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I think it's nice to spread a bit of blog love around so today I'm sharing with you my recent favourite blog reads. If you've been following me for a while then you know even before you scroll down this page that Dorkface and Hello Miss Jordan are gonna be featured ha ha! If you don't already follow these girls, then go do it now. They consistently produce amazing blog posts and photos. Forget Zoella. It's all about these two for me. Happy reading. Happy Sunday! xxx

'Thank You' by

Jemma is the brains and talent behind blog 'Dorkface' and also the growing bloggers community 'GirlGang.' Click HERE for more info or to join for free. The caption on her Instagram account reads 'Colourful blogger/illustrator hoping to inspire.' Well you can certainly see for yourself just how much colour this lady injects into everything she does. But in terms of inspiring? I can honestly say that Jemma continues to motivate and inspire me EVERY single day. It's no easy feat making a decision to work freelance full time and yet she's doing it. Bloomin' brilliantly too if you ask me! Not only that but she seems to have her hand in every pie going. Pop along to her Etsy shop and you can even get stickers designed by the lady herself! I got some in the mail the other day and the girls at work were all cooing over them. One other thing to note about Jemma's blog, she knows how to keep it real. Which is what blogging is meant to be about right? An honest sometimes raw account of every day life. Jemma ticks all the boxes with Dorkface. Click HERE to be redirected to Jemma's website. And if you want to check out or even buy some of her cute stickers just click right HERE! :)

Other favourite reads from Dorkface... 9 Easy Ways To Support Your Favourite Bloggers, 2016 Blog Goals Update, I'm Making Stickers, The Guilt I Carry, Help Me I Need To See The World, 50 Thoughts This Week, Five Things I've Learned About Relationships, Struggling A Little, 2 Years Blogging Giveaway... Ok you get the gist. They're all pretty awesome!

Take a glance at the photos below from Jemma's Instagram account (click HERE for more) and you'll instantly see what the attraction is. Always cheerful and full of colour. Puts mine to shame. No I'm not jealous. Really. Well ok, maybe a teensy bit. But I heart this girl BIG time and consider her to be a friend. She's been nothing but lovely and supportive and sorry to get all mushy here but I just feel lucky to know her even a little bit. I can see her doing great things in the future with both her blog and illustration career! Time will tell just how so...

'Washed in Happiness' by

Meet Jordan. Real life Disney Princess. No really. You ought to see her Instagram pics!! I've shared some below. It has to be said that I am slightly in awe of this lady. She is incredibly talented and beautiful to boot. The competitive side in me says that there should be a smidge of jealousy, but instead I find myself just adoring her and willing her to succeed in everything she does. Jordan's posts are always just so 'readable' (for want of a better word) and the fashion photos look like they've been styled by a professional. I lust after most of her outfits and damn if I could look just half as good as her then I'd be one happy bunny! The other thing that gets me is just how nice she is! Like REALLY nice. She'll always take time out of her busy schedule to reply to an email or message. Yup. Jordan is a star in the making alright. Watch this space...

Other favourite reads from Hello Miss Jordan... The Misunderstood Curse of Shyness, The Rapunzel Ring, Fields of Gold, A Goodbye to Brighton, Where Have I Been, Summer Styling with New Look. So basically every post! :) Click HERE to be redirected to Jordan's website.

Photos like THESE are why you should go follow Jordan's Instagram account. Click HERE to see more!

*All photos taken from respective blogs and Instagram accounts except header image which is my own. Lipstick stickers from Dorkface Etsy shop.


  1. Loved reading through this.
    I enjoy finding new blogs!

    1. Me too. I'm always on the lookout for new must read blogs! xx

  2. I love these two ladies and I think what is great about seeing the two of them in this post is how DIFFERENT they are from each other. It really shows that there is so much room in the blogging community for people with different personalities who have their own voices. I haven't met Jemma IRL (yet!) but I have met Jordan and she's just as lovely offline.

    Aisling | anthologie.

    1. They really are so different right? But both equally amazing! And yes you're spot on. There is room for all of us, we've each got our own unique 'thing' to give. Thanks for your comment lovely! xx


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