Understanding Your Child's Learning Style*


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Every child has their own strengths and ways of learning. Knowing this can help them to get more out of their lessons and achieve more during their time at school. These can be categorised into 4 groups: kinaesthetic, auditory, visual and read-write. A prep school in Essex shares more on these learning styles and offers ways to improve on their learning.


Auditory Learners


Learners that fall under this category appreciate verbal instructions and repetition as it allows them to remember key points. Podcasts and audiobooks are great for auditory learners as they can play audio bites over and over again until they are fully versed on particular topics. If your child is an auditory learner, you may want to talk to their teacher to see if they are able to sit at the front of the class so that they can hear them clearly.


Visual Learners


Learners that belong to this group like having diagrams and illustrations to support their learning. They also appreciate bright colours, videos and can benefit from sitting at the front as it ensures that they can see clearly and take all information on board. To help a visual learner, you can make sure that they have colourful school supplies like crayons and highlighters to help their notes standout and be more memorable.


Kinaesthetic Learners


Kinaesthetic learners are doers. They learn through hands-on activities such as those that allow for trial and error. For this reason, they tend to excel at science and technology which involve practical work. Outdoor learning activities and field trips are also good ways to teach a kinaesthetic learner.




Read-writers are the type of learners that learn best through reading and writing as they fall into both the visual and auditory categories. You will find that they thrive from note taking and like to create their own notes from books that they’ve read as it combines both senses.


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