My new favourite obsession is thrifting! There I've said it. I am a thrifter.
I love picking up bargains, bidding on eBay and finding second hand treasures. Not least because I'm on a tight budget while I stick to my debt management plan.

Some people turn their noses up at the thought of second hand stuff but I on the other hand love the fact I'm giving an item a new home rather than it ending up on another landfill.
I'm quite into my eco-fashion these days. Ever since my three nephews came into the world I've felt a heightened sense of responsibility to become more eco friendly. Afterall, it's our children and grandchildren (scary thought) that will be living with the consequences of our actions today. 
On the other hand I know how hugely expensive eco fashion can be. I certainly can't afford to buy into that right now even if I'd love to. But through thrifting, finding pieces that are still in good nick, I've found another way to help the environment but in an affordable way. Just be sure to choose carefully. Some stuff can literally be tat. You have to do a bit of hunting but that's half the fun.
If you fancy grabbing yourself a bargain then check out charity shops, second hand stores, eBay and car boot sales. 
Another website I've discovered if you're on a budget is Everything 5 Pounds. It can be a bit hit and miss truth be told. I've had some stuff arrive that is quite frankly dire. The blazer (which looked lovely online) resembles as my brother put it, 'something a teenager would borrow from his dad's wardrobe to wear to a funeral.' *Hides behind hands. But again if you browse their website thoroughly you can pick up some decent pieces. The green mac photographed above and the black courts were both from E5P. Teamed with my second hand thrift finds from eBay, the whole outfit totals £14.39! Now who could argue with that?

Hope you're all having a fantastic weekend. I'll catch you all same time next Sunday.

Lots of love Justine xxx 


  1. The outfit looks amazing, and I so dearly want that jacket! Green's my favourite colour and this looks perfect *sighs dreamily* The thrift stores around here are substandard at best, and if I want any good finds, I have to head to a store closer to the city and in wealthier suburbs, which is a pain in the arse.

    That said, I still love going to thrift stores, getting bags of clothes from friends and family, and sometimes making clothes myself.


    1. Thanks Stephanie! We don't have that many in my area tbh, but I take the opportunity if ever on an excursion or day out somewhere to see if I can spot any! :) The internet is a good place to find second hand goods though. I got th dress from eBay xx

  2. Actually, in my opinion, I think that buying 'used' clothing is a lot more eco-friendly than buying new eco-fashion. Buying new things just brings more stuff into the world, buying used limits that a bit ;)

    You've definitely found some great pieces in your searches! Sometimes you can really find luck in thrift shops :)


    1. Awww thanks Erin. I agree with you there. I suppose though the workers overseas need us to keep buying new just to keep them in work. Sad really. It's a vicious circle. Eco friendly new usually coincides with fair trade and I'm all for that but it's so expensive. I can't afford that at the moment. They need to target the women who buy into fast fashion if they ever want to make big changes. Which ultimately means lowering the prices! Xx

  3. I love shopping in pre-loved shops, the dress you have acquired is gorgeous especially with the pop of red belt. you really have a good eye for such good quality dressing.

    you have definitely got yourself a new subscriber....meee :)

    1. Awwww how lovely! Thankyou. Hope to keep you suitably entertained in future posts! :) xxx

  4. Definitely a girl after my own heart. I am also a fellow thrifter. I love charity shops for clothes, books, Nick nacks - everything really. Also I love E5P and have had the privilege of collaborating with them through my blog! It was an honour as I have shopped with them for over 4 years! I loved this post and I whole heartedly agree that you can get amazing finds in charity shops!

    What an excellent post and thank you for sharing it with us.

    Charlene McElhinney


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