How to Raise a Resilient Child*


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Resilience is the ability to cope well in difficult situations. Children who are resilient will not only feel more self-confident, but they will also be better prepared for dealing with challenging life experiences.

So how do you help your child to become more resilient? Here are some great tips from an independent girls’ school in Guildford

Encourage a growth mind-set

Teach your child about the meaning of ‘resilience’ and how to foster a ‘growth mind-set’. A growth mind-set is really useful for children to practice because it will support them through all kind of challenges and setbacks. Children with a growth mind-set believe that their abilities will improve over time, which motivates them to keep trying, and they are able to see mistakes as learning opportunities. 

Allow independence

To help your child develop a resilient attitude, you will need to give them more responsibility. Allowing your child to complete tasks alone will help them to learn and it will also make them feel more confident. Ask your child to do some simple jobs around the house, such as feeding a pet or doing the recycling. This will increase their feelings of competency.

Practise gratitude

Practise gratitude with your child as often as possible, by encouraging them to focus on all of the positives in their life. Gratitude is such a helpful technique for improving mental health and maintaining a resilient attitude. A simple way for your child to practise gratitude is to keep a gratitude journal. This is where they write down a list of things they feel thankful for each day.

Be a positive parent

Children learn the most from their parents, so it is crucial that you demonstrate a ‘can do’ attitude for your child to follow. Encourage positivity, gratefulness and motivation in your daily life to help your child overcome challenges effectively. It is also important to talk to you child regularly about their dreams and aspirations, and discuss what steps they can take in order to reach their goals. 


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