How Will My Child's Academic Progress Be Monitored?

You may be wondering when and where your child’s academic progress will be monitored and what you can do to help out. There are a lot of areas you can help your child in, but they won’t become apparent without regular progress reports and other teacher meetings. Here are some areas that many schools use, including this Independent Boys School in London.

Regular progress reports

Students will be spoken to about their progress a few times a year at minimum to ensure that they are on the right track. This is a good time to help your child work out where they are with their progress and also get to talk to teachers without parents around. After they have finished discussing them with their teacher they can bring them home and show you how well they have done.

Parents’ evenings

At least once or twice a year a parents’ evening will be arranged that you must attend. This will be the perfect opportunity to talk to teachers on a more personal level about your child’s progress and what you can do to help with their progress.

This will serve as a good marker of where your child is in terms of their studies, which will vary for everyone. To help a child with their confidence, we recommend checking in regularly with them after a parents’ evening to see clear progress.

Annual academic reviews

If there isn’t an exam in the school year that children are working towards they will often be replaced with an academic review at the end of an academic year. Exams are often a good indicator in general of how a child is performing in certain subjects, but it doesn’t show the entire picture. This is where other supportive aspects in school, like pastoral care, are beneficial to your child’s skills development.

Further information on school specific reviews and academic progress reviews will be found on your child’s school website, normally labelled under an assessments policy. And you can always discuss this with your child’s teachers.

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