Helping Your Child Become More Confident with Public Speaking

Being able to speak confidently in public has a lot of benefits to a child’s development, as well as giving them accessibility to explore other subjects and tasks that they might want to complete. To help your child with their public speaking skills, here are some top tips.

Get your child talking on the phone

A lot of us, even adults, can feel uncomfortable talking on the phone. Getting your child comfortable with the act of picking up the phone and talking to someone they know will help with their confidence in many ways.

Once they get used to talking to friends and family on the phone you can extend this to other areas. Your child might need to talk to a member of staff over the phone for example, which can be a lot of nerves for the first time, but it might have to be done. It gets them used to the many things people have to do everyday in order to complete their jobs.

Explore drama lessons

Thankfully, many schools will allow your child to try out drama and other performing art lessons on a regular basis. An independent school in London, for instance, will ensure your child is trying their best in their ability to communicate confidently and with ease as they get more used to it. Have a look at what your child enjoys in particular, when it comes to drama lessons, and lean into those when you want to show them how to be confident.

Let your child run over a speech with you

Letting them practice ensures they feel more confident with their skills over time. This is a good opportunity to see where your child can improve their confidence and their ability to speak freely in front of others. 

Public speaking helps in so many areas - from working well in a team and solving problems, to acting, debating and more. So, give your child that platform to work with and show them how they are doing. You can give them pointers as to how they can improve their speech each time, too.

Public speaking can feel daunting to children, so if you start early on you can help with their confidence over time. It helps to give your child that platform for your child so that they have the ability to see their progress, and it also improves their self-esteem.

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