Why Photography Is A Good Resolution!

*This is a collaborative post*

A person can have a lot of resolutions for the new year, some to do with physical and mental health, others about their need to be creative, and some are to just have more fun with! Any way you’ve made yourself a New Years resolution, some are going to be more rewarding than others at the end of the year; it’s all going to hinge on your commitment and love for what you’re about to do! And often, there’s no resolution more rewarding than choosing to make art for yourself. With that in mind, take life further towards the digital with a few of the reasons why photography might be great for you.

You Can Play With Shots

When you take a photo, you have a copy of it forever (until you delete it!) and that means you can do whatever you want with it. And there’s no better use of your shots than building up on your artistic skills with them! Drawing is a skill in high demand these days, and often enough a design company will take you on just because you can pencil out a straight line.

So there’s a lot you can do when it comes to working on a photo you’ve taken.You can recreate your image with your own hand, making beautiful paintings and drawings, or you can how to use photoshop at the same time. Run it through a design program or some editing software and there’s plenty of touches you can add to it. Digital art is often what we find online nowadays, and a lot of work goes into them!

There’s Plenty of Travel Opportunities

Imagine capturing the sunrise over the mountains in the East, or getting recorded evidence of the amount of native animals in the far West. You can go all over the globe with a camera and reserve every moment for posterity! Maybe once you get more confident with your skill you’ll go overseas just for the photoshooting opportunities, and let people see the great work you can do! Or maybe you just want to see the world and keep the memories for the rest of your life; the possibilities when it comes to travelling with such a trusty sidekick are endless.

If you want to follow in this kind of vein, you can upload the shots you take to sites that offer copyright and royalties to you whenever someone wants to use your top quality image, or you can build an online portfolio for free.

It Can Lead to a Profession

Once you make a style for yourself, you can can get others interested in it! Take Vittore Buzzi photographer services as an example here, with specialisations common in the photography industry. You can build a whole career off of what you do well specifically, so it isn’t really a bother if you can’t manage certain tricks of the trade!

Take a photo once a day this New Year; you never know what you’ll look back on!

*Contributed by Sam Jones

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