Create A Room You'll Want To Live In Forever*

Creating a space in your home that you love and feel relaxed in is so important these days; especially as life can be so fast paced and hectic. Having a bit of 'you' time in a place that fills you with happiness and joy can not only reduce your stress levels but also give you a sense of safety and security. Here is a guide to help you create the space of your dreams in a few simple steps...

Somewhere relaxing to sit

Having a comfy place to sit and relax is probably one of the most important elements in making your new room a place you want to be. Somewhere you can snuggle up with a book or to sit back and watch tv with friends or a loved one.

Think about lighting

Lighting can make a huge difference to the look and feel of a room, especially if it’s a smaller room or one that doesn't get a lot of natural day light in it. Don't just think about ceiling lights, perhaps add a floor lamp or table lamp to create a more subtle effect. The type of light bulb you use can also change the feel of a room. A white light will make it feel brighter but generally more cold as it can look like quite a blue light; whereas a warm white light will make the room feel warm and cosy but the light wont be so bright, so it really depends what you are looking for.

Keep decorations simple

Adding a few simple touches to a room in terms of accessories can make an empty room feel warm, cozy and lived in. The end goal is to make the room feel finished, but not overdone or too cluttered. A few simple ways to do this would be by adding pieces of art such as these gorgeous pieces from Evolution Fine Art that come in various different shapes and sizes, something for any style room.

Soft colours invite relaxation

At the end of the day, you want to feel able to relax in the space you've created. The best way to do this is to think about the colours that you find most relax you. It's unlikely that these will be bright and bold colours but obviously depends on your taste and the look you are trying to achieve. The most popular colours are either pastels or slightly off whites like magnolia. Having a true white wall can often feel clinical and too bright, but by adding a smaller amount of warmth you can really make all the difference. It also depends on the type of furniture you will have in the room and any other accessories like art, photographs, rugs... etc.

Hopefully these tips will give you some ideas on how you might go about creating your dream living space.

*Guest written for GirlGoneDreamer by a third party

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