Top Tips for Choosing a Sixth Form for Your Child*

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Choosing a Sixth Form is much like choosing a primary or secondary school, except your child will have a greater input this time. The best thing you can do is listen to their thoughts and opinions, give them your advice, but ultimately let them make their own decision regarding the Sixth Form and the subjects. Here are some tips from a top A Level college in the UK to help you and your son or daughter make the right decision. 

Start with some research into local sixth forms. Think about your priorities as a family, such as location, and have a think about what else the schools have to offer. If your child is keen to join some extra-curricular activities, like sport or music, have a look into whether or not these options are on offer. 

Be sure to attend the open days/evenings with your child at various sixth forms in your area. This will give you an idea of what the facilities are like, as well as the courses available. Use it as an opportunity to ask lots of questions and find out more about a levels in general. Afterwards, have a chat with your teenager and discuss your thoughts. What are the positive aspects of the sixth form? Are there any negatives? Can they see themselves spending every day there? What were the teachers like?

It’s also wise to book a private tour during the day so that you and your child can get a better idea of how the school operates. Open evenings are great, but you should take them with a pinch of salt, as its not necessarily how they function on a normal day; they are showing you their best bits. Visiting during the day will allow you to see what the other students are really like and get a feel for the general atmosphere. 

Communicate with your child as best you can during this period, as it can be quite overwhelming for all of you. They might be feeling pressure from their friends to attend the same sixth form as them, so remind them that they will be able to make new friends, while keeping in touch with their old ones. The decision should be theirs and theirs alone and they should not be swayed into making the wrong choice based on what other people think. 

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