cryptocurrencies.

Understand the Industry

Similar to many trading options, investing in cryptocurrencies requires some basic knowledge of how this industry operates. We need to learn how to create wallet accounts, fund these accounts, which sites to trade, mistakes we can make, and withdraw any gains.

With different coins available, learning might take time, particularly to less-internet savvy individuals. Luckily, most of these currencies operate in the same way using blockchain technology. We can learn how trading in one currency operates and replicate the same to others. By understanding how they work, we're better equipped with relevant information and can make investment-worth decisions.

Cryptos Are Very Volatile

Most digital currencies are characterized by extreme volatility. Once we invest in them, we should expect many ups and downs in terms of pricing. When I first invested in bitcoin in 2017, its value was $900. Within the same year, the value swung back and forth between the initial value and $20,000.

Such high volatilities make cryptos a risky investment. On one day, our digital assets might be worth a lot but stumble to bare-bones on the next day. Digital investors need to proceed with extreme caution and avoid unnecessary risks. I tend to go with moderation when tackling this market.

Timing Is Important

The cliché 'anytime is the best time to invest' might not work well with digital coins. After doing diligent research and understanding this industry, we need to time our investment. Timing is required because of the volatility associated with these currencies.

It's always best if we monitored the prices for some time before making a move. With that said, some of us opt to invest in new, unheard of coins. In such a move, we speculate that these currencies will gain popularity with time. At this point, we can pounce on the high market values and cash out our investment.

Unproven Rate of Return

As investors in digital assets, we should be aware that the intrinsic value of cryptos is unknown. The coins are transacted using the peer to peer analogy, without any regulatory standards. There aren't any concrete market patterns that depict the rise and fall in these coins' value.

Unlike other trading options like mutual funds, we cannot predict returns or changes when trading with digital currencies. Besides, the entire digital asset industry is relatively new. At times we lack sufficient data to create a long-term investment plan.

Be Vigilant

The digital world has never been a haven. With lots of hacks and security issues, our daily Internet use is a mine walk. One wrong move and our identities are leaked, credit cards stolen or bombarded with all manner of viruses. These threats are magnified once we start dealing with cryptocurrencies.

In the crypto world, our investments will be in the form of digital coins stored in wallets. Anyone who has access to our wallets is capable of transferring our funds. Our fund's safety starts by registering with reputable wallets and exchanges. We shouldn't store a lot of coins on exchange platforms. An option is moving the said coins to our online wallets or better hardware wallets.

*Photo source Pexels

Signs that you are eating far too much sugar



Experts have said for quite some time that acne breakouts aren't just to do with how good or bad your diet is. Sometimes it comes down to your sugar intake alone. If you eat too many sugary foods then you may find that you end up experiencing skin inflammation and that you also struggle to sleep at night. If you want to find out more, then simply look below.

You’re Depressed

Some studies have shown that sugar is often linked to mood disorders such as depression. In addition to causing blood sugar swings, sugar can also alter the neurotransmitters in the brain. These are responsible for regulating your mood. Sugar can also cause spikes in your hormones, including serotonin. When you ingest sugar, you will feel good at first but like the old saying, what goes up must come down. You’ll feel worse in the long run and you will also feel somewhat cranky and tired too. The best way for you to try and stabilise your blood sugar would be for you to try and eat more foods that have a longer rate of digestion. This can include protein, whole grain and fibre.

You’re Unable to Sleep

Eating cookies or cupcakes that come with tons of added sugar can easily make it more difficult for you to fall asleep. This is especially the case in the short-term. It will give you a ton of energy as your blood sugar will be spiked and this will make it much harder for you to go to bed when you are actually trying to wind down. If you eat sugar then on the flip side, you may find that you fall asleep easier, because you have a rush of feel-good hormones. The problem with this is that your blood sugar dips during the night so you may not wake up feeling as good as you could. If you want a good rule of thumb, then make sure that you avoid sugary foods two hours before bed. This will stop you from experiencing indigestion and it will stop the sugar from keeping you awake. If you’re struggling to sleep, then it may be wise for you to look into some sleep aid.

