Wiper Blades in Basildon

As we head into the cold dark months of late Autumn and with the onset of Winter fast approaching, it is important to consider whether you might be best off taking your car in for a service. I want to just go over a couple of issues which are really important and especially so at this time of year. The first as the title suggests is the issue of wiper blades. The reason being most people don't really think too much on their importance, after all they are hardly the sexiest component of your vehicle. That said many of us wait until we are stuck in a blizzard of sleet and snow until we finally succumb to the notion that we may be in need of some new wiper blades. Just bear in mind that without a clear view of the road you cannot travel safely, so wipers are as crucial as any component of your car.

How to Maintain Wiper Blades

There are some simple measures you can take in order to keep your wipers maintained, while also taking the opportunity to regularly check on the condition of the wiper blades themselves. Simply take a wet towel and run it along the edge of the blade, this will remove the dirt and grime and dust that can easily build up over time. Do this periodically. By taking this simple step you will allow the wipers to work with greater efficiency as well as for longer. When looking for signs of wear and tear on the wiper blades themselves you should keep an eye out for tell tale signs; such as any cracks in the blade, part of the rubber beginning to come apart from the blade or you might here a screeching, scraping sound when the wipers are in operation.

When Should I Change My Wiper Blades?

You should ideally change your wiper blades ever 6 months to a year (max) and the reason for this is because they are not built to last years and years. Don't be stingy. You would hate to be caught in a rainstorm and not have the ability to clear your windscreen, which would render you unable to move. You can replace your car's wiper blades at Jet Wheels Tyres with branches across the Basildon district of Essex.

Keep On Top of Your Tyres

When it comes to tyre services and replacements I'd always recommend going to a professional car servicing centre such as Jet Wheels Tyres especially if you are in the Basildon area; professional car care centres like this are the best way of ensuring your car has good quality and truly safe components.

With regards to tyre maintenance the only sure fire way of guaranteeing the accurate and correct pressure for your tyres is to take them to a professional service. Don't take a chance when it comes to your tyres. In my opinion taking your car to a professional centre is worth the peace of mind that comes with it. It can also save you time, effort and money! Tyres are considered one of the most crucial elements of car safety in general and even more so at this time of year for obvious weather related reasons. They are the only part of the vehicle which has any contact with the road and as such, knowing a few simple facts and tips about tyres can help to maintain and in some cases improve, your own road safety. 

*Written by Michael David. Photos via Pexels

What To Do in London This Winter

Anyone looking for fun things to do this winter should make their way to London, as the English capital offers an extensive calendar of fun activities for all ages and interests this season.

Whether you want to visit a superb attraction with your friends, embark on romantic activities with your partner, or have some fun with your family, here are some great things to do in London this winter.


Make Your Way to Winterville
Winterville will once again return to London this year, but this time will be held at Clapham Common. It’s the perfect place to visit with your family or friends, as you can explore the Street Feast, visit Plonk Golf, go skating at the ice rink, walk through Solo Craft Fair Christmas Market, or watch a flick at the Backyard Cinema. Entry prices will vary from £2 to £5 from Wednesday to Monday (dependent on the time you visit), but you can enter for free every Tuesday.
Book Theatre Tickets for London’s West End
If you want to spend a little more time indoors during a cold, English winter, you could always book cheap theatre tickets to see a superb play or musical at the West End, such as Motown the MusicalDisney’s Aladdin, or DreamgirlsThere is no better way to spend a winter evening in London.
Visit Hyde Park Winter Wonderland
Hyde Park Winter Wonderland is the biggest Christmas festival in the capital. It’s one attraction you should add onto your bucket list, as it offers an ice rink, fun markets, mulled wine stands, fairground rides, and even circus performances. It’s completely free to enter and will run from 22nd November 2018 until 6thJanuary 2019.
Don’t Miss Hogwarts in the Snow
Just when you thought the Warner Bros. Studio Tour – The Making of Harry Potter couldn’t get more magical, they go and dress the famous movie sets up for the festive season. 
If you are big fan of the Boy Who Lived, you will not want to miss Hogwarts in the Snow. For example, the Great Hall will be decorated similar to The Goblet of Fire’s Yule Ball, so expect sparkling snow, snow-covered Christmas trees, and dripping icicles. 
Experience the Magic of Kew Gardens
If Kew Gardens wasn’t already beautiful enough, this year the botanical garden will adorn more than one million festive lights. Make your way here after dark to embark on the festive trail of lights, as you’ll walk under illuminated arches and view trees wrapped in Christmas colours. It’s one magical evening you couldn’t possibly forget and will take place from 22nd November 2018 to 5th January 2019.
Grab a Bargain During the London Winter Sales
Treat yourself or your loved ones to a superb gift this season by grabbing a bargain during the London winter sales, which will take place at Oxford Streets many department stores. It’s the perfect place to pick up a Christmas present for your friends or family or to find the best deals during the January sales.

