How to Choose Gifts for Men: Aftershave, Razors and Sets this Christmas*

*This is a collaborative post*

Buying gifts for men can be hard. They mention a gadget they like, but buy it themselves a month before Christmas; you’re left scratching your head and browsing online for anything he might like. However, there is hope. Aftershave, razors, balms and shaving sets are all luxury items that are also practical. We have worked with the English Shaving Company to bring you the very best tips on how to choose gifts for men.

Whether it’s your brother, husband, or friend, every man thinks about his facial hair. Rather than wasting your time combing the web, why not buy him something that’s both practical and luxurious? A shaving set is a great place to start. (If your man has got a beard and doesn’t shave, then scroll down a bit further for gift tips for bearded men!)

Shaving Sets

Shavings sets can range in size and quality, including anything from aftershaves to a full razor and brush. It means they’re a great choice because they can cater to all budgets and requirements. You can get anything from luxury, designer brands like Edwin Jagger, to cheaper ranges. Whether you want a stocking filler or main gift, a shaving set can work.

When you’re choosing your set, it can be overwhelming with how many options there are, but don’t panic. Firstly, think about what your man, brother or friend currently uses (if you don’t know, try to ask without giving it away!). Whether he uses cartridge razor, like a Gillette Fusion, or a double edge safety razor, ensure that the razor you buy is of the same variety. Once you’ve narrowed this down, you can a browse through shaving sets to find the one that suits your price goal and your man’s tastes the best.


Thanks to the mix of designer brands and standard brands, aftershaves also cater to all budgets. They’re a bit more purse-friendly than full sets, however, as even luxury brands offer aftershaves for under £10. It means they’re perfect for stocking fillers!

When you’re choosing an aftershave, think about what fragrance the man in question would prefer. You can get anything from a traditionally masculine sandalwood to something a bit more smokey and alluring, like bergamot and cardamom. Unlike buying a razor, buying an aftershave can be a bit more experimental as most men like to try new fragrances. It’s also good to have a range so every occasion is covered!

If your man has a beard…

If your man doesn’t shave but prefers to grow a beard, there are a huge range of beard products available that make fantastic gifts for Christmas (or any time of year!).

Just like shaving, beard products come in a range of different prices so you can find the one that suits both your man and your Christmas plans. The packaging for all these items has that special and luxurious look too, making them the perfect gift. You can choose a beard balm (moisturising both the hair and the skin), a beard comb (if your man’s locks are a little out of control!) or even beard shampoo.

Despite how weird it sounds, beard shampoo is actually incredibly useful: facial hair shouldn’t be washed with standard soap as it can become coarse and the skin can become dry. If your man suffers from dry skin or a coarse beard, this could be a fantastic choice for a Christmas gift.

Getting Creative…

If you think a shaving set is a fantastic idea, but you can’t find the one that has that perfect aftershave or beard balm, then why not make you own? It’s a great way to create a present that’s really personal and suited to the man you have in mind. You can include whatever items you know he’ll love from a razor to a beard comb. Buy a high quality wash bag to keep it altogether and you have the perfect gift for any man.

So don’t despair in finding a gift for you dad, husband, brother or friend. A shaving set or beard products are the perfect solution that can suit any man. They are not only practical, but offer that splash of luxury that everyone expects at Christmas!

*Written on behalf of the English Shaving Company

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