Helping Your Child Prepare for the School Bus*

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Waving your child off when they catch the school bus for the first time can be a daunting experience for parents. It’s tough watching your child grow up and start to find their feet in the world, without needing to hold your hand every step of the way. If your child has never taken the bus before, the chances are it’s probably just as daunting for them, if not more so. Eventually it will become a normal part of their day, but for the first week or so, they’ll probably feel quite nervous. Here are some tips from a prep school in London to help you prepare your child for the school bus.

The best thing they can do is practise, with you by their side. Catch the bus to and from town and other locations so that your child becomes more familiar with the experience. This will help them learn how to pay, when to press the button to stop the bus, and where to get off. You should also practise the route to and from school. The more your child catches the bus, the more comfortable they will feel when doing so; it won’t seem as scary when they have to do it without you.

You should also chat with your child about it. Ask them how they feel and if they have any questions. If they share some of their concerns, try to put their mind at ease. It’s important to have these conversations alone, as if there are other people around, they might not be as forthcoming about their feelings. Talk to them about the rules, like no talking to strangers and holding onto the bar if there are no seats available etc. Remind them to speak to the driver if they have any problems whilst on the bus. 

Get in touch with the school and find out if there are any other children in the area who might be catching the same bus. Your child might feel more relaxed knowing that some of their peers will be with them to share the experience. For the first few days, or even weeks, it might also be beneficial for your child if you walk them to and from the bus stop every morning and evening.

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