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Hello all! Hope life is treating you kindly. I cannot believe that we're into July. Secretly I'm getting rather excited as it means Christmas is drawing ever nearer. Those that follow me already may remember that it's my favourite time of year. Yes I can hear your groans lol! 

With it being a brand new month I'm also featuring new advertisers in my sidebar. I'd like to introduce you all to Katie, Rebecca Jane, Aimee and Andrew. Please do show them your support as you have done me over the last twelve months. Go check out their websites and give them a follow if you fancy! Happy weekend, happy reading... Justine xxx

Hi! My name's Katie and I blog over at Kaleidoscope peonies - a relatively new blog which I'm having so much fun with, verging on obsessed. 
I graduated from Liverpool Uni last year after studying English and recently returned from traveling South East Asia, Indonesia and Australia - hence my two favourites; travel and literature. 
My blog features a little bit of everything, beauty, literature, travel and lifestyle. 
Have a look if you'd like a giggle!

I'm Rebecca Jane and I'm a lifestyle blogger living in the gorgeous Scottish countryside. 
I love my beautiful dog, Bandit and we spend a lot of time wandering around our picturesque town. 
I post life advice, beauty reviews, book recommendations and the odd topical post. 
I'm usually always on Twitter if you want to chat and am a very 'granny-like' person.
All the hugs.
All the love.


Hi! I'm Aimee and I've only been blogging a year. To be honest, I've never really stuck at anything this long but blogging has felt like the perfect fit from the moment I wrote my first ever blog post. (Which was, - if I remember correctly - about cat toys ha ha!)
I really do enjoy blogging and I love that people take the time out of their day to read my words!
So what else do I do besides blogging?
I'm a cat mama - and my little cat takes up a lot of my time and attention! (He's very spoilt!)
I also love reading and you'll find some book related posts on my blog.
And shopping! (There's always haul posts on my blog too!)
I hope you'll visit my little old blog. I don't really have a niche so I think (*hope) that there's something for everyone there!

My Facebook page for the blog is

Hi, I'm Andy - I write comedy novels and I run, although not at the same time. I had my debut novel '26 Miles to the Moon' published last year which features a unique mix of rockets, tattoos, catnapping, running, cross-dressing, skulduggery, New York, and nudity on the London Eye. Judging from reviews, people are loving it, so check it out if you want an easy read and a bit of fun.
This year I've been helping fellow authors with advice and editing, and attempting to sound like I know what I'm talking about.
I love football and most sports, reading, travelling, cats, photography and I have an irregular blog that covers most of these. I'm currently undertaking my biggest challenge - father of a toddler. A PhD in tantrums awaits...

Check out my website 
Head on over to Amazon to get your FREE kindle edition or the paperback for £9.99!

*All photos except header taken from relevant websites/blogs. Copyright not my own.
*And to any of you clever clogs, before you say it... :) Yes I l know the dates on the calendar are wrong. It's an older one which was a gift but kept as I loved the cute pictures. But well done if you paid that much attention.

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  1. Haha I hadn't even noticed the dates were wrong till you pointed it out xD Thanks for having me this month hun x x


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