Tips For Garden Furniture Storage All Year Round*

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Whether your garden furniture is wrought iron, teak, pine, Rattan Direct or any other high quality material, it’s important that it’s kept in top condition throughout the year.

Brand new garden furniture may look great, but even the highest quality garden furniture needs care and attention to keep it looking its best over time.

With the changing seasons come many changes in weather conditions: wind, rain, sun, snow and ice can all cause problems with outdoor furniture. To minimise wear and tear, and keep your garden furniture strong and durable, read on for some helpful tips on how best to store it, and keep it looking and working great in both summer and winter.

Care for Garden Furniture in Summer

During the summer months is likely when your garden furniture will be getting the most use. Whether you’re hosting an outdoor dinner party, barbeque or simply enjoying a good book in the sunshine, your garden furnishings should look and feel great all summer long.

Even English summers bring milder weather and more sunshine. Prolonged exposure to heat and sunlight can cause your metal, wooden and plastic garden furniture to become damaged, misshapen or sun-bleached. An English summer often brings with it more than just sunshine, and short wet spells can be damaging to your outdoor furniture, even if the temperatures are warm.

Keep your furniture protected by making sure it is kept reasonably clean and clear any twigs or leaves that may fall on it, as these can cause staining. You can wipe or hose down your garden furniture with soapy water and a sturdy scrubbing brush.

Care for Garden Furniture in Winter

During winter, you may use your garden furniture less but don’t forget about looking after it as the nights draw in and the temperatures drop. If you’re not using your furniture at all during the colder months, use waterproof materials to cover it up. If your furniture is made of unprotected materials like wicker, untreated woods or metal, ideally it should be kept indoors: store in a shed or in a garage to keep it safe from weather-induced problems.

Many materials used for garden furniture are designed to be weather-resistant - rattan, teak and pine are examples of weather-resistant woods commonly used - but over time even these can become degraded and damaged. Make sure you cover them with properly fitted furniture covers to protect them from wind, rain, snow and ice over the winter.

How to Look After Metal Outdoor Furniture

Metal furniture may be durable but it needs regular care to keep it in top condition. Keep your metal garden furniture clean using simple detergent and lukewarm water, and use a scrubbing brush to get rid of any rust that may have accumulated.

Use a metal primer to help neutralise and reduce rust, and use furniture spray paint to keep the surface fresh and protected against oxidation and other damage. You can also use car wax to protect your metal furniture from weather-related problems.

How to Look After Wicker Outdoor Furniture

To keep wicker items in top condition throughout the year, make a solution of bleach and water and gently apply to get rid of any mildew or mould, before washing down with water and leaving to dry. Wicker furniture can be more susceptible to problems caused by moisture: consider using moisture repellent on the legs and store with the legs off the ground to reduce the risk of damp-related problems.

How to Look After Wooden Outdoor Furniture

Different woods require different kinds of care to keep them in top condition.

For teak or cedar, soak the surface in a bleach solution for a few days to clean. Sand down the surfaces and apply a wood oil to replenish the natural oils that keep the furniture durable and weather-resistant.

For furniture made of woods other than cedar or teak, use a bleach solution and rinse down straight away, before leaving to dry. You can then use a water repellent and a coat of wood wax to keep your wooden furniture protected outdoors.

How to Look After Plastic Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor plastic furniture care is very simple. Use soap and lukewarm water to wash any dirt off and store in a cool, dry place when not in use.

If you follow these tips, your outdoor furniture will last longer and stay looking great, no matter the season. 

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