Confrontation Anybody?

I had a bit of an argument with someone this week. I hate confrontation. Hate it. And I hate arguing even though I am probably one of the most argumentative people I know. There's some irony thrown in there somewhere. But when something isn't right or when I'm trying to do something for the good of someone else, the spark within me just lets it all out.

The thing is, I've always been this way. I've always tried to listen to people not just with my ears but with my heart too. (Corny as that might sound.)
I guess what I'm trying to say is, if an opportunity presents itself, to fight for someone or something we believe in, then we have to learn to be ok with confrontation.
Life isn't a bed of roses. What's the alternative? A quiet life? Sit on the fence? Turn a blind eye? I don't think that would ever sit right with me somehow. Sometimes we have to stand our ground and fight for someone else's corner when they can't themselves.
Sure if you want to go through life with no stresses or confrontation then by all means choose ignorance. It is afterall like they say bliss, and I'm not here to judge. I'm certainly not suggesting you go interfering when you're not wanted or needed. But if someone has asked for your help, and you know you might be able to make a difference, would you sit on the fence or would you step in, even if that meant possibly overstepping a mark? Just food for thought!

Have a fantastic week everyone. I'm off to have a very lazy Sunday! :)

Love From Justine xxx



  1. Hey!

    Great post.
    You get better at dealing with confrontation the older you get and you also learn to pick your battles.
    I've never been a fan of arguments but I've learnt that not saying anything leads to you being walked all over.


    1. Hi Claire, thankyou. I think that's very true although I still don't enjoy it that's for sure. But like you say, not saying anything leads to you being walked all over. I usually get embroiled in an argument when I'm standing up for someone or something I believe in. I do tend to be a bit of a doormat when it comes to my own issues. Oops! xx

  2. I must admit I'm not one for confrontation usually. But there's a beast inside me, and if something really rubs me up the wrong way I will 'unleash the beast'....Haha! But I prefer a quiet life, who doesn't? And I guess I do let some things slide, but only the trivial. If something matters, it's worth fighting for! x x

    1. I think there's a beast inside all of us if something riles us enough hun. Like you say, if something matters then it's worth fighting for. Although sometimes I wonder if a quiet life would suit me better? Nah. Who am I kidding? It wouldn't sit right with me if I didn't stand up for people or something I believe in. There's enough injustice in this world. Sometimes you have to speak out for those that can't I guess! xx

  3. I'm the same - I don't like confrontation and I like the quiet life, but I'm very defensive and argumentative.



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