Creative Solutions to Keep Your Home Toasty this Winter*

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Now that the weather is getting colder and it’s getting frosty outside, you might notice how inefficient your home is at keeping warm. There are lots of great ideas and creative solutions for keeping your house toasty warm this winter. Whether you want to be environmentally friendly or just want the cheapest and most efficient methods out there, there are some ideas here for everyone. Making your home more energy efficient can make living in it a lot more pleasant and enjoyable for the whole family. There is nothing better than a cosy house when it’s cold out, so here are some creative solutions to achieve that.

Get an Open Fire

This will be sure to get your home really toasty. If you have an older house, you can always open up the fireplace, or make it so it’s usable again. The only downside would be that you do have to keep on top of buying firewood, coal, or kindling sticks. Remembering to get them, and making sure you have enough to see you through the night will be a regular task for you come winter. An open fire can be a great way to heat your home. The whole family will want to be in the living room, and it will definitely give your home a cosy and lived in feel.


This is a popular choice for many people and will be just a one off payment before you can start seeing results. Insulation can come in many forms and you can insulate your attic or even your walls. Putting insulative materials into your walls means heat won’t escape easily and your central heating won’t have to work as hard to maintain the temperature of your home. Whether you get it in your loft or the walls, it will do the same thing. Investing in oil tanks for your home is another way to heat it. You can also get insulation made from recycled materials, which is just as effective if you wanted an environmentally friendly solution to home heating.

Space Heater

This is a small portable heater that can easily heat a small space. This might be a more efficient solution than having your whole house heated. If you are sitting down in one room for the evening, or there is one part of your house that is particularly cold, this could be a cost effective option for you.

Heat Checks

Getting someone to come round and check if your heating and house is working right can also be a way to know what solution is best for you. Asking a professional means you can find out if there is something drastically inefficient about the way your house runs. They could also suggest the best ways to make your house energy efficient.

Having a cosy and warm house this winter is something everybody wants, and a decision that could ultimately save you money too. Checking out your options and what works best for your home is a good first step.

*Contributed by Sam Jones


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  1. I wish I could have an open fire, they're the best way to stay warm and also look so cosy and inviting. Sadly I'm stuck freezing in my little rented house with single-glazed windows haha!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety


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