Helping Your Child Develop Critical Thinking Skills*

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When we think about what our children can possibly go through in their lives, we should be prepared for when they will be independent and be able to work things out for themselves. A key part of that is being able to think critically. 

This guide from a senior school in Leicestershire aims to put you in the right direction as to how to teach your children the right skills to think critically.

Begin to ask open-ended questions

Instead of asking the same questions each time, try to expand the questions you ask your child. Ask why they think a certain way, how they came to that conclusion and if there are any other ways your child can think about a situation.

For example, ask them about why they think they need to eat vegetables, how recycling works, why there are so many TV channels. The list can be endless, but they can all tap into your child’s mind and get their brain working.

See arguments as a way of learning

Children won’t learn if they’re not brave enough to voice their opinion, whether it is considered right or wrong. You may be surprised to find what your child does think about issues happening in the world or disagreements that happen at school or between yourselves.

Allow them that pedestal to show you why they think that way, and encourage them to think of other perspectives around their viewpoint.

Practice with trial and error

This can be added into all sorts of daily tasks. From asking your child to help you cook, to cleaning around the home to get a bit of extra pocket money. It’s a great way for them to see where they make mistakes and how they go to rectify them.

When a child does make a mistake, ask them what they think could have been done to change the outcome and what can be done to fix the issue. 


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