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If only we were so na├»ve as to buy the recent “all-natural” Instagram craze, where the famous and us mere mortals alike post filter-free images of complexions the Greek goddess of beauty would envy. Unlike Aphrodite, we know all too well that this one image of supposed perfection is not achieved without effort and skill.
Walking around all radiant and zit-free as soon as you open your eyes is possible, but only if you stick to a solid, skin-friendly routine for months on end, even when your cycle strives to mess it all up by changing your hormonal balance. Still looking for that one and only routine your complexion and your wallet will love? Read on and we’re sure you’ll realize your search has finally come to an end!

Cleansing is not optional

Every day, your skin goes through hell and back just because of the environment you live in. As you can imagine, the urban lifestyle doesn’t flatter your complexion, as it overburdens it with all kinds of pollution – air, noise and water being just the most unavoidable on the list.
That’s why your twice-a-day wash in the morning and before bed can make an enormous difference in safeguarding your sensitive skin. Choosing gentle ingredients such as mild soaps with coconut, almond or other oils, goat milk and similar nourishing elements will purify, cleanse and feed your starving pores.

Sun-proofing your complexion

Don’t let the cloudy skies deceive you! As soon as you walk out the front door, you are bombarded by UV rays your skin doesn’t care for very much, unless, that is, you start using sun protection. It’s not just the premature lines or crow’s feet you should worry about, the issues span way beyond aesthetic, as this harmful radiation can increase your risk of sunburn and melanoma.
That’s why choosing your trusty sun-proofing sidekick can give you a peace of mind even during those hot summer days, while wearing stylish hats and shades can add an extra layer of protection. Think: mineral-based, zinc oxide-rich sunscreens that are designed to use natural ingredients to protect and heal.

Weekly scrubs

Clogged pores, extra oil, annoying zits and dirt debris collecting to form those beloved blackheads? We’ve all been there. And no matter how hard you try, they always find a way back especially when you’re getting ready for a memorable event. But if you give your skin an extra kick with an occasional deep-cleansing session, you might just achieve your beauty goal!
All skin types can benefit from skincare based on activated charcoal, a mighty ingredient that, despite its unsightly exterior, provides a deep-reaching cleanse perfect for your weekly exfoliation. Simple but powerful, this ugly duckling of ingredients will be your secret beauty weapon to keep your skin pure and radiant.

Tricks of the trade

Not everyone is dazzled by a bathroom shelf bending in due to a hefty collection of bottles and packs. If you’re a minimalist and a practical soul, learning a few handy tricks can save you plenty of cash, plus give you a quick solution for a complexion-related conundrum.
Instead of your pricey makeup remover, why not use a dab of coconut oil, while just a cool water splash in the morning can do wonders for your puffy eyes! We’ve all heard this one, but dreaded to try it, but your haemorrhoid cream can in fact help with dark circles under your eyes.

Nourishment within

Perfecting your daily skincare routine will do absolutely no good unless the very foundation of your health, your diet, is skin-friendly. This means banishing those processed goodies with so much high-calorie but zero nutritional value snacks – chips, bakery goods, candy, canned foods and the like.
The high trans-fat and simple-carb intake will wreak havoc on your complexion, not to mention your overall health. Swap them with delicious healthy treats, such as fresh fruits, veggies, plenty of versatile protein sources such as additive-free fish, poultry, beef, dairy and legumes, don’t get skimpy on the nuts and seeds, and your skin will be forever grateful.

Mia Taylor is a fashion and beauty enthusiast from Sydney and writer for www.highstylife.com. She loves writing about her life experiences. Travelling and enjoying other cultures and their food with her husband is a big part of her life. She is always on the lookout for new trends in fashion and beauty, and considers herself an expert when it comes to lifestyle tips.

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