Reinvention: 4 Ways To Do You*

*This is a collaborative post*

Every now and then, you may look at your life and decide whether you are living the life you want. If you are, then massive round of applause to you as you are clearly living the way you want to live and enjoying it. If you aren’t, then it’s time for some self-reflection. Reinvention means taking what you have and changing it into something better. Blending into life is not how to live it; you need to stand up, speak out and be confident in who you are and how you choose to be. It is never too late to reinvent the person you are into the person you want to be – it’s just not always easy to do it.

When you find yourself standing at a crossroads and you have no idea which direction to take, you need to recognise the juncture for what it is. It’s a moment to reset your choices and go a completely different way to what you are used to, and if this opportunity presents itself to you, take it! Contrary to popular belief, reinvention doesn’t always mean a sassy haircut and a dramatic colour change. It’s choosing to look at your situation, from career to finances to your home, and simplify it. We’ve got four ways you can simplify your life and reinvent yourself into someone who resembles the butterfly you were always meant to be.

  1. Declutter The Home. The satisfaction you get from clearing out your living space is amazing. Changing the bedding, repainting the lounge and even replacing the crockery to something prettier are all subtle and small changes, but they are ones that you can rely on for reinvention. Declutter the things you don’t need. If you haven’t used it in 6 months? It’s not a necessity.

  2. Declutter Your Finances. One of the biggest way you can reinvent yourself and take the pressure out of life is to look into personal loans for debt consolidation. Debt is a stressful thing to cope with and balancing your income against your outgoings isn’t always easy. Take control of the debts and get advice from websites like these to put you in control.

  3. Declutter Your Look. All the advice books tell you that if you are facing a big life change, don’t pull a Britney circa 2007 and change your look in a dramatic way. Declutter your wardrobe and your makeup bag and take yourself shopping! Find things that make your heart sing and simplify the look you have while sharpening it up!

  4. Declutter Your Career. Are you in a job you hate? Do you daydream about the career you could have had? Ask yourself what’s stopping you from chasing that dream again. If you have the breath in your lungs you can take a step and go back to school. Don’t let age or time be a factor here when they don’t need to be.
Life doesn’t have to be complicated and difficult and if you have the power to take control and reinvent yourself to be the person you’ve always longed to be, go for it!

*Post contributed by Sam Jones

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