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Entering university and its process can be really stressful for children, but there’s thankfully an easy to follow process employed in schools and colleges to help streamline the application. Parents can also help in giving children the best chances in university and help them in securing the place they’re after.


Here in this guide from a secondary school in Bath we take a look at how you can help your child in securing their university place and alleviate all pressure.

Help them at every stage

The core part of a child’s university application is their personal statement, selling themselves to a university and any interviews they may have to attend before receiving any offers. Look through all their work and see where you can offer advice and feedback for your child - offer your own recommendations and identify areas they can improve. The smallest changes can really impact a child’s position in their university application.

Offer revision support or look to the help of a tutor

Have a go at supporting them when they’re conducting revision sessions and be a sound board for them to use. In turn you can also offer to draw up some revision tips, help make flashcards, print out past exam papers and any other mock exam questions you can find.


It’s never a bad thing to consider a tutor when your child is keen to reach specific grades in order to apply for a specific university course. There is always the option of the tutor, which can provide their own unique spin on learning methods and give your child an unbiased view on where they can improve.

It’s not the end of the world if your child can’t get onto a course

There is also clearing, where universities fill any remaining places they have on their courses, and in place for students who don’t receive any university offers. You can apply for these places from the moment they receive their A Level results until October, so there’s plenty of time to support and direct your child in the best way.


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