Would You Go Under The Knife To Look Good?*

*This is a collaborative post*

It's that time of year again! The Christmas and New Year's feasting period is drawing to a close and as with the beginning of every new year, gyms across the country have been welcoming new members in record numbers with delight, knowing that most of these people will have probably stopped visiting the gym within the first month of their six month or yearly contract.

Awareness of one's own body image is an omnipresent factor for most of us as we go about our daily lives. In recent years we have seen a culture shift with regards to male grooming and the targeted marketing of menswear labels portraying Greek god like figures advertising underwear or the likes. So as I and so many others embark on a quest of “getting in shape”, there are others who may be looking for other ways and methods in which to beautify themselves.

I know of a few young women who in their early twenties began having Botox injections, mainly in the forehead area due to the appearance of perfectly normal and charming lines appearing when they either smiled or laughed or frowned. It made me actually question just how intense the whole issue of bodily image actually is and actually to some degree it enlightened me as to the potential psychological factors (good and bad) of those who choose to take up cosmetic surgery as a route to happiness. One of the women I knew was absolutely beautiful looking, but she obviously felt so down about how she looked that she was willing to endure a phobia of needles in order to help her feel better and more confident in herself.

Medical Science is certainly improving and advancing all the time and I feel like if cosmetic surgery is going to help someone to feel better then why not have a little surgical intervention? Eventually it will be routine, human-kind's fascination with remaining aesthetically youthful has and shall always persist. I have another friend who actually had her father pay for a modest breast implant procedure when she turned twenty one as a birthday present. She described herself as flat chested and all the usual self-loathsome stuff, she didn't feel good about herself at all and her own negative perceptions of her body image were actually affecting her mood in quite a serious way. Since having the operation she hasn't looked back, she is confident, and happy in her appearance. 

It's funny really how the societal perceptions of cosmetic surgery have formed. I for instance have had my teeth worked on in terms of having braces to straighten and re-align my teeth in my youth. I feel ultimately that cosmetic procedures are going to become almost as routine as one's trip to the dentist. Maybe not now but certainly in the future.

Fortunately we live in an age whereby such a procedure is both common place and relatively simple, but it doesn't end there. For example, with regards to Breast Surgeries there is a relatively new kind of surgery being performed in the US called the Bellesoma Method. This is different to the traditional method and represents just another step forward in this area of cosmetic surgery. One of the elements of the Bellesoma Method is that it involves lifting the breasts further up the breast wall, leaving an improved more natural look but without many of the negatives and drawbacks of traditional breast implant/reduction surgeries. I find it fascinating seeing the kinds of developments being made in technology and in our understanding of the anatomy and of how to intervene in it. For me, for now, down to the gym I go . . . Wish me luck . . .

*Written by Michael David

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