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If you have taken the plunge and bought yourself a piano or keyboard then you’re probably very excited to learn how to play, whether you are going to book lessons or teach yourself to play. The problem is, you most likely have no idea where to start. This is normal and very understandable, and that is why this guide is going to show you all the different teaching methods you can use to get you through your very first piece.

Sheet Music

Sheet music tends to be the most popular way for you to learn new songs.  Learning to read sheet music can take a lot of time, and even if you know how to read it already, you will still need to take some time learning the song on top of that. If you were born with a natural ability to decipher sheet music then this is fantastic, and it probably is the best way for you to learn songs. After all, you will be picking up a valuable skill that will go on to benefit you far more than you realise in the future.

Take Lessons

Another option would be for you to take piano lessons. Piano lessons are the best option if you are a complete beginner because you will learn the basics of how to read sheet music and you will also learn the correct hand positioning for your music too. This will help you to avoid picking up any bad habits and it will give you a solid foundation of knowledge to build upon. Another bonus of taking piano lessons is that you have someone who can advise you based on the way you’re playing as an individual, which can be a very valuable resource.

By Ear

Some people are born with a natural ear for music. They can recognise chords, melodies, notes and more. They can also play the piano based on what they have heard. Not many people have this ability, but if you are one of them then you may be able to learn the piano by ear.

YouTube Tutorials

Next up, we have YouTube tutorials. This method is getting more and more popular by the year. You can learn the piano while sitting at your mobile or tablet meaning it’s definitely the most convenient way of learning. YouTube videos can be compared in a very similar way to sheet music, in the fact that you have someone showing exactly what you should be playing and when you should be playing it.


If you don’t want to become a piano master or if you just want to be able to play your own stuff, then chords and improvisation could be the way to go. When you explore this route, you will learn the basic chords so you can then put them together yourself. The great thing about this is that you can easily go on to compose your own music at a later date and you can also tickle the ivories freely. Some people excel at this style of playing, but others find that it is just not structured enough for them to learn.

Hopefully after reading this post you are able to explore and identify the most effective technique to learn the piano for yourself. Everyone has different learning strategies, so don’t be disheartened if one method doesn’t work for you. Stick with it and before you know it you’ll be showing someone else how it’s done.

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