7 Ways To Improve Your Company’s Hiring Process*

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Want to ensure that you hire the best employees for your company? Here are 7 ways to improve your hiring process so that you find the best applicants.

Don’t make your job ad sound too demanding

Applicants aren’t the only ones who should be trying to do the convincing – you also need to be convincing applicants that your company is right for them. If you’re simply listing qualities that your ideal applicant needs to have and not offering any information on your company’s perks, it could make your job ad sound too demanding. This could be driving away jobseekers, some of whom may be ideal for the position. List some requirements, but also ensure that you’re listing a few company benefits so that you don’t seem like a slavedriver!

Set up an online quiz/questionnaire

It’s possible to create an online quiz/survey that can help you to learn more about your applicants. This could be a personality test or simply a chance to test applicants’ knowledge. Such tests can prevent applicants blagging their way through the process so that you’re not wasting your time interviewing the wrong people. Sites like https://www.surveymonkey.com/mp/job-application-survey/ can help you to create these quizzes.

Consider using a recruitment agency

Recruitment agencies can take away much of the stress of sourcing applicants, however you should ensure that you hire the right kind of recruitment agency. Local agencies are better suited for low paid jobs that don’t require as many niche skills. If you’re looking for high skilled professionals you may be better off using an executive headhunting agency such as this one http://www.eagleheadhunters.co.uk/executive-headhunter/. These companies go out looking for the best talent rather than letting applicants come to them.

Don’t rush the interview process

It’s important to make enough time for interviews so that you can interview as many applicants as possible and get a good understanding of each of them. Too many employers only interview a small selection of applicants in order to save time but this might not give you a good idea of all the kinds of applicants out there. You also don’t want applicants to feel the process is rushed – they should feel that they are your priority.

Consider hiring virtual employees

If your work is largely computer-based or phone-based, you could consider hiring virtual staff. This allows you to recruit employees from a wider area rather than relying on talent that is local to you. You can also hire lots of employees without having large premises.

Introduce a trial shift/probationary period

Trial shifts and probationary periods can allow you to see how good applicants are in action and can give you the chance to dismiss them if they’re not the right fit. This could prevent you taking on a bad employee who seemed right during the interview process. Applicants still need to be paid for trial shifts/probationary periods, so bear this in mind.

Improve your company training

Training is an essential part of the hiring process that shouldn’t be skimped on. If new employees don’t feel they’ve been trained well enough, they’re more likely to leave within the first few months as they won’t feel valued. Even employees with experience need to be shown how you do things in your company.

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