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Why I Became Interested In CBD Oil And Products.

For the past several years I have been very interested in the story of cannabis oil as well as other cannabis products for medicinal purposes. Ten years ago it would have been difficult to imagine that medicinal marijuana products would be available in the US legally, much less here in the UK. 

I read and saw videos which are now much more commonplace across social media outlets, of little children suffering from violent seizures. Seizures which couldn’t be helped with prescribed medication. But on the application of a little CBD Oil into the child’s gums, or under the tongue, the seizure would be completely halted in its tracks within a minute or so.

Seeing the relief on the mother’s face as well as the sense of calm which came over the poor child hit me like a tonne of bricks. It was just unarguable, irrefutable, CBD Oil must be able to benefit hundreds of thousands if not millions of people worldwide who suffer from similar conditions.

A Change In Perspective

To be honest, seeing that first video of a child suffering and then being made to feel so much better almost immediately, changed the way I thought about Cannabis, it made me see it in terms of being a potential human ally as opposed to a potential society breaker.

I was brought up to believe that drugs such as Cannabis were in the same category as Heroin, Acid or Ecstasy. For me, growing up there was no difference, but having watched that video and then reading numerous articles online, my whole stance on the issue was systematically broken down. I would read from people who swore by the amazing life-changing, life-improving effects of their usage of medicinal cannabis for a whole range of issues.

Another two amazing benefits I heard about early on in my amateurish level encounter with this stuff online, was the fact that it seems to be very helpful in the treatment of glaucoma. And due its effects on reducing nausea induced from undergoing chemotherapy, it can actually help people fighting cancer to keep their food inside hence increasing their levels of nutrition intake.

By now it is fairly commonly understood that the benefits of introducing medicinal marijuana and CBD Oil for those who need it far outweigh any perceived or even downright fabricated negatives. Having been on the wrong side of one of the most pointed and barbed media campaigns of all time, it is only down to the unarguable benefits of the ‘drug’, which has led to it’s current legality across large swathes of the USA.

Trying Cannabis Oil For The First Time.

Why Try It?

I am 33 years old, and in the words of my most recent consultant, my body has apparently had “a hard paper round”, which in hindsight I think was his polite way of saying my body is ready for the knackers yard.

Having been mad about sports my whole life my body is fairly battered, for someone of my age. My main sports were Rugby Union/League (Flanker/Loose Forward), Football and Cricket. I have not played any sport for a couple of years due to my latest surgery on a hip problem. Below are some of my injuries, some of which still cause me considerable pain daily and can make going about my daily life fairly difficult at times.


Torn left and right pectoral muscles

Fractured right and left cheekbone

Fractured Right Orbital

Dislocated Right Shoulder

Dislocated Acromio clavicular joint and torn shoulder labrum

Lower Back Disc problems

Dislocated left shoulder 

Torn 3rd Hamstring muscle

Medial ligament damage in both knees

Arthritis in hands

Hip Surgery; Along with my back and shoulders, these are the biggest causes of pain and discomfort. 

Of course my symptoms are absolutely nothing to write home about under normal circumstances. However, seeing as the opportunity to try some cannabis oil has arisen, I feel it only right to list a few of my bodily issues so that I can then articulate whether or not I feel the oil has helped or alleviated my pain or other symptoms in any way. Once you hit a certain age things start creaking and for even amateur sports people like me, such creaking processes can certainly be sped up.

Effects Of My Own Use Of CBD Oil 

Dragonfly CBD Oil is gluten-free, vegan, and was voted the 'Best CBD Oil' of 2020 by Boots customers. Cannabidiol is just one of the 113 identified cannabinoids naturally found in the Cannabis sativa L. plant. It's commonly used for issues with anxiety, sleep and pain! In contrast to the more commonly known cannabinoid, THC, it is non-psychotropic and has a number of unique properties. You can take it under your tongue, or put it in food and drinks.

When I used Dragonfly CBD Oil, after a couple of weeks I start to notice little improvements. Keeping a daily log is useful in this respect. My back feels less tight even when lying down which I guess means that I’m not constantly taught through my core. CBD Oil is known and used for its anti-inflammatory properties and I feel an improvement there in terms of an increase in range of motion, and reduction of pain in certain positions which enables me to stretch out further and improve my flexibility. 


I would say my general pain level has been reduced whenever I use CBD oil, especially in my shoulders which suffer from inflammation fairly regularly as the surgeons couldn’t get them back to ‘normal’ fully due to the extent of the damage. I have been combining my use of CBD oil with a few runs weekly and some yoga sessions daily. It’s a work in progress. I shall keep you posted in a couple of weeks in order to update you on further developments.

Flexibility is a key goal of mine, and is generally a good indicator of joint strength. Having had a few surgeries on aforementioned joints. I have just started using some CBD Oil again and am hoping to spend the next 12 months doing everything I can to get as healthy and functionally fit and strong as I can.


*Written by Michael David.



*Header photo source. Second photo source. Third photo my own. Fourth photo source.

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