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Hello! I can't help but break out into 'Adele' every time I say that these days ha ha! Hope you're all having a lovely weekend. I've had one hell of a week! £100 parking ticket amongst other stresses. Moving swiftly on before I climb back onto my soap box...
Today's post was actually inspired by the lovely Jemma of Dorkface. She regularly shares her 'Friday Five' see here. It can be anything, five favourites, five hates etc etc, you get the gist. When I was reading this weeks, I clicked on the five blog links she suggested to visit and so was inspired to share my own five favourite blogs with you. Please do have a nosey at each. These girls have become firm favourites of mine. All I can say is, I don't know how they blog so often when they each have so much on their plate. I know for a fact that Jemma works twelve hours a day just to keep up. She also created the amazing bloggers group - TheGirlGang - which if you are a blogger or are just on Twitter, you'll surely have seen the hashtag being thrown around left, right and centre. If you don't know about it and you're a blogger, click here to read more and join for free. Trust me you won't regret it! :)

As for Flo, besides blogging daily, she works AND runs her own magazine, LoveFrom. Which by the way you can pre-order via email (lovefrommag@gmail.com) for just £1 or if you are like me and prefer to curl up with a brew and printed copy, it's £2.50. If you still aren't sold (which you should be, it's a brilliant little publication)... Not only do I write a column for said magazine but the beautiful Jemma of Dorkface is the cover star on this next issue!

Onto my favourite five bloggers of the moment...

1. Jemma of Dorkface

Twitter: @dorkfaceblog

2. Florence of LoveFromFlorenceGrace

 Twitter: @flomatthews_

3. Jordan of HelloMissJordan

 Twitter: @hellomissjordan

4. Ellie of ElliesFavouriteThings

 Twitter: @ElliesFT

5. Lydia of FashionInflux

Until next time... Love from Justine xxx

*Photos taken from each bloggers website. Copyright not my own.


  1. I haven't heard of a couple of these bloggers, I'll definitely check them out though, thank you for the suggestions! :)

    1. Hi Amy! Always nice if someone discovers a new blog they're going to love! And I just know you'll love these! xx


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