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Building things as a team is more than just working well together in a group for sports, or for strengthening a school project. It’s also about relationship building, the motivation you have to work well together and it also strengthens your independence. Raising a team player can come naturally over time, and these top tips from a prep school in Surrey will show you how to build your child’s team building skills.

Provide opportunities for your child to learn

Part of a child’s development is the regular exposure to activities that let them think on their toes. It gives children a chance to test their skills in a range of environments as well, such as in the great outdoors, with friends or even playing games. If your child loves to explore different activities, then maybe team based activities are the way to go, especially when your child is having fun along the way. More chances to play in a team will give them greater opportunities to learn.

Praise good behaviour

Good behaviour and thinking patterns will help your child learn in a range of ways. That’s what is great about team-based activities: your child can be rewarded for their own individual effort within a game or activity. The more praise your child receives, the better their understanding of working in a team, or completing any other tasks they have yet to explore.

Teach your child about acceptance

When working in a team, there can be a lot of different thoughts and ideas flying around to decide what’s the best course of action. This means that collectively, you have to explore the best option for a group project or task, and it can mean your child’s idea might be pushed to the wayside. Show your child how to handle this and deal with acceptance - it’ll help them come to terms with their decision making and boost their confidence. 



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