Exploring Gratitude with Your Child*


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Gratitude is when we take time to appreciate all of the good things in our lives. This means being thankful for our belongings, family and our surroundings. Being grateful encourages a positive mind-set and helps children to feel happy and confident. 

Here are some great tips from an Independent school in Chalfont St Peter, on how to explore gratitude with your child…

Make gratitude part of your family routine - Go around the dinner table and take it in turns to share something that you are grateful for each day. Alternatively discuss gratitude at bedtime and ask your child “What made you happy today?” For older children, you could introduce a ‘gratitude journal’, which can be used to write down their thoughts and feelings.

Demonstrate a gratitude attitude - Be sure to thank your children and others around you and explain why you are grateful for them. You should also try not to complain in front of your children. Obviously in the busy life of parenting this isn’t always so easy! However, the more you complain, the more likely it is that your children will too. Instead, try talking about the good parts of your day and focusing on the positives even when something bad happens.

Teach your children to show their appreciation for others - For example, take a gift into school to thank a teacher or make a card to let a grandparent know how much they are missed. These little random acts of kindness will not only spread happiness, but they will also help children to see all of the positives that others bring into their lives. Be sure to engage your child in the process of choosing or making the gifts so that it is truly thoughtful.

Encourage your child to help - Children learn best through experience, so encourage them to help with chores around the house. For example, when they experience the time and effort it takes to do the family’s weekly washing, they are more likely to be grateful when you do it - Or if you are lucky, offer to do it for you! 
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