Top Tips For Preparing Your Garden For Summer*

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As summer draws near, so does the stress of how your garden may now look. During lockdown, gardens have been the safe place to conduct socially distanced meetups, but now that restrictions are beginning to ease it’s time to look at ways you can prepare for the summer.

From this artificial grass supplier in Hertfordshire, here are some top tips to prepare your garden for the summer.

Cleaning up your garden

You’d be surprised how much a general clean up of your garden can do to its overall look. Cut back those overgrown weeds, mow the lawn and clean down any decking you have - just the minimum changes to your garden can make things look more presentable for when guests come to visit.

Start planting for the summer harvest

Now is the perfect time to begin planting seeds that’ll grow into lovely vegetables. Having a veg patch in your garden can give you a small hobby to focus on throughout the summer so they can eventually be harvested and used for a hearty meal!

If you have children, make a safe space for them

If your garden allows the space your children are more likely to be running around in it during the hotter months. This is an ideal time to make a space for them to play safely and without disturbing any new plants or parts to the garden you’d like kept damage-free!

Get the BBQ ready

No summer garden is prepped unless they have their trusty BBQ ready for those long hot summer nights. It may have seen better days after several months of it not being used, but it can be easily cleaned down by scrubbing down the grill, using hot water and soap to remove the majority of the grime and vinegar to make it shine again. 



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