The Benefits of Arts & Crafts For Children*

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Always a positive activity, arts and crafts bring a whole host of benefits to children - both from a learning perspective and as a great way to entertain the kids. This day nursery in Lincoln has put together the top benefits to including arts and crafts into your children’s weekly study time.

Allows their creativity to flow

Away from numeracy and literacy practice, arts and crafts allow children to make whatever their heart desires in their own time. It gives them a chance to recollect their thoughts after a hard day of studying while they’re still using skills to complete a task.

Children can also feel more relaxed when they’re doing an activity not as taxing as they might be used to. When you’re at a young age fun should be incorporated into a lot of learning!

Tests their fine motor skills

As your child will be handling a lot of different tools and materials it’s a perfect environment for them to practice their fine motor skills. This refers to the coordination their hands and fingers have when handling objects. 

Fine motor skills give children the chance to learn how to do basic tasks for themselves, like putting clothes on, drinking from cups, tying shoelaces and so on. Arts and crafts is the perfect way of strengthening those skills.

It ignites the senses

Arts and crafts activities are often sensory environments where children are smelling, hearing, touching and seeing a lot of different materials, fabrics, textures, and more. If they’re making art with acrylic paint for example, they’ll be able to smell the paint as well as get their hands stuck into the gooey texture of the paint. 

These activities are very fun for children to take part in and they will be inclined to return to play again and again if given the chance. It’s a great way of testing different parts of the brain, their dexterity and their inquisitiveness all at the same time. 



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