What to Do if Your Child Doesn’t Enjoy School*


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As parents, we hope that our children will enjoy their time at school and grow up to be happy, flourishing individuals. However, that’s not always the case for every child and some of them need a little extra encouragement. I have teamed up with a boys’ school in London to share some advice on what you can do if you’re worried that your child isn’t enjoying school.


Get to the Root of the Problem


Lots of kids say they find school boring and would prefer to stay at home, but when things become extreme it can be cause for concern. You won’t be able to help your child if you don’t know the reason why they are not enjoying their time at school, so make that your main priority. Talk to the one-to-one and find out why they dislike school but try not to ask them leading questions such as “Is it because you don’t like your teacher?”. It shouldn’t feel like an interrogation because then they won’t want to open up to you. Make sure they know that you are not there to judge them, you just want to help.


Speak to the School Staff


Your child’s teachers will be able to provide you with a little bit more information about what goes on day-to-day, so that you are in a better position to figure out what might be wrong. For instance, your child’s teacher might be able to tell you about some friendship problems that seem to be happening, or that your child is struggling to see the board in lessons. It’s always a good idea to work collaboratively with the teachers so that you can help support your child in the best possible way. After all, the teachers want the best for your child as well.


Teach Them How to Combat Stress


It would be a good idea to help your child with various coping strategies for things like stress and anxiety so that they feel more prepared to tackle future challenges. For instance, you could encourage them to start journaling before bed so that they can work through their feelings in a safe environment. 



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