Supporting Your Child's Mental Health*

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As mental health support becomes more widespread and normalised from a young age, we should always be finding ways to support our children’s mental health. Having a healthy mind and focus is a big plus in terms of managing school work, friendships and the changes a child will go through as they grow.


As parents we should always be finding ways to help our children with their mental health. Here are some ways this prep school in Sussex recommends you try to help guide your child through better mental health.

Ensure they practice self care

While the gist of self care is taking time for yourself, or having a nice bath in peace and quiet, it’s actually a lot more than that. Ensure your child takes the time to clean themselves properly, put out their clothes for the day, brush their teeth, and many other little things that will allow them to take time for themselves. It also teaches them about being prepared and ready for the next day, reducing stress in the mornings and after school.

Monitor their behaviour

It would be very difficult to watch your child constantly on a daily basis, but you can keep an eye out for changes in their habits. Their appetite may change, or they’re eating more, or they’re being much more reserved than they normally would be, or seemingly on edge as well. Small changes can really impact a child’s mental health and it’s important to pick up on them sooner rather than later.

Provide opportunities to freely learn

A happy child is when they’re curious and free to explore the world they’re in. Having that opportunity can greatly boost a child’s confidence and self-esteem, which in turn brings about an improvement in their mental health. Try to take some time with your child to explore areas where they can learn and grow as an individual through free play, creative play and trips out of the house.


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