Helping Your Child Develop their Spelling & Grammar

Spelling and grammar are essential to your child’s growth in their literacy skills, and they will become very important as they get older and more experienced. In this guide from an independent school in Chelsea, we take a look at ways you can help your child’s spelling and grammar skills.

Play word games

Word games are a good way of helping your child have fun while they pick up new words and phrases. You can stick magnets on the fridge door, you can have a look at book games and activities together, or you could explore lots of new books and stories together that have word games in them. There’s a lot of fun in learning new words and having a look at fun ways to incorporate into your child’s education.

Make deliberate mistakes for your child to point out

Having a look at where your child makes a mistake is one thing, but you can also have a look at making deliberate mistakes in front of your child as well. This can make them feel like they have made a lot of progress with their studies, and it can also be a good sign to help children figure out things for themselves.

As well as this, children love to point out a mistake a parent has made, so it’s an easy way to get children talking and thinking about the right answer.

Read plenty of books

Lots of books will help your child learn to enjoy reading, as well as teaching them new words and phrases as they go along. There is also the opportunity to give your child the books they want to choose by themselves. They have to feel interested in what they learn and appreciate what they are learning as well, which can’t be easily achieved if they are reading books they have no interest in. Take the time to let your child read the books they want to read, and their spelling and grammar skills will naturally develop.

There’s a lot to learn about spelling and grammar, so ensure your child is trying their best in all areas. Try not to bring them down about their progress either, as there are many ways to improve their skills and everyone is different.

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