Mini Christmas Haul

Happy weekend everyone! Hope you're enjoying whatever you're doing. I've just got home after a pleasant morning pottering about the shops with my sister and nephews. Of course I made a beeline for all the Christmas stuff as you can probably tell from the header photo. 
I found some really nice items and for bargain prices too... Always a plus when trying to keep the cost down. Here is what I bought...

Festive Gift Bags 50p each, Cadbury Chocolate Santa £1, Lindt Chocolate Santa £2, Strawberry & Pomegranate Fragrance Explosion Bath Bomb & Soap (these smell gorgeous!!) 95p each, Festive Tissue Paper £1 - All from Wilko. Candy Canes £1 for box of 15 - Poundland. Festive Pad & Pen Set £1.99 - Toys R Us.

I also picked up this Christmas Cracker Kit from Toys R Us for £3.99. Every year I traditionally make personalised crackers. Inside each I hide a scratchcard and small gift. They seem to go down a treat plus I love making them. Why not give it a go if you've never tried this?

Have any of you started buying in bits for Christmas yet? 
That's it from me until tomorrow. I'm off to read Glamour & Essentials. If any of you love your nail polish Glamour are giving away a 10ml Nails Inc with every issue with FOUR colours to choose from! What are you waiting for? Run to the shop now!

 Love as always, GGD xxx


  1. Great post. I've held off on buying Christmas stuff so far, although I did purchase two Christmas presents in my last Avon order! Mostly I've just been planning though! I love the soaps and bath bombs etc from wilkos. I have orange and mandarin, I think, and it smells amazing! I got my copy of glamour on Wednesday! :D xx

    1. Thanks Aimee. I held off until today... Just couldn't help myself when I saw all the lovely festive things! I LOVE Avon!! I saw the orange & mandarin soaps/bath bombs in wilko and was tempted but thought I'd go with the strawberry & pomegranate first. Glamour is my favourite magazine! Am I even allowed to say that now I work for another magazine!? *Hides behind hands! :) Glad you enjoyed this post hun xx

  2. I am loving these christmas goodies! I'm starting to build my list :) I love the sound of making your own crackers! That is such a good idea x

    Abi | abistreetx

    1. Glad you like hun! Such bargains too! Defo try the crackers, they're always fun. People seem to enjoy receiving them xx


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