Love of Etsy notecards

I stumbled across Etsy only recently. Before that I was totally that girl that looked blank at every mention of Etsy/Snapchat/Pinterest etc. And although I haven't mastered the latter two yet (give it time) Etsy is now one of many constant open tabs on my phone so I can browse at will.

I must have spent my life living under a rock to have missed this little gem of a website. What makes it even more marvellous is that so many of the items are home/handmade.

I'm a huge advocate of supporting local and smaller businesses so naturally I decided to make a few purchases. I opted to go with these notecards because they were so unique and pretty. They look right at home with all my other inspirational bits and bobs although my brother and nephew have put dibs on a couple!

Here are my favourites... Are you an avid Etsy shopper too? Do let me know which have been your favourite purchases! xxx


CJDESIGNSPAPER is based in Leeds.
'Luxury Card And Stationery For The Style Conscious.'
Click HERE to visit Catherine's Etsy shop.

VeraLaLune is based in Burnham.
'Stylish and funny greeting cards for all occasions.'
Click HERE to visit Rebecca's Etsy shop.
FoxAndVelvet are based in Liverpool.
'Mid Century Modern Illustrated Prints And Cards.'
Click HERE to visit their Etsy shop.

 As above.
martha and hepsie are based in Sheffield.
I'd describe their designs as quirky, quaint and unique.
Click HERE to visit their Etsy shop.

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  1. These are great! I don't really use Etsy a lot, mainly because I hate ordering online as I don't like to wait for anything. Haha. Doesn't that make me sound awful?! But I love shopping on Dorkface's Etsy - her sticker packs are amaze! x x


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