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Hello lovelies! How is your week going? Good I hope?! 

So this is the very first post from what will be my 'Instagram Favourites' series. 

I absolutely love photos! I know quite a few of you do too. I'd go as far as to say that Instagram is my favourite of all the social media sites. I still find it astonishing that you can simply type in a word along with a hashtag and hundreds of photos will pop up taken from people all over the world. Amazing! 
When it comes to photography I'm still very much an amateur, most of my blog posts so far have probably included pretty boring pictures (sorry about that) but I assure you I am trying to learn as I go. One day I'd love to have one of those fancy DSLR cameras. 
I read an older blog post by Zoe Sugg just yesterday on how to take better photos. I shall add the link at the end of this post for anyone interested! :)

All the photos featured are my personal favourite picks from this weeks chosen hashtag... #FashionWeek. 
Below each image is the Instagram handle from which I borrowed each photo. Be sure to check them out for more colourful and inspirational photos! 
Now I'm off to curl up under my duvet with a hot drink...

Lots of love GGD xxx

P.s... Let me know in the comments section below which hashtag you would like to see featured in future 'Instagram Favourites.' Enjoy!

blooming_g_ny * comemag * blooming_g_y * newyorkstyleguide

noelle_designs * rukendemirer * saudi_elegants * saudi_elegants * mickaeldramaix * * xeniatchoumi

grgoryg * monikamotor_photography * grgoryg * fashionandstyleworld

Click on Zoe Sugg's photo below if you'd like to read her blog post,
'How To: Blogging Photography. Hints & Tips'
Until next time...

*Photos edited using basic PhotoCollage


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