*Header image source Pexels. Second photo source.

Innovative Outdoor Storage Ideas

Image Source: Pixabay

*This post is in collaboration with Media Buzzer*

We all love to spend time in our garden and most homeowners are always looking to make improvements and if you feel that your garden is a little cluttered, you might need some extra storage space. With that in mind, here are some innovative ways to provide secure storage in your outdoor area.

Garden Shed Revamp

If you already have a garden shed that has seen better days, now is the time to think about purchasing a new unit. Garden sheds come in all shapes and sizes, which means you can make the best use of the available space and by choosing a metal shed, you can be sure it will stand the test of time. If your shed is in good condition, but always full to the brim, a larger unit would make all the difference and with the online supplier, you can usually save a lot of money when compared to buying from a garden centre. Ideally, your shed should be large enough to accommodate your patio furniture, which should be stored away for the winter and if that’s asking a bit much, consider replacing your shed with something a little larger.

Hanging Pouches

Image Source: Unsplash

These can be fixed to a wall and you can store your gardening tools this way. Spades, rakes, brooms and shears can all be cleverly stored in an upright hanging arrangement. Some people use them for hanging gardens and they can either be hand crafted or purchased, whichever you prefer. If you have an old bookcase, it can be reused as an outdoor storage facility and with some sanding and a few coats of varnish, the timber should handle the seasons.

DIY Garden Hose Holder

This can be crafted out of timber and consists of two hooks, one upside down, onto which the garden hose can be wound. Ideally the hooks can be fixed to a wall and preferably right near the outside tap. The garden hose is usually a problem to store and of it is left out, it can easily be damaged and with your new hose clip holder, your garden will not look so cluttered. There are an informative articles you can find online that shows many unique garden storage ideas if you need some extra inspiration.

Build a Timber Shoe Rack

This can easily be made from a few lengths of 2 x 2 with a small frame at each end and with the lengths at 45 degrees, all the shoes can sit in a row. Providing you have a saw, a drill and a screwdriver, this will only take a couple of hours and you can either paint it or coat it with varnish.

Storage Box

Ideally, on wheels, the lid can be hinged on the top and it can be used for garden seating, while inside you can store the BBQ cooking utensils, pots and pans. Take a look at any old furniture you might have, an old ottoman for instance, would be perfect and this can be painted a contrasting colour to brighten up the garden.

Image Source: Pixabay

There are many ways one can add storage in the outdoor living area and with a sturdy shed of ample proportions, you will always have space to store gardening equipment, bikes and the lawnmower.

Having A Hen Party At Home*

*This is a collaborative post*

Today, a lot of people are looking to have their hen parties abroad, in part, this has been due to the fact some destinations offer much better value for money - however, given the weakness of the pound against the Euro, this is becoming less and less the case.

A much larger part of this trend is that people today seem to feel they need to go abroad in order to feel they are “getting away”, yet with travelling abroad, comes a lot of hassle in terms of arranging the logistics for a group of diverse people such as airplane tickets and accommodation.

In this vein, it’s worth considering a hen party at home, for instance having a hen party in Cardiff can be a very raunchy night out yet it also allows for more gentle activities in the surrounding countryside, or adventurous pursuits such as white water rafting.

The benefit of remaining in the UK for your hen party is that you don’t have the expense or logistical nightmare of flying.

Flying can prove just too costly for a lot of people, especially when you factor in the additional extras such as travel to the airport, parking at the airport, paying above the odds for a snack at the airport or on the plane, then getting from the airport to the destination - it can all mount up. Therefore, just because you’ve found a cheap deal on tickets, take the time to consider each step in the journey as it could prove much more expensive than you first imagine.

