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The power of words. Words have their own powers, and it is thought that the more we know, the smarter we’ll become. In knowing more of them, learning will become easier for your child through a better understanding of formal communication. 


There is even research to suggest that a lack of vocabulary causes almost 30% of year 6 students to fail their SATs. How can I help my child to develop their vocabulary I hear you ask? A private nursery in Islington has shared their tips with us in this blog.


Word of The Day


Instead of sitting them in front of a dictionary to read for hours, try downloading an app or widget on your computer like word of the day. This will open your child up to new words that they probably haven’t heard before in a fun and easy to learn way. In one year as many as 365 new words can be learnt!


Using New Words in Their Day


Set your child a challenge to use their spellings or their newly learnt words from the word of day tool in at least 3 sentences every day. They don’t have to be related to real life and can be completely made up. This will give your child a way of remembering the word and what it means by putting it in an everyday context.


Writing for Fun


Writing is another way to strengthen your child’s writing skills and vocabulary. It's creative and gives them the freedom to write about something they like that can actually be fun. This could be in the form of writing the end to a story or letters to their favourite fictional characters.


Read Together


Dedicating time for your child to read to you can help their confidence and set aside time where they must read. This gives your child the chance to ask questions about words they don’t understand and allows you to help them in their pronunciation.


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