Turn Your Kitchen Into A Lighter, Brighter Space*

*This is a collaborative post*

Earlier this month I published a post that focused on minor changes you can make to upgrade your kitchen. Today we're going to look at how you can make your kitchen, or any other room for that matter, feel lighter and brighter. Before we delve into the more permanent options, bear in mind that if you're on a tight budget, there are still minimal changes you can make that will make a difference, creating the illusion of light, and they don't need to cost the earth such as; 
  • Painting the walls with a high gloss paint in a light and neutral colour which will allow any natural light to reflect around the room. 
  • Placing decorative pieces such as large mirrors or chrome finished furniture and ornaments strategically around the room. If possible, position them opposite a window to help the light reflect back into the room. 
For a more permanent and dramatic transformation then read on...

Lantern Roofs 

Once upon a time people would spurge on a conservatory to add natural light to their home, however, lantern roofs are now growing in popularity as they can turn even the darkest existing room into a light and airy space. Typically they are installed on any flat roof but whereas a skylight tends to be flat, a roof lantern stands proud in a three dimensional shape allowing even more light to enter the room from every angle. Done right this architectural structure can make a real statement. The UK's most thermally efficient lantern roof system by Three Counties uses advanced double glazing technology making them both secure and energy efficient. If you're looking to lower your energy bills - aren't we all! - then double glazing is something you should look into. 

Glass Blocks 

A second option is to replace a wall area with glass blocks. Once trendy back in the eighties, this retro look is now back in fashion. Again allowing for more natural light, glass blocks come in a variety of styles and colours. They tend to be made so that they're not transparent which allows for more privacy. If you're feeling confident then you can even build a glass block wall yourself using a handy DIY guide

High Gloss Kitchen Units

A high gloss finished kitchen in a light colour such as the one in the header photo will reflect both natural and artificial light therefore creating a lighter and brighter space. These sorts of kitchens were popular back in the seventies but have become fashionable once again. If you're somebody who loves the uber modern or contemporary look then this option may be for you. There is also the added bonus of it being easier to clean! 

All three of the above suggestions have many pros but the one obvious downside is the cost. That said, if you're prepared to invest financially then you'll reap the long term benefits. If you have any home improvement tips of your own that you'd like to see featured in a future post on GirlGoneDreamer then please get in touch via email or Twitter.

*Photo sources; Header Pexels, centre Three Counties, third via Pixabay.

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