The further benefit in such a time starved society, where people have work and families to attend to, is that a hen party in the UK can start on Friday night after work and finish around lunchtime on Sunday without things feeling too rushed; whereas, when you add in a flight and all the travel time to and from the airport, it’s a little too much to pack into a weekend and will often leave people feeling exhausted.

Now, let’s take a look at the three core ingredients of any successful hen party; accommodation, transport, and activities.


The majority of hen parties involve at least one big night out, meaning, you don’t need to stay somewhere posh - just somewhere, clean, safe, comfortable and central.  In this sense, staying in a Travelodge or Premier Inn works for most people… and if you book well in advance, you can get some good deals.


The best way to get to and from your hen party locations tends to be to travel by train, as you don’t want to be driving the morning after a big night out, plus you can get some cheap tickets if you book in advance (and at the weekend there are some good deals on first class tickets too).  The main benefit of this is that you can travel together as a group and relax into your hen party.


The majority of “good” hen parties involve a little pampering, a little culture, a little relaxation, a little partying and a little adventure.  In this sense, you want to find somewhere that can offer all four strands and remember, even if you are going with a group of girly girls adventure activities can make for a much more rich experience because it’s something a little different.

*Contributed by Sam Jones. *Header image via Pexels

The Benefits Of Yoga By Mi-Mi

Hi all!

It’s been a while since I last wrote for GGD but when I was given the opportunity to write a yoga post I literally leapt at the chance!

I first discovered yoga over a year ago when I was on holiday in Greece with my friend. Every morning we started the day with yoga on the balcony overlooking the hills and a peek of the ocean...sounds like bliss...and it was, from that moment I was hooked and knew I had found “my thing”. 

When I got back to the UK I found a local yoga studio and signed up for a 4 week beginner course. I always thought that to do yoga you had to be bendy and well..be able to stand on your head! That’s certainly not the case, it’s listening to your body and being engaged in your yoga practice.  The person next to you or in front of you may be able to hold a pose for longer or get into a deeper lunge but it’s not a competition, yoga should never be uncomfortable, it’s the time for you to get to know your body.  The teacher is there to help guide you through the practice but you move at your own pace and rest when your body needs to. 

I like to do yoga a few times a week, be it at a yoga studio or at home.  When I am at the yoga studio I find it really helpful to have the teacher guide me to ensure I am holding the poses correctly and effectively which is good to remember when I’m at home doing it alone. Saying that, when I’m at home I’m not completely alone in my practice as I follow a guided lesson either on YouTube or via an app, of which there are hundreds to choose from!

Yoga is great for your health too, it’s a full body and mind workout. It’s great for strengthening and stretching, combined with deep breathing and relaxation techniques and meditation.  The yoga studio I go to is actually a hot yoga studio, this means doing yoga in 40’ heat which has its health benefits too. Practicing yoga in the heat allows you to burn fat more effectively as your heart rate increases and also increases metabolism levels which helps you to tone your body and loose weight.  As the heat is so intense you sweat A LOT, which is good because it promotes detoxification through the skin.  Because of this I always make sure I drink plenty of water before and after my yoga workout.  The heat also makes your muscles limber allowing deeper stretches and poses as they become warmer quicker and are more elastic. 

The main and original context of yoga was spiritual practices to train the body and mind to self observe and be aware of their own nature, therefore I think surroundings and a comfortable yoga mat during my practice are very important.  I personally like to do it in a warm low lit room with my candles and incense burning with some relaxing zen music on.  I have somewhat of a collection of yoga mats now but one of my favourites is my new stunning green yoga mat in a beautiful peacock design.  Perhaps head to the web page yourself and have a browse at the stunning mats they have to offer and get inspired to get your yoga on!

The one thing I always take away with me after a yoga session is that I always feel great afterwards! When I’m on my yoga mat I think of nothing else just my yoga practice at that moment, all other thoughts are left off the mat.  I find it really boosts my mood no matter what I’ve had to deal with in life that day.  With that said it’s time for me to join some fellow yogis and hit the yoga studio now...

Until next time

Mi-Mi xx

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