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*This is a collaborative post*

Today's post is something a little different from my norm, but when I was approached by Easy Toys for this collaboration, I thought why the hek not? There used to be a bit of a taboo around the subject of sex toys and self-love but these days the topic is much more readily accepted. More and more people are using adult toys to enhance their sex life or to achieve orgasms.
Why the big O?
Having an orgasm is a healthy and natural part of life. Not only does having an orgasm feel good, but when you orgasm your body releases endorphins and lowers your cortisol levels. Both of these factors can boost immunity, reduce pain, lower stress and aid more restful sleep.

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to climax, believe it or not, some individuals have never orgasmed at all. According to the NHS, this can be down to physical or psychological reasons, such as; insufficient stimulation, health conditions, mood disorders, previous traumatic sexual experience or taking certain types of medication. This is by no means an exhaustive list and there are many other reasons, but if you can't orgasm then you should see your GP as there are things that can be done to help. 
Why use sex toys?
Sex toys are of course better known for their ability to increase pleasure during sex or masturbation. They're an excellent way of exploring your own or each others bodies and for learning what feels good, but they are also useful aids when there is a problem.

  • For instance, women who can't orgasm through just penetrative sex may find the use of a vibrator helpful for extra stimulation. 
  • Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction may find that using dildos on their partner removes some of the pressure they feel to perform which often negatively impacts a relationship. 
  • Sex toys are often used these days for various medical conditions including severe genital deformity or for strengthening pelvic floor muscles.
  • According to a source on the Patient website, 'Sex toys are being recognised as valuable 'tools' to supplement conventional medical treatment.' 
Sex toys for all
Whereas at one time sex toys such as bullets, vibrators and huge dildos were thought of as sexual aids only single people used to reach climax, these days many couples choose to use toys to spice up the action in the bedroom. They can often help to reignite that lost spark and passion which can bring a couple closer together.
If you are one half of a couple and are planning to use sex toys for the first time then make sure you speak to your partner prior. You don't want him or her to feel as if they're being replaced. The aim is to make sex a more enjoyable experience for you both so browse a website together and choose something that you both feel comfortable with. Easy Toys has a huge range of toys available.
Remember, you've nothing to be ashamed of, sometimes even the healthiest of relationships needs a helping hand! 
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