Why is Reading so Important for Children?*



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Reading is a big thing that children should be exploring from a young age, and for good reason. In this guide from a top private school in London, we look at why reading is crucial for a child’s development.

Teaches children about new words

A lot of different words in vocabulary, nouns, adjectives and adverbs are all a part of a child’s general development in understanding any language. It gives children a number of ways to say something to another person, and work on their conversation skills at the same time. Children begin to develop their understanding of concepts, feelings, emotions and more from reading regularly.

Children get to explore creativity

A lot of stories a child will pick up are fictional and sparks the reader’s creativity and curiosity. This lends itself well to children who are keen to spread their wings and be more creative individuals. Children are naturally eager to explore the world, and what better way to do this than through reading a book every evening before bed?

Children explore complex themes early on

A young child won’t be exploring complicated jargon or words that are hard to pronounce, but they will be still learning about different themes and emotions a character can go through. This, in some ways, can be a child’s first time experiencing these thoughts and feelings, and gives your child a better understanding of how we handle these situations, what can go wrong, and how we can overcome them.

Reading is fun!

Having a chance to learn about a new character, a new story set in a fantasy land, or the hero facing dragons and wizards, a group of animals working together to solve a mystery, is all very exciting. Show your child how fun it really is to read to lay the foundations for their learning.


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