The Benefits of Music Lessons in Schools*


*This is a collaborative post*


If you’re looking for an extra-curricular activity to get your child into, music has many great benefits to offer. With as many as 1,500 musical instruments all over the world, there’s bound to be one that takes your child’s fancy. We have teamed up with a secondary school in Kildare to share a few of these benefits.


Music Helps to Develop the Brain


A number of studies highlight a link between music and overall mental development with musically inclined students performing better on standardised tests. It is believed that this is down to the comprehension skills that are built from understanding the musical language.


A Stress Reliever 


Music lessons demand a lot of focus as it takes an observant student to recognise their mistakes and know how to improve. This can offer a good distraction from worries and allows children to express their emotions musically.


It Builds Resilience


Like with many other skills, musical talent comes from practice and perseverance. This can teach children a valuable lesson on resilience, teaching them how to be strong, patient and not give up.


Self Confidence


Musical practice can help to improve a child’s self-confidence with every goal that they reach. This can help them to believe in their own ability and grow their self-esteem. Musical performance can also encourage them to take risks, help them to build their confidence and reduce their fear of failure.


Strengthen Reasoning Skills


Listening to music also improves the connections between the hemispheres of the brain, allowing children to improve on their reasoning skills. 


Hand-Eye Coordination


Instruments are complicated and those like the guitar, piano, flute, and many more require finger dexterity. Practice can help children to build on their fine motor skills and improve their hand-eye coordination.


Fun and Enjoyment 


Above all, music is fun and exciting. Children can experiment with new sounds and rhythms to create music of their own.


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