Etsy Treasures

Hello lovely readers! An impromptu blog post here just because I wanted to share my cute new Etsy finds.
You may have already read my prior post featuring Jemma aka Dorkface... Yes!? No? If you missed it you can catch up with this link.
(Pretty please do have a nosey so you can read more about Jemma. She's an incredible lady!)
In that post I mentioned her gorgeous sticker range so I decided to go one further and share her lovely creations with you all.
Featured in the header photo above is just some of the designs she's created.
As a child and even into my teens I was an avid sticker collector. These days I don't collect them as such but I still love buying them to adorn everything from my notebooks to my makeup bags.
If you want to buy stickers from Dorkface's Etsy shop, just copy/paste this link
My second 'must follow' Etsy shop is Martha and Hepsie. I previously shared some of their gorgeous notecards in this post...
I didn't know that they also made notebooks but after perusing their Instagram feed I discovered these cute designs so I got straight onto Etsy to nab a couple.
Want one too?
You can get yours by checking out this link

My final Etsy buy is another notebook but this time from DizzyMissJames.
I fell in love with this as soon as I spotted the pastel colours. And who can resist unicorns!? Not me! Obviously I just HAD to have one! ;)
A girl can never have too many notebooks. Especially if she's a writer!
You can check out DizzyMissJames' Etsy shop by copy/pasting this link

Sorry for the tardy links today. *Hides behind hands. Either blogger or my computer is playing up. Links weren't working. At least this way you can still check out the relevant sites.

Hope the week is treating you all kindly. Until weekend...

Lots of love xxx


  1. These are all so cute, I love the unicorn notebook. Great post lovely!

    Ella xx

    1. Thanks Ella! Always nice to get feedback. I'm obsessed with Etsy! So much gorgeous stuff xx


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