Exploring STEM Subjects with Your Child*

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The term STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. These four subjects are a crucial part of your child’s education because they help to develop important skills for their future.

STEM teaches children so much about the world around them, from how their computer games work, to how buildings are constructed! There’s so much to learn and explore with STEM subjects.

Here are a few examples provided by an Independent school in Wolverhampton on how you can explore STEM subjects at home…

Make science learning fun

Children love to see how things work. Science experiments are a fantastic way to stimulate your child’s curiosity. Have a look around your house to see what items you could use to create a safe science experiment. For example, you could make a volcano model out of paper mache and then use baking soda and vinegar to cause an eruption!

Get them into coding

When it comes to technology, coding is a great skill for children to learn. When you look at how fast technology is developing, you will see why coding is an extremely beneficial skill to possess. The majority of businesses rely on computer code, making it an ideal extra-curricular activity to look into. You can also find many coding resources online, which can be used on a tablet or smartphone.

Explore engineering

To help your child explore engineering at home, how about building a ramp out of blocks? You could help your child to design a small ramp structure for a toy car or train. By designing their own ramp your child will not only have to think about the structure, but they will also need to determine which heights and angles will bring their toy vehicle safely to the ground.

Incorporate maths into play

Board games make fantastic learning tools! This is because board games get children practicing maths without even realising it. For example, Snakes and Ladders and Monopoly both require your child to practice maths in many ways during the game. The perfect way to combine family fun and STEM learning! 


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