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If you've been following GirlGoneDreamer for a while then you may have noticed that I love to talk about anything related to home and living. And today is no different! I'm a long way off being able to purchase my own property - sad face - but in the meantime while I continue to pay off debts and save money, I'm making plans for how I'd like my first home to look.


Ideally - in a dream world - I'd love a large traditional style kitchen in neutral colours with an island and farm-house style table. I can really envisage myself, apron clad, baking treats for family and hosting dinner parties for my friends. If you've ever seen the 1992 movie Christmas In Connecticut then you'll know that that's my kind of kitchen. 


I've grown up having a conservatory attached to our house - my dad built it - and so I'd want a property with a conservatory backing out onto a lush green garden. In the summer it's lovely to just sit in there and relax. The downside is in winter when it just gets so cold. We usually shut the inner doors to keep any warmth in the main body of the house. I'd opt for direct bifold doors to separate the dining/kitchen area from my own conservatory to retain any heat and also still allow in plenty of light. 

Living Room

I'm currently into shabby chic, minimalism and neutral colours so I'd go for one feature wall and have the rest of the room painted in a light colour. Over the fireplace would hang a large ornate mirror which would serve for two purposes. Firstly it'd be handy if I was dashing out the door and needed to check if I looked okay, and secondly apparently mirrors create the illusion of more space. I've always wanted a luxury plush cream carpet, one that my feet can sink into after a long day. My mum says me and cream carpets would not go well together. I am rather clumsy so perhaps I'd have to ban the red wine! A reclining sofa is a must as my sister already has one and I just love chilling on it under a blanket watching TV. For home-ware accessories I'd opt for candlesticks on the mantle-piece, elegant ornaments, coffee table books, a plant or two and photos of my loved ones. Of course I'd also need a huge TV for when I'm watching my faves such as Grey's. 


I'd love a bedroom with a similar vibe to the living room in neutral colours but with a more luxury feel. In a perfect world I'd have a 'his and hers' en-suite, but beggars can't be choosers so I'll settle for what I can afford come the time I apply for a mortgage. I quite fancy an elaborate light such as a chandelier or one made out of crystal and at the end of my four poster bed I'd have a plush ottoman or upholstered bedroom bench.

On browsing for properties it would seem that my price range won't allow for very much so maybe I shouldn't get my hopes up for my dream house yet. But then they don't call me GirlGoneDreamer for nothing do they? :)

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