Choosing The Right Men's Workout Clothing*

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Wearing the right mens gym clothing is just as important as having the right kind of workout routine. However, many people don’t know that wearing ill-fitting or poorly-designed gym apparel may not only cause style disasters or embarrassing situations, but can also increase the risk of serious physical injuries.

The fabric from which gym clothes are made is also important; for example, while natural fabrics are less likely to irritate the skin, they may not have the appropriate elasticity to allow freedom of movement while doing your workout. The sheer number of shapes, sizes, and designs to choose from can be quite confusing. Hopefully this guide will help you to choose the right kind of men's gym clothes to wear for your workout.

Gym clothes share one main goal, to keep the body warm in order to lessen the chances of getting muscle cramps and other physical injuries during the workout. Aside from this, well-designed gym clothes allow great freedom of motion.

Gym Hoodies and Sweatshirts
Gym hoodies and sweatshirts are useful in keeping muscles warm. They are usually worn while on the way to gym or after the workout. Gym hoodies and sweatshirts ideally have a sufficient number of pockets where the wearer can store valuables like your wallet, car keys, gym ID…etc.
For safety reasons, hoodies should be removed whilst inside the gym, as the hood may get stuck in exercise equipment such as the leg press machine, causing injuries.

Compression Apparel
Compression clothing serves two main purposes, to minimise friction between the skin and the gym clothes and to keep the muscles warm. Typically made from spandex or some other synthetic material, compression clothes help prevent painful chafing and muscle cramps.

Exercise Bottoms
Aside from offering better airflow, clothing items such as exercise shorts and trousers are more elastic than regular trousers worn at home (even that of relaxed jogging bottoms), for example. Most exercise bottoms available today are made from either cotton or polyester. Some athletes prefer cotton because it's so comfortable to wear, while others prefer polyester and similar synthetic materials because they generally provide better support during high-impact activities like running. Some exercise bottoms (e.g., tights and leggings) may also be classified as compression apparel.

Training Shirts
Training shirts, just like compression apparel, keep the body warm during workouts in order to prevent muscle cramps. They also allow air to flow more freely around the sweat-prone body parts, such as underarms. Some training shirts, like long-sleeved shirts, t-shirts, and tank tops, are available with enhanced features, such as antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties. These are essential within apparel used for intense physical activity.

In summary, men's gym clothes serve three basic purposes: to keep the body warm, to absorb excess body moisture, and to allow good airflow. Gym hoodies are worn for warmth before and after the workout. Compression apparel minimize friction to prevent chafing, and may be worn as a standalone outfit or as an inner layer of clothing. Exercise bottoms and training shirts should fit snugly to prevent accidents, but not so tight as to impede respiration. Gym robes are used to dry oneself after the post-workout shower.

For great comfort and a more natural feel, cotton-based fabrics are the way to go. For durability and maximum stretch, synthetic fabrics are the way to go. Gym clothes should be able to keep the body warm while at the same time, allow a good rate of airflow and reducing moisture. They should also fit well so they won’t get caught on the gym equipment or rub against your skin and cause blisters. Lastly, make sure you remember the balance between modesty and style when choosing gym clothes, no-one wants to see butt cracks or things peeking out that really shouldn't be!

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