Your Skin is Wrinkled

When you have sugar, it reacts with the proteins in your blood and it forms AGEs. This damages the structures in your skin collagen and this stops your skin from being as bouncy or as supple. A diet that is high in sugar can make your skin wrinkle faster and this makes you look way older than you actually are. If you can limit the amount of sugar that you have then this can make a huge difference.

You’re Getting Cavities

This one is an absolute no-brainer. Sugar is a huge cause of tooth decay. When sugar sits on your teeth, it feeds the plaque that’s there and this produces acid. It’s this acid that leads to cavities. If you want to stop this from happening, then you need to try and cut out sugary drinks if possible. If you can do this, then you will soon find that you are able to reduce the amount of dental issues you have in the future.

*Contributed by Sam Jones. Photo Source: Pexels (CC0 License) 

Six Fundamental Steps in Music Production



I have been in the music industry for the last two decades. I can say that my experiences in this industry have been vast. Looking back, I was only interested in singing, which meant that I had to skimp many music production aspects. It was not until 2011, when I ventured into music production alongside people who had help from dj finance firms to do the same, that my perception changed. This made me get a broader perspective about what music production entails.

By taking a closer look at the music industry, I have observed that there are no rules. And this means that it is easy for anyone new here to get lost. Record what you feel like, mix genres and rhythms, automate musical effects in unimaginable ways, or create novel categories. Just because the music industry is not limited, this does not mean that there are no rules.

If you are producing music, you have to make sure that it is good music. My advice to you upcoming artists is to emulate good chefs; just because they have a myriad of ingredients, they have to be careful to create a masterpiece. So, when someone comes to me for help, I find it appropriate to help upcoming musicians understand the process of making good music regardless of the style.

For those reading my post who would want to create a track that delivers the intended message, I plan to share some music production fundamentals.

#1 Song Writing

What does writing a song entail? This is a common concern among aspiring musicians, considering that most modern-day music is “wordless.” Song writing is the process of knitting musical ideas together while paying attention to musical features such as rhythm and harmony.

What makes a good song? In terms of content, the quality of a song is entirely subjective. But technically, it should have a good rhythm, and all parts should be in harmony.

#2 Arranging

Arranging is probably one of the most misunderstood aspects of music production. If you come across a song that gets repetitive, this usually indicates a problem with the arrangement. Ideally, musical arrangement entails selecting musical instruments used in different parts of the song. You have to be creative with sound and create a build-up of some sort. You do not have to do much; even subtle additions can ignite interest among the listeners. I start by picking up a few elements, preferably one or two, which are essential to the song and keep making restrained adjustments.

#3 Tracking

This is where the gear comes in. Ideally, tracking should be viewed as a separate process from songwriting. The goal here is to capture the song’s performance. Ideally, tracking serves to record various instruments that are used in performing a song. Ideally, each track is recorded separately and given a “track” in the mix. This allows for greater control of pitch and balance.

#4 Editing

Digital editing has created boundless opportunities in music production. I can attest that modern-day artists have plenty of options other than those we had back in the days. When it comes to editing, you will only be polishing the tracks. Use this stage to cut pieces that are not quite there, move around some parts, and polish some of the track parts. Make sure the track sounds good after you are done with this stage.

#5 Mixing

After you are done recording all parts, what remains is to turn your work into a masterpiece. As an artist, you need to know how to mix well or understand what constitutes a good mix. A good mix should have some depth and motion. Moreover, it lets you hear the instruments in detail. I know that mixing requires a lot more than what is captured here but learning the basics should be a good start.

#6 Mastering

Album creation entails using different producers or studios for different songs. Ideally, mastering serves to ensure that all songs in an album are coherent. Unlike mixing, when you focus on balancing instruments to get a good piece, your focus turns to songs in mastering. Several software tools can help you master your album. But I am usually of the opinion that this process should be left to the professionals.

Ideally, music production is just about creating music. If you are comfortable with this process, it becomes a lot easier for you to create music that your fans will love.


 *Guest post. Photo source Pexels 

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