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You can bet your bottom dollar that there'll be zillions of Valentine's posts doing the rounds this weekend. But this isn't one of them. I'm going against the grain and writing about something else... Blogging on a budget!

As I've mentioned countless times, I'm trying to rein in any spending whilst I get back on top of my finances. However I also want to keep blogging. Needless to say it can soon get quite costly if you want to do regular product reviews, fashion posts etc etc unless you're one of the rare blogging heavyweights who get sent shedloads of freebies. I'm still currently at the bottom of the food chain. One foot on the bottom rung of the ladder so to speak. But that's not going to stop me! You don't have to spend a lot to ensure you have great content and professional looking photos... Read on! :)


Flat Lay Cheats

Take the flat lay photo above for instance. It's not perfect by any means but I'm happy with how it's turned out given my limited resources. (I'm not lucky enough to own a DSLR... yet!)
Apart from lighting - that old blog photo bugbear - background is key. But if like me you don't have many ideal work surfaces to play with, a cheats way is to invest in some self adhesive film. I bought mine for six pounds a piece from B&Q online in this grain effect and marble too. An instant reusable background!


Think Ahead

Don't use everything in one post. Sure you've just been to Lush or Superdrug and you feel the need to share all your amazing products in one super awesome haul. I get it, I really do. But try to resist that temptation and think ahead. What will you be blogging about in a fortnight? You could do several mini hauls spread out over a few weeks instead.

Bargain Hunting

Charity shops, markets, thrift stores and eBay are great places if you're looking for bargains. I did a post on just that which you can read here. Just make sure you don't end up spending for spending's sake.

Reward Cards

Make the most of your Boots Advantage card! And if you drive... Go get your petrol from Sainsbury's and make full use of their Nectar Card. The points will build before you know it and you'll be able to treat yourself to something.


Products In Exchange For Review

You must have heard of that old chestnut? 'You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.'
If you're feeling brave, approach brands that you would like to work with. See if they'll send you a sample or product in exchange for a review. After all it's free advertising for them and you'll get a blog post out of it without spending a penny! My good friend Aimee of AimeeRaindropWrites did exactly this. You can read her post here...

Content That Costs Nothing

Of course one obvious way to blog on a budget is to write about topics that don't cost anything other than your time.
For instance, you could write about current affairs or a topic that you feel strongly about.
Is your expertise in a subject that might be of use or interest to others?
Share your favourite blogs of the moment.
If you're into crafts, share a 'How To' post.
Upcycle old bits from your room and turn it into something new and funky. Then blog about it! Check out best_upcycler on Instagram for brilliant upcycling ideas!
Do you have any useful blogging tips or life advice? These always seem to go down a treat, as do any motivational posts.
Alternatively, if you're a dab hand with a camera, you could go out for a walk, visit new places or quirky shops and then do a photography themed post.
How many unread books are there gathering dust on your shelf? You've got a book review post right there!
If you're into hair and makeup and you don't mind sharing photos of yourself, try some tutorial posts.
Contact local businesses or writers, anyone you think would make for an interesting interview or write up.
Invite guest bloggers to write a post or two.
Share a wish list.
The world really is your oyster and once you start jotting down ideas, more will come.
If not, look to other blogs for inspiration but just remember that old Judy Garland quote...
'Always be a first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else.'
In other words... Do NOT copy. Just allow yourself to be inspired!

Hope you enjoyed this post and find it of use. Until next week...

Love From Justine xxx



  1. Aww you legend - thank you for mentioning me! Great post with lots of helpful advice :) x x


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