The Holidays Where it is Possible to Experience Paradise


When we think of paradise, we are generally imagining blue skies, turquoise waters, and the softest sand. This does not have to be a dream, though, because there are holiday resorts that are actually like this. To prove it, we will examine some of them here to give you an idea as to which resorts are worth adding to your travel list this year or next.

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The Maldives can be defined as a group of small islands located in the middle of the Indian Ocean. These islands lie approximately 600 miles southwest of Sri Lanka. They are well worth seeking out because you can have the opportunity to snorkel alongside sea turtles while exploring an intriguing coral reef.

Access to paradise for the majority of holidaymakers will just be a seaplane or speedboat trip from the main airport at the Maldives and out to their chosen island.

The moment you arrive at the hotel, there can be a bowl of fresh tropical fruit to greet you, along with a minibar stocked up to also welcome you. It will be hard to leave this, but there is a greater paradise on offer when you venture onto the beaches. The water is a beautiful turquoise to admire or enter and the sand is the equivalent of experiencing a foot spa on the move.


A visit to the Bahamas will have you experiencing just the clearest of waters anywhere in the world. There is just a natural beauty about this place. The sand is tinged with pink and the waters a beautiful blue. The beauty is not just superficial, though, there is plenty to explore underneath the water.

Underwater in the Bahamas there is, for instance, Ben’s Cave. This is a part of the Lucayan Caves. There are also coral beds to explore, including Gold Rock and Silver Point Reef. Named after precious metals, they cannot in all honesty be anything other than magnificent to look at. For an island just surrounded by reefs, Grand Bahama is a must-visit. Also, there are plenty of sites for diving, such as the Caves, Treasure Reef, and the Wall. The reward for your exploration efforts is the opportunity to find shipwrecks.

So, the paradise that the Bahamas has to offer can extend to below the surface. It all depends on whether we are looking for relaxation or adventure. We can have either or both at any of the locations in the Bahamas.

The British Virgin Islands

These islands are a part of a volcanic archipelago and are located in the Caribbean. That word “Caribbean” in itself conjures up an image of paradise. We can imagine beautiful sun kissed beaches, tropical trees under which to shelter, and music played on a steel drum. There is more to the Caribbean than just this, though, because there are lots of opportunities to enjoy its waters and beach. That goes for whichever of its principal islands you stay at. There is a choice of Anegada, Jost Van Dyke, Tortola, Virgin Gorda. This is where the larger resorts of the Virgin Islands will be found.

If you are into sailing, then this location can offer plenty of that, as a known yachting location. You can book a luxury boating holiday, if you wish, and make it a feature of your holiday. In addition, the British Virgin Islands is known for its diving sites.

Alternatively, if you are looking to relax and soak up the sun on dry land, then you can spend your time swinging from a hammock. That is certainly something we would associate with paradise. Particularly as you will be surrounded by some beautiful sandy beaches. The glittering seas are pleasing to see as well as perfect to snorkel in.

In summary, we have described here three wonderful locations where paradise can be sure to be experienced. On offer is the scenery we will have imagined, the beaches we desire to walk on without shoes, and the ocean we will just want to explore further. The scene is therefore set for a holiday to remember for a long time, that we can define as like experiencing paradise to everyone we talk to about it.

To get your travel insurance right, be careful to have your destinations correct and have them all covered. Know what is meant by pre-existing medical conditions and declare as required. Extra cover will be required where there is an element of danger attached to your holiday. Be sure to include belongings cover and then report any theft immediately.

So, with your destination chosen and your travel insurance sorted and understood, you can now sit back and think of paradise before you are even there. 


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