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Sometimes the best upgrades you can make to your kitchen are the ones that make just the slightest bit of difference in your home. It’s all about making the most of the spaces you have and working on minimal yet impactful changes. In this guide from this supplier of bespoke kitchens in London, we look at ways to help you with your kitchen renovation plans.

Even a lick of paint helps

You’d be surprised how much an update to your palette, or a repaint of a current shade to your walls. It gives your kitchen a much brighter look as a result, and saves you a big chunk of money in preparing for a new look to your cooking space.

Add some new cabinets

Cabinets that cling onto walls up high, or a series of cabinets underneath a kitchen unit, can boost your storage solutions. Pick a range of cupboards that match the existing or new vibe in your kitchen will make your space stand out much more, and it can give you a new way to place your plates, crockery and mugs in your home. Lacquered cabinets are a timeless style of cabinet you can use in your kitchen.

Consider under cabinet or panel lights

The overhead LED lights you can buy will add a lot of ambience to your space and give your kitchen a very modern, sleek aesthetic. Low level lighting can set the mood a lot more in a space, as well as being able to access your areas without using big lights to illuminate your space.

Look to tiling

Tiles in your kitchen can work in both ways - you can make your kitchen look incredibly sleek with brilliant white shiny tiles, or you can look to more weathered tiles for a rustic, farmhouse appeal. Whatever you’re looking for, you can find a wide variety of tiling solutions out there for kitchens